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October 23, 2020
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When you think of branding your products, custom box designs are probably what comes to your mind. But when you have more than one product, custom packaging can become tricky, because you’ll need different design boxes for each product.

And most box manufacturers will send you a big invoice for that.

Luckily, at YourBoxSolution you can showcase the best in your products by printing multiple versions boxes. And you'll still keep your budget safe.

What Does Multiple Versions Boxes Mean?

To help you brand your products within budget, we offer discounted rates when you print multiple versions of the same box size. If you have different products that fit in the same box size, you can print multiple boxes. This is not only an affordable solution - it also gives you plenty of room to get creative with your branding and boxes design.

Multiple versions boxes mean that you can use the same cutting die for different design versions of the same box. You can print individual product details on each box, so you won't pay for extra labels to personalize the box.      

Where Can You Use Multiple Versions Boxes?

Printing the same box size in different designs comes in handy when you have different scents of the same product. But you can also use the same cutting die to print design boxes for completely different products within the same brand. Here are the most popular industries that use multiple versions boxes:

By far the best thing about printing multiple versions boxes is this:      

You Get A Combined Bulk Rate Even If You Order Different Quantities

Let’s say you have four different scents for your soap bars: cherry, lavender, honey, and mint. You noticed some of them sell better than others. Lavender is your bestseller, cherry sells better than honey, and mint is a new scent that’s still catching up.

Most manufacturers don't give you the opportunity to order in varying quantities. It's easier and more productive to print thousands of box designs at once.

We understand some products sell better than others. To help you with that, we've created a printing process that's very efficient for lower orders too. This lets you order more of the boxes that sell better and less of the slow-sellers, at a combined bulk rate.

So you can order 1500 lavender soap boxes, 750 cherry soap boxes, 500 honey soap boxes and 250 mint soap boxes. That’s a total of 3000 boxes. Instead of using the regular rate, we’ll calculate the price per box from the total number of boxes. The more boxes you order, the lower the price per box. By combining four different orders into one you’re getting a significant discount. For an order of 3000 boxes, you can save more than $400. Here's an example of discounted pricing for multiple versions boxes.

In the video below, we explain in detail how multiple box versions work and why we're able to offer you discounted bulk rates.      

What Qualifies As Multiple Box Designs?

It’s very simple: as long as you’re using the same box size and the same cutting die, you can print anything on them. This means you’re not limited to printing, for example, four different scents of soaps. You can customize your box types for any products, as long as the products fit inside the box. For example, the same box die you use for soap can also be used for a makeup product or anything else you’re creating within your brand.

Other Advantages With Multiple Boxes Design

  • Less storage. You order just the quantities you need.
  • Affordable seasonal packaging. Run holiday promotions at low costs.
  • Easily test new products. The minimum order is 250 boxes so you can see if the new product you've created catches on without committing to thousands of boxes.
  • Differentiate products within the same brand. Give each product its own look and feel to expand your brand and create recognition.
  • Bulk rate discounts apply to any type of box. Holster box, sleeve, straight tuck box, reverse tuck box, etc.
  • Bulk rate discounts apply to any type of paper and embellishments. We'll treat multiple orders as one regardless of your paperboard choice or extras*.

*Note: when adding extras such as foil stamping, emboss/deboss, cutouts, spot gloss or inside printing, the minimum order is 500 pieces. You'll still receive a bulk discount rate.

Boxes Design Inspiration Our Gallery

We’ve gathered the best from our library of multiple boxes. Browse the gallery below and see how creative you can get with your packaging. Printing multiple versions of the same box gives you the chance to create a complete brand image and send a cohesive brand message with all your products.

Get the box designs you really want for your products. While you grow your brand, we’ll help you keep your budget on the line.

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