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Our Easy Packaging Production Process

We've made our packaging creation as simple and transparent as possible. You're never kept in the dark and you can follow along as your boxes are getting produced.

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Quality Printed Packaging

Our mission is to create a quality box that empowers your brand to create an amazing first impression and also protect the product inside. From understanding the size needed for your box up until your order is shipped you can oversee each step of the process and a box expert will be there to help.

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1.Measure your product

The first step you want to take is to measure your product so you can find out the dimensions of the box. If you need any help on this step, you can read our guide on measuring your box.

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2. Choose your box

Once you know the dimensions of your box, you can search for it in our die library of over 3000 free dies here. Picking a box from the die library will save you the cost of a custom die.

We can also create your own custom box. As we like to be fully transparent with our pricing, we do not integrate the costs of the dies in our product price as it’s a cost that you only pay once.

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3. Request a quote

Once you request a quote for your project, one of our box experts will get back to you with pricing as well as an art packet with instructions on how to design your box so it comes out perfectly.

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4. Place your order

When your art is ready, reach out to the box expert that helped with the quote and place your order with them. They will enter your order in the system based on your specific requirements.

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5. Real-time overview

Once your order enters our system, you can log in to your administration panel and oversee every step of our production process. You can leave comments and be in direct contact with your box experts in case you have any concerns.

The proofing process is included for free and all payments go through our secured payment processor, Authorize.net. We do not store any CC information on our servers.

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6. Production and shipping

After you’ve approved your proof(s) and payment is made, you're automatically notified via email when your order enters the production queue.

Our turnaround time is an average of 10 business days. After this period, your order will ship with your preferred carrier at our discounted prices.

Get Started Today

Get started on your template or give us a call to talk to our experts.

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