The essential guide to choosing your vitamin packaging

August 5, 2021
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The alert lifestyles that we have these days make it harder to get all the nutrients we need from our diets. We have messy schedules and less time to plan our meals. Vitamins can help a lot with keeping a nutritional balance. They are all about wellbeing and positive energy. If you’re selling vitamins, your focus should be on inspiring these elements with your packaging.

In this article, you will find out how to create trustworthy and eye-catching vitamin packaging for your brand.

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Identify the best vitamin packaging for your brand

    To understand how to create trustworthy and eye-catching vitamin packaging, we need to talk about practicality. Vitamin packaging has three main roles:        

  • To create the perfect environment that maintains the product’s efficiency
  • To make it easy to take a dose
  • To grab attention

There are many ways of packing vitamins, each with its advantages and particularities. Check the list below and read further for a short analysis of each vitamin packaging:

  • Bottles
  • Blisters
  • Stick packs
  • Pouches
  • Tubes

Bottles or jars

Bottles are one of the most popular types of vitamin packaging. Bottles are easy to handle and store and offer many options for labeling.

You can choose plastic or glass bottles and even pair them with boxes. Bottles and jars are the most standard option for selling vitamins.

Transparent bottles with white lids and no label where the content is visible.


Vitamins in a blister and a white box of vitamin B12.

Blisters are usually sold in boxes. They are easy to store and carry around. They also make it easy to count the remaining vitamin pills.

Being sold in boxes, there’s enough space for branding and freedom of getting a more complex design. We’ll talk more about boxes in a bit.

Stick packs

Stick packs are a newer way of selling vitamins, but it is gaining a lot of popularity. Their advantage is that they are easy to use.

The vitamin powder or liquid is packed in the correct dose, ready to be taken on the spot.

A rectangular white box with pink accents showing a kid ingesting a multivitamin powder.


A red bag of vitamins that reads "Ener C".

Pouches are also newer to the market, which means they have great potential to get people’s attention. They can be of plastic, aluminum, cardboard, paper, and other materials according to the shelf life of your product.

An advantage is that you can go eco-friendly with them. At the same time, they offer plenty of space for branding.


Vitamin tubes are great for effervescent tablets. They are easy to carry around in a bag, and they offer optimal protection to the tablets.

Labeling can be a bit trickier because there’s less space, but there are still options for getting appealing vitamin labels.

Four different containers with vitamin A, B, C, and D, each with its specific color.


Three square boxes with different color designs that read "Vita Box".

Many of the options from above can be paired with boxes. Boxes are a great way to add an extra layer of protection to the product and some extra space for labeling.

With techniques like embossing or debossing, any box type can add extra points to the individuality of your product’s presence on the shelf.

You can choose from a variety of boxes with different closing mechanisms. Here are the standard ones:        

  • Straight tuck boxes – the standard boxes, the flaps fold directly into the box
  • Reverse tuck boxes – one of the flaps folds in the opposite direction as the other
  • Lock bottom boxes – the flaps lock together at the bottom of the box
  • Crash bottom boxes – opposite flaps are pushed towards each other, locking the base into place
  • Tuck top boxes – there’s a top closing panel with a small flap that tucks into the top of the box; the bottom of the box does not open
  • Two piece boxes they consist of a bottom tray and a lid

How to make the best choice

    You are probably wondering what’s the best option for your vitamin packaging. You are the one to make this decision. Consider the three main roles of the packaging we covered above.

  1. In terms of protecting the vitamins, the packaging should offer the optimal durability for your product. It should offer protection against UV light, moisture, pests, or vapors. Consider the shelf life of your product and also the weight and how it will be handled.
  2. In terms of convenience, the packaging should be easy to handle and store. Think about which type of container works best for your specific sort of vitamins and how you want people to interact with your product (when and how to use the vitamins – i.e. at home, at work, on the go). Also, consider the possibility of choosing recyclable vitamin packaging. Eco-friendliness is beneficial for everyone.
  3. In terms of grabbing attention, the packaging should offer the freedom to play with different designs and to customize the look. It should also give branding opportunities. Design-wise, focus on visual elements that suggest wellbeing and energy. No matter the type of design you choose, it’s crucial to get a top-quality packaging and printing service. Quality is the key to being persuasive.

Make your vitamin packaging stand out

The days of standard packaging are over. If you want to have a chance on the shelf, you need to invest in packaging that makes your vitamins stand out. Check our tips for eye-catching vitamin packaging:      

Mix colors, visual elements, and create contrast

A colorful packaging can have more chances to be noticed. Consider your audience and mix colors with images, illustrations, and elements that make your customers relate.

If your vitamins are flavored, it’s worth suggesting the taste using images.

A container with a white label that reads "Vitamin Complex" and colorful pills on the ground.

Place helpful information in key spots

A white box of vitamins that reads "Health every day".

In other words, help your customers choose your product by giving them all the facts they need.

Focus on how your product can help and its qualities. Make sure to comply with the FDA’s regulations as well.

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