Glam your lip gloss labels up in 3 easy steps

June 24, 2021
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Lip gloss seems so simple and yet it has a huge impact on how make-up turns out. It’s the cherry on top, that finish touch that puts everything together. If you’re selling lip gloss, you want your labels to work the same way. The lip gloss labels should bring together your brand identity and your sales skills.

In this article, we’ll talk about how to glam up your custom lip gloss labels to make them more appealing. We put together three easy steps to help you make striking labels!

Let’s dive in!

1st Step: Give your lip gloss labels a sparkle

Lip gloss is mostly associated with glitter and looking good.

So why not make your lip gloss labels match what people want?

There are many ways to customize your labels and make them stand out. Here’s a list of suggestions:

Lip gloss label

Go for a luxurious look

Choose a design with metallic features, or printing techniques such as embossing. Check some luxurious brands that you like, and make a list of the elements that you want for your product.      

Make use of transparency

In many cases, your product is glittery. With a transparent label, you can put that glitter of the lip gloss on display. If you use a box for packaging, you can design it to suggest some glitter and use a transparent label to keep the focus on the sparkles.      

Match visual elements with flavors

If you have flavored lip gloss, you can use colors and images to make people think of how the product tastes. Adding this extra sense to the game can help your label to convince people.      

Be different

Being different always catches the eye. It’s always a good idea to scan the market and see how you can make your product stand out. You can play with different shapes for your custom lip gloss labels.

Premium quality is essential. Before anything, you should choose a printing service that delivers flawless execution.

BOPP labels are the first choice for many cosmetic brands. That’s because you can print them in any shape or color.

They also offer great resistance and flexibility.

Lip gloss label

The labels can handle contact with water, changes in temperature, or any consequence that might be caused by repeated usage.

So what is BOPP? BOPP (biaxially-oriented polypropylene) is a printing surface that works great for cosmetic labels. You can implement any design on BOPP lip gloss labels. If you want maximum freedom for the design and excellent resistance, pick BOPP.

2nd Step: Use all the space available for your lip gloss labels

Lip gloss label

Lip gloss usually comes in small packaging, which means the labels are also small. The packaging plays a huge role in how the label will look. It’s worth talking about it for a bit.

The most popular packaging options for lip gloss are glass / plastic containers and squeezable tubes. Here are some options for labeling these types of packaging:

1. Custom lip gloss labels for glass and plastic containers

This packaging usually has a cylindrical or a square shape and around one centimeter in width. Many brands that use glass and plastic containers have lip gloss labels directly on the product. Another option is to sell the product in a box and place the label on it. a) Selling the lip gloss directly in its container has the main benefit of showcasing the product. The customer will be able to see the color and the texture. If you choose this option, clear BOPP labels are the way to go.

These lip gloss labels have an invisible look that lets you see through them.

You can include some branding, the ingredients, and some copy, while still having the product on display. To gain some extra space, you can add a fold-out extended label. The customer can extend it to read more information and then fold it back.

Lip gloss label

Make sure to choose easy-to-read typography. You can also go for colored lip gloss labels. In this case, it is helpful to put the color of the product and the label in contrast.

Other advantages of selling lip gloss directly in glass or plastic containers:

  • Smaller costs (no box needed)
  • The focus is on the product

b) Selling the lip gloss container in a box can make it look more luxurious. The boxes can expand the branding opportunities and make it easier to place the lip gloss labels.

With features such as embossing or debossing, boxes can make your product stand out.

If you choose this packaging, you have more flexibility in terms of the backgrounds for your labels. You can go for white BOPP labels, clear labels, or metalized labels. There are unlimited choices for shapes and colors.

Lip gloss label

Moreover, you can also add a glossy, matte, or soft finish to highlight the product even more.

Other advantages of selling lip gloss in a box:

  • You can squeeze in more information
  • More flexibility for design

2. Custom lip gloss labels for squeezable tubes

Squeezable tubes are just so easy to use. No matter if you’re targeting girls or adult women, it’s super convenient to be able to apply the product in one move.

Considering that the packaging will get squeezed repeatedly, it’s helpful to pick custom lip gloss labels that stay in place. Ask your printing service partner to use premium adhesive and flexible labels that can face extreme tear and wear.

Lip gloss label

The labeling options from above also apply to squeezable tubes. You can choose to either sell your product directly in its container, or a box.      

3rd Step: Match your lip gloss labels to the personality of your brand

Lip gloss label

Many manufacturers forget about this step, which often turns out to be essential in the long-term branding process.

Long story short, you should think about your lip gloss labels while keeping your brand’s personality and values in the background. This will help you get a cohesive message and create a connection with your customers.

If your brand is friendly, serious, energetic, eco-friendly, or traditional, make that clear with your design. A cohesive design, together with an aligned copy, will make your customers interact on a different level with your product. This will help you in various ways:

  • Your brand will gain trust
  • Customers will associate your brand with their beliefs
  • Customers will remember your product
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