Shower Steamers Packaging - A Practical Guide

July 28, 2021
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A shower steamer is a fast ticket to a multisensory experience. You just get into the shower, and aromatherapy makes its magic work in a few seconds. The mix of scents helps you to detach at any time throughout the day. There’s no wonder shower steamers are the thing of the moment.

Such a hip product needs packaging that suits perfectly. In this blog post, you will find out the best options for shower steamers packaging, tips for how to design them, and to start the process. We’ve got you covered from A to Z.

Let’s start!

1. The best 3 options for shower steamers packaging

Shower steamers are very effective and easy to use. Your goal is to get a packaging that makes it just as simple to attract your customers and convince them to make the purchase. Here are the top 3 options for shower steamer packaging:      

1.a) Shower steamers boxes

Shower steamer boxes are by far the best packaging for this type of product. They have the biggest visual impact and are super easy to customize.

Moreover, people are already used to looking for boxes on the shelf when buying similar body care products. Soaps and bath bombs and great examples.

Five white packages that read "Shower Streamers" coming out of a paper bag.

You are probably wondering how to choose the shower steamers’ boxes. There’s no right or wrong choice, the key being to try to match your box to the identity of your brand and the profile of your customers. Keep reading to find out some aspects to take into consideration for your shower steamers packaging!      

The material of the shower steamer box

    The material is the core of the shower steamer packaging. The most popular materials are:        

  • White paperboard
  • Kraft paperboard
  • Metalized paperboard

Paperboard is super eco-friendly, which can give your brand extra points in the eyes of customers. There’s also the option to choose waterproof paperboard, which can turn out to be useful considering that this is a shower product.

The finishes (or the coatings) can have a big impact on the look of the product. You can choose a matte or glossy laminate, as well as a soft-touch one.

The extra elements that can make your shower steamers boxes stand out

A square luxurious brown box that reads "Luxury Shower Steamers".

The fight on the shelf is all about getting people’s attention and showcasing how your product is different. Luckily, there are many embellishments that you can choose from to make your shower steamers packaging stand out.

You can choose foil stamping, embossing, debossing, or metalized printing.

The type of shower steamers boxes and the closing

    The closing system plays a crucial role in how people interact with your product. There are plenty of options that fit any type of packaging – single product, twin, multipack. Here’s a list with different closing systems:        

  • Straight tuck boxes
  • Reverse tuck boxes
  • Lock bottom boxes
  • Crash bottom boxes
  • Half boxes
  • Tuck top boxes
  • Sleeve packaging
  • Two-piece boxes

Two types of special boxes that work well with shower steamers are the ones with cutouts or a display window. These allow the customer to see or smell the product, which can make a difference in the store.

Some manufacturers also go for aluminum boxes.

1.b) Wraps or foils

The second popular option for shower steamers packaging is to wrap the product or use foils. This option is great if you’re sure you want to cover your product fully and if it has a basic shape – round or rectangular.

There’s also the option to mix wrapping with shower steamers boxes. See below some extra things to consider:

Three round products wrapped in paper in different colors.

The material of the wrappings

The most popular types of wrappings are paper, plastic, and aluminum foil. You can choose according to your preferences in terms of design and eco-friendliness. As always, it’s important to think about what is more appealing to your customers.      

The extra elements that can make your product stand out

Options are a bit more restrictive with wrappings, but there are still some ways to make them stand out. The most popular one is to focus on the typography and the print. Another option is to wrap the product and place it in a display box.      

1.c) Bags and pouches

Four packages designed in a colorful camouflage-like way.

Bags are a simple way of packaging shower steamers. They offer more space for branding purposes than the wrappings, and they might attract people by being less common on the shelf.

Here are some useful aspects about this type of shower steamers packaging:

The material of the bags or pouches

Just like with the wrappings and shower steamers boxes, there are options for environmentally conscious brands. You can get your bags out of white paper or kraft paper. If this is not a priority for your brand and your target audience, there’s also the option to get a plastic bag.      

The extra elements that can make your product stand out

Bags are usually paired with labels to reach their maximum potential. You could either choose a simple bag and focus on making the label stand out, or choose a custom bag and simple label. The label often has an informational purpose as well.

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2. How to design your shower steamers packaging

Your freedom in terms of design depends a lot on the type of packaging. However, if you have some elements in mind, you can adapt them to shower steamers boxes, wrappings, or bags. Let’s see some general design ideas for your shower steamer packaging!      

2.a) Build the design around the scent(s)

Shower steamers are all about essential oils and their scents. Your customers will want to easily spot the scent of the product, so make sure to make it visible in the copy. You can then add some design elements to suggest the scent.

Use colors and images that showcase it for your shower steamers boxes.

Pink square box on pink background.

2.b) Focus on the result

Shower steamers are multisensory products, so it’s super helpful to use this aspect when planning your design. Your customers will not only focus on the scent of the product, but rather on how they want to feel while using it.

Considering this, the design of your shower steamers packaging could focus on the result of using the shower steamer.

A blue box and beige cardboard on a blue background.

Different essential oils have different effects, so you can mention how they relate.

There are oils for relaxation, stress release, feeling energized, or for helping with nasal congestion during the cold season. Again, you can use design elements that go hand in hand with this result.

2.c). Center the design to the moment of use

Most often, people use shower steamers in the morning or the evening. People using them in the morning want to have a nice start and get a boost of energy, while people using them in the evening want to relax and calm down.

By using suggestive colors and graphic elements, you can help people imagine adding your product to their daily routines.

Blue box package with white logo that reads "Bar Smart Layers".

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3. Shower steamers packaging – how to start the process

You’ve made it – you have the type of packaging figured out and your designer provided the coolest look for your product. The only thing missing is to start the process and get your shower steamers packaging ready. Here’s what you need to know about the process.      

3.a) Prepare the size of your shower steamers packaging

  •   To get your shower steamers boxes you will need to provide the size for them. Take some good measurements and try to imagine how easy it will be to store, display and handle the product.          

3.b) Prepare the template for the design

You will need to ask your designer to send over the design in a CAD template.

At YourBoxSolution, we will send you the template and instructions on how to prepare the artwork. We will even do the proofreading for free.

Rectangular boxes in a variety of colors.

3.c) Get updates on your project

  • A professional and trustworthy printing partner will let you oversee the project and send feedback at every step. It’s important to get updates, and it’s also exciting to see your project getting closer and closer to reality. At YourBoxSolution, you will be able to log in to the panel of your project, leave comments and get in contact with our packaging experts at every step.          

With the right printing partner, your shower steamers boxes will be ready in no time.

Choose YourBoxSolution and benefit from:

  • Orders starting from as little as 250 pieces
  • Tons of options to customize your shower steamers packaging
  • Free proofing before printing and assistance at every step of the process
  • The expertise of a team with more than 5000 happy customers

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