How Custom Boxes With Inserts Can Benefit Your Product Packaging

November 24, 2022
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When you're designing your product packaging, how much thought do you put into the experience? Are you considering all of the different ways your custom inserts can benefit your customers?

Custom box inserts are a fantastic way to add depth and nuance to your product, communicate information, and protect as needed. They can help develop a connection with your customers and meet their expectations by adding that extra care to keep their purchase safe, communicating key information, and just adding to the overall feel of your packaging.

Here, we'll look at some ways custom inserts can benefit your product packaging.

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The Benefits of Custom Boxes with Inserts  

If you’re looking for a way to ensure that your products arrive at their destination safely and without damage, then consider using custom boxes with inserts. These boxes are designed to fit your specific product and provide extra protection against wear and tear during shipping. Let’s break down the various benefits of using custom boxes with inserts.    

Protect Your Products From Damage

Custom boxes with inserts are designed to fit your specific product perfectly. This allows you to fill the box completely, providing maximum protection from external forces such as shock, vibration, temperature changes, etc., that can cause damage during transit. Additionally, the inserts help keep the product in place, preventing it from shifting around in the box which can further damage it or cause it to become dislodged. This ensures that your product arrives safe and sound at its destination.      

Reduce Shipping Costs  

Using custom boxes with inserts also helps reduce shipping costs by cutting down on excess space in each box. Since these boxes are customized to fit just your product’s size and shape, there is no need for additional packing material or air space to take up extra room in each shipment. This helps you save money on materials as well as shipping costs since smaller packages require less fuel to transport them.        

Improve Brand Awareness  

Custom boxes with inserts are also an effective way to increase brand awareness and recognition among customers. You can customize these boxes with your company logo and branding materials which will be seen by anyone handling the package throughout its journey from you to its final destination. Additionally, if you choose to include any marketing materials inside the box, this will help enhance customer loyalty while promoting repeat business.                

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Crafting Custom Boxes with Inserts  

Creating custom boxes with inserts is a great way to show off your product and keep it safe during shipping. It also makes an impression on customers as they unbox their orders. Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, custom-designed boxes with inserts can help you establish brand recognition and make sure that your product arrives in perfect condition. Let’s take a look at the steps for making your own custom box with inserts.    

Choosing the Right Materials  

The first step to creating custom boxes is to choose the right materials for your box and its insert. Depending on what type of product you are shipping, different materials may be necessary. For example, if you are shipping fragile items, foam or plastic may be used as an insert in order to protect them from damage during transport.

If you are shipping food products, then specialized materials such as waxed cardboard may be necessary in order to maintain freshness while still providing adequate protection. It is important to research the best material options available for your particular needs before beginning the project.

Designing Your Box  

Once you have chosen your materials, it is time to design your box and its insert(s). The design should include all of the necessary measurements for each component of the box (length, width, height), as well as any other details such as flaps or slots that need to be included in order for everything to fit together properly once it is constructed. Additionally, consider how many inserts you will need—one large insert may work better than several smaller ones depending on the size and shape of your product(s).      

Building Your Box  

Once you have finalized your design, it’s time to start building! This part of the process requires precision and attention to detail; all measurements must be exact so that each piece fits together correctly when assembled. Carefully cut out all pieces using whatever method works best for you (e.g., scissors or a laser cutter) and assemble them according to the specifications outlined in your design plan. Once completed, test out the box by carefully placing items inside it; if everything fits snugly then you have created a successful box insert!                

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Get Amazing Custom Boxes With Inserts For Your Products

Boxes with inserts are a versatile and affordable option for packaging your products. They can be used to protect your product during shipping, store and organize your products, and brand your products. Boxes with inserts are also a sustainable choice since they can be recycled or reused. If you need help creating custom boxes with inserts, get in touch with us. We would be happy to assist you with your custom packaging inserts! Through our simple process, you can have the packaging you deserve in no time.

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