How to make your BBQ sauce labels hot

June 22, 2021
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When thinking about time to spend with family, most people will probably mention a barbecue. It became part of our culture to bond while grilling and enjoying some drinks. It’s all about spending quality time and relaxing. If you’re selling barbecue sauce, the in-store presence of your product is essential. People don’t spend that much time researching in advance, so they’ll decide on the spot. Your BBQ sauce labels should better be hot because otherwise, your product will just wait forever on the shelf.

In this article, you’ll find out how to make your barbecue sauce labels so tempting that they’ll get into the cart instantly.

Let’s dive in!

Get BBQ labels that scream tastiness

Barbecue sauces are all about color and taste. The color of the sauce is fundamental when designing the packaging and the BBQ labels. Before getting to taste your product, clients will make their choice based on the looks. We put below a list of tips and aspects to consider for creating a successful label.

1. Choose your BBQ sauce labels according to your container

Because the look is so important for a sauce, most containers are usually transparent. This allows the customer to see the sauce and get an idea about its consistency. However, some brands choose to use opaque bottles or jars.

The visual impact of the product is bigger this way, but the client doesn’t get to see the sauce anymore. It all depends on who you’re targeting and whether the color of your BBQ sauce is appetizing or not.

The container for your sauce should be functional and appealing. The same applies to your BBQ sauce labels.

Bottles of barbecue sauce with black lid and white label that reads "Moppin".

The label should handle squeezing, dripping, change of temperatures, and also contact with water or oils. Different barbecue sauce label materials will offer different resistance levels and design options.      

Paper barbecue sauce labels

Paper barbecue sauce labels have a classic look that goes well with vintage or minimalist designs. They also bring a nice grip, making the product easy to handle.

BOPP barbecue sauce labels

BOPP barbecue sauce labels have great resistance in front of water, oils, and change in temperatures. BOPP labels work best with modern and dynamic designs, but they can be easily made to fit a classic design with the right laminate finishes. Considering the benefits in terms of resistance, they are the best option for barbecue sauce labels.

Types of BOPP BBQ labels

BOPP BBQ labels can be customized for prints of all colors. Here are the foils you can choose:

White BOPP

These BBQ sauce labels have a white background on which any color can be printed.      

Clear BOPP

These BBQ labels have a transparent background that lets the color of the container be visible.      

Metallic BOPP

These BBQ labels have a silver substrate that adds a metallic look to the print.      

2. Align the design of your BBQ sauce labels with your brand’s image

Your BBQ sauce labels should be designed with the purpose of printing in mind. Make sure your graphic designer adapts your logo and the visual elements that fit your brand to the format of the label.

It’s useful to discuss with your designer all the information that you want to have on the barbecue sauce labels so that they can think about how to organize everything to fit.

Choose a design that not only complements your brand’s image, but also its story and values. When everything is in unison, your product inspires trust and professionalism.

A barbecue super hot sauce label on a black background.

The BBQ labels should be fully aligned with your brand. Consistency will make your customers familiar with your product and help them find it easily on the shelf.

3. Go for designs that bring spiciness to your barbecue sauce labels

We already established that the look is everything for barbecue sauce labels.

So how do you grab attention?

Here are some tips for designing your barbecue sauce labels:

A glass bottle of sauce with a dark lid and beige label that reads "Shane's".


The color of the BBQ sauce labels usually suggests the color of the sauce (if the container is opaque) or is complementary to make it stand out (if the container is transparent).

BBQ sauce labels with white backgrounds will showcase your copy. On the other hand, black backgrounds will give an elegant look, while green or yellow ones will be in contrast with the sauce and make the label catch your customer’s eye.

Visual elements

Apart from the color, another important aspect to consider is the visual elements. You can make use of them to suggest the tastiness, or to make associations with feelings.

Some popular examples include an image of a grill, different types of meat, sausages, a drop of sauce, or a mascot. Some brands have piggies, chickens, or cute cows as mascots for their BBQ sauce. Regional symbols are also catchy, especially if your brand is targeting traditional and local values.


BBQ sauce labels come in dozens of shapes. You can get them round, square, oval, or in any custom shape.

You can play with different shapes to see how they fit with your bottle or jar. Also, consider the information you want to include on the label. A label with a unique shape can make a huge difference on the shelf.

Read our hot sauce labels guide too!

4. Find the right words

In terms of copy, it’s useful to have a strong slogan. Take your time to come up with something catchy that describes the product. Then, most people are interested in the taste of the sauce.

Make sure to mention whether it is sweet, sour, or it has a particular ingredient that adds a specific taste.

It’s also useful to mention the aspects that make your sauce different. Maybe it follows a family recipe, or it has no sugar added, or it is low in fat. It’s good to mention any aspects that can help you to position your brand.

Four different labels that read "Barbecue Sauce".

We will talk in a bit about the mandatory information to have on your BBQ sauce labels. But first, one more tip. Many people don’t know how to mix flavors, so it’s a very clever move to add some suggestions for short recipes or for ingredients that go well with your sauce on the label. If you have space, it’s worth considering it.

Mandatory information to have on your barbecue sauce labels

We recommend reading the complete list of USDA regulations for your state to comply with the food labeling requirements. Here’s a list of the most common aspects required to be shown on BBQ sauce labels:

  • Type/category of product
  • Name of the product
  • Level of spice
  • Contact information for the manufacturer or distributor
  • Complete list of ingredients
  • Nutritional information
  • Net quantity

5. Set a good placement for your labels

There are three main ways to place your BBQ sauce labels. You can go for a wrap-around label, front and back labels, or even add a neck label if you’re using a bottle as your container.

The wrap-around works best for round-shaped bottles and jars. Since people will most likely rotate the container, you could play with some visual elements on the label to create some dynamism.

If you choose the front and back version, you should sort the information that you want on the label. The most important elements should be on the front.

Glass bottle neck containing barbeque sauce with a label that displays a man and says "Stubb's".

The neck label is most popular for beer bottle labels, but who says that’s exclusive? This kind of label can make your BBQ sauce stand out big time and free up space on the other labels on the bottle.

Follow your dream and build your business

If you’re just starting in the BBQ sauce niche, focus on your dream and give your business the time it needs. Success might not come overnight, but it will happen gradually. Bottle up the stressful thoughts and focus on where you want to get and what you need to do to achieve it. Work hard and never compromise quality.

Choose the right partner for printing your BBQ sauce labels

Having eye-catching BBQ labels is important, but it’s also important to have BBQ labels that are high-quality on all levels. Every business and every product is different, so choose a printing partner that can vow to deliver the best solution for your custom labels.

YourBoxSolution can bring your dream BBQ labels to reality. We use the latest technologies for printing, together with premium adhesives and materials. We have the manpower to work fast, and we can serve companies of all sizes.

We’ve been on the market for more than 29 years, and we put together a smooth process to deliver your custom BBQ sauce labels in the shortest time and 100% stress-free.

Here are some of the advantages that we offer:

  • You get a gloss or matte laminate free of charge
  • You get a design template for your graphic designer, together with instructions to prepare the artwork and a proofreading service before printing
  • Orders start from as low as 250 pieces
  • You can get free samples

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