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July 15, 2021
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Things are shifting towards a society more focused on health and wellbeing. People use multivitamins every day to improve their overall health, hair, skin, or immunity. Whatever the purpose of the vitamins you sell, one thing is clear: you need to assure people your product can help.

Customers take their time before making their choice, and the ingredients and the benefits of your product are essential. The multivitamins labels are the place where people check for information. If you want to make your products stand out, you need to have vitamins labels that look different on the shelf and showcase exactly what people are looking for.

In this article, you will find out how to boost your sales with the right multivitamin labels.

Let’s take a closer look at the aspects to consider!

Multivitamins labels – what people look for

Vitamins are part of the products that are rarely bought without reading the label. Vitamins are a product directly connected to health, so people want to make sure they buy the right thing and that they clearly understand the directions of use. Even if you don’t read the vitamins labels in the drugstore, you will read them for sure at home. So what exactly should you include on your multivitamins labels? There are three main pieces of information that people look for:      

1. The list of ingredients

This information is maybe the most important on your vitamins labels. Everyone is looking for it, so it should be easy to spot on the packaging.

Make sure to choose an easy-to-read font and highlight the mandatory information (you’ll find out more about this below).

Blue vitamins label with nutrition facts, ingredients, and details.

2. Directions of use

A woman reading the orange label of a white plastic container.

It’s also beneficial to have the directions of use at ease. People want to know how often they should take the vitamins, and whether they should take them before, during, or after eating.

You can highlight this section of your multivitamins labels as well.

3. Benefits

Different vitamins are usually associated with a particular health benefit.

Here are some examples: vitamin A is known for being beneficial for eye health, vitamin D is known for helping with bone health and immunity, vitamin B12 is beneficial for the nervous system.

Drawings of vitamin C benefits and where to get it from.

It is helpful to provide this type of information to customers on your multivitamins labels, to reassure them they are buying the right product. If your product has a unique mix of ingredients that expand the benefits, add this information in a key place on your vitamin labels.      

FDA’s regulations for multivitamins labels

Now that we talked about what people want to find, let’s also check the mandatory information requested by the FDA, and how to format it. Make sure to read the regulations that apply to your state. The requirements for multivitamins labels can vary from one place to another. We will list some of the general ones below.

Vitamins are dietary supplements, so vitamin labels need to include:

  • The name of your product
  • Net quantity
  • Name and address of the manufacturer, packer, or distributor
  • Directions of use
  • Serving size and amount per serving size
  • The complete list of ingredients
  • The percent of the daily value

The last three items from the list above form the so-called supplement fact panel (the nutrition label).

In terms of how to format the mandatory information, here are some of the rules:

  • Mark the supplement fact panel in a box
  • Make the title and the headings bold
  • Use black lettering, with both upper and lowercase letters

Use extra information on your multivitamins labels for extra points

We talked about what people want to read on vitamins labels and the FDA’s requirements, but truth be told, this is the minimum you can do. If you want to be competitive, you need to come up with something extra.      

1. A good slogan

A good slogan can easily change the game. Slogans are catchy, and people remember them over time. Think about Mcdonald’s “I’m lovin it”, “Redbull gives you wings” or Nike’s “Just do it”. Keep your slogan short and memorable.

Take your time to come up with something good for your multivitamins labels. It will pay off.

Cartooned logo designed from fruits that read "Hello Vitamins".

2. A message for your target audience

A design of three vitamin pills and a diamond that has designed in its center a boy.

It’s always good to start a conversation with your customers. And to have a good conversation, you need to speak the same language.

Consider the age and the lifestyle of your customers. A vitamin label for kids will have a different message than one targeting people with cartilage damage.

Think about what would attract your audience. It can be a message to show that your brand relates to their issues or a playful message to make them smile.      

3. A story about your brand

People love stories, and you can take advantage of that. It might be helpful to mention the history of your brand, the founder of the business, the years on the market, or anything to make your brand seem trustful, yet approachable.

Maybe your grandfather was a chemist, you’ve been on the market for 20 years, or you started the business in the family.

A drawing of four scientists looking at a hologram of a liver.

If you have the space on your multivitamins labels, it’s worth creating a story around your brand.      

Vitamins labels options for different packaging

With so many vitamin brands coming up, it’s no longer all about the ingredients. You need to differentiate your product. The right packaging and vitamin labels will win you the sale. Here are some options for your multivitamins labels:      

Multivitamins labels for bottles

Bottles are maybe the most common packaging for vitamins. They are easy to handle and store and also easy to label. Wrap-around vitamin labels or front and back labels work perfectly.

Moreover, they can be designed and customized in so many ways. Because there are so many brands of bottled multivitamins, you need to stand out.

A container with a metal lid and a yellow label which displays a vitamin pill.

A good option is to choose a bold color for the bottle or the label. Once you make your choice, put the label in contrast with the color of the bottle to give it a louder voice on the shelf.      

Vitamin labels for boxes with pill blisters

Colored vitamins spread across a blue background.

The boxes with pill blisters are a great alternative to bottles. It is easier to take a pill blister out of the box and carry it around in a bag. It is also easier to count the remaining vitamin pills.

Boxes usually have the text already on them, but you can add a back label especially if you sell in more than one state, and your vitamins labels need to comply with different regulations.

Vitamins labels for tube containers

The effervescent tablet tubes have a niche on their own. These vitamins are mixed with water and have nice flavors, which makes them great for kids, but not only. In terms of the labels, the wrap-around type suits them best.

The tubes usually have smaller space for labeling, so it’s a good idea to prioritize the information that you want to print.

A transparent glass of water with a vitamin in it and a golden container of vitamins.

You can play with colors, images, or stamps to suggest the flavors – eg. cherries. Some vitamins labels also have mascots or cartoon characters on them.      

Multivitamins labels for pouches

A sealed paper pouch that reads "Mockup".

Last but not least, pouches are perfect for brands that promote fighting against plastic waste. Buying vitamins in plastic bottles, blisters, or tubes every time is not environmentally friendly at all.

Pouches are made out of ecological materials that make them a green option. Their layout also offers a great opportunity for branding and marketing.

You can choose front and back vitamins labels for your pouches to make use of all the space available. Just like with the bottles, go for bold colors and put the label in contrast with the pouch.      

Choose a print that makes the difference

The material of your multivitamins labels and the quality of the print play a crucial role in how your product ends up looking. If you want to get premium-quality vitamin labels, BOPP is the best option. BOPP labels look great, are easy to customize, and also highly resistant, which makes them perfect for any type of packaging.

Here are some more advantages for choosing BOPP multivitamins labels:

  • Great resistance
  • Non-toxic
  • Can conform to any packaging
  • Thin material that goes well with any type of print or adhesive

BOPP labels can bring your vitamin labels a nice boost design-wise.

For example, metalized labels have a silver background that gives a metallic look to the print. The result looks very high-end, which brings extra points for trust and quality.

You can also choose white or clear labels. White vitamins labels work well with any color and design, highlighting the print.

A small bottle glass with a pink shiny label.

Clear labels have that invisible look, which can be exploited in creative ways.

At YourBoxSolution, we know all the ways of making your vitamins labels stand out. We use premium materials, colors, and adhesives to bring your dream labels to reality. You get free proofing, plus a free gloss or matte laminate finish for your labels, and free samples. Start your project today and boost your brand!

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