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July 20, 2021
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With cannabis being legalized extensively, edibles are more popular than ever. All kinds of edibles come up every day, from muffins and cookies to gummies, chocolates, mints, drinks, or even cooking oil, to name a few. There’s a big competition on the THC and CBD markets, so you need to work on your edible labels to get a chance at this game.

Today we’ll talk about how to make your edibles labels sell by giving people what they want. Read the blog post till the end to find out how to adapt your THC edible labels and your CBD labels to different audiences, what information to include on your labels and how to market your products better.

Let’s begin!

The most important aspect for your edible labels

The first and most essential step to finding out how to improve your marketing efforts and your edible labels is to know your audience.

It is fundamental to know who your ideal customer is and why they would be interested in your product.

No matter what you are selling, you need to make your product look tailor-made for your target audience. Knowing your customer is a fundamental step in any marketing plan.

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When it comes to edibles, there are a few reasons why people are interested in them:

  • They want to try something new
  • They want to relax or enjoy time with friends
  • They want to benefit from the effects of marijuana without smoking
  • They want to test some medical uses

Each of these customers is looking for something else when buying edibles, so it’s decisive to know how your ideal customer looks to make your edible labels appealing.

Let’s see how you can adapt your edibles labels to different customers!

1. Edibles labels for people who want to try something new

    People in this category are curious about trying edibles for the first time. This means they probably have a lot of questions, and your product needs to convince them that they are making a good choice.                

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On these labels, it’s important to present things as simply as possible and to predict some of your customer’s questions. Being creative always helps, so take your time to come up with a catchy slogan or message as well.

Some aspects to consider when targeting first-time buyers: describe what THC or CBD means, the dosage, the effects and their duration, some recommendations.

Since it’s something new, you can use the edible labels to showcase excitement. Trying something out for the first time can also be intimidating, so it’s good to have a label that reflects friendliness and trust.      

2. Edibles labels for people who want to relax or have fun

If you’re targeting customers based on a specific feeling they are looking for, your edibles labels should reflect that feeling.

Because of their psychoactive nature, THC products are the best option for people who want to socialize and have fun. Considering this, you can make your THC edible labels look energetic.

On the other side, CBD products are a great option for those who want to calm down and take a break. In this case, your CBD edible labels should inspire harmony and being chill.

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3. Edibles labels for people who don’t want to smoke

    People from this audience have probably tried marijuana before, and they already have the incentive to buy.                

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However, they might use edibles for the first time and need some details.

It’s beneficial to mention the differences in comparison to smoking, with a focus on the advantages. For example, you can state that the effects can come later, but last longer. You can also squeeze in that edibles are discreet, taste better, and have no respiratory risks.

4. Edibles labels for those who want to test some medical benefits

The medical benefits of marijuana have been promoted on a large scale in the past few years. With edibles being known as a great help when dealing with stress, anxiety, or insomnia, many people are curious about the results.

If you’re targeting this audience, the dosage should be easy to find on the label. It is also useful to include the best time to use the product (day or night) and some general recommendations.

Since there are no FDA-approved prescribing guidelines, you should mention that the product is not intended to treat, cure, or prevent any disease. You can still describe some extended effects (i.e. relaxation).

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What information to include on your edible labels

To summarize the information from above, it is fundamental to adapt your edible labels to your audience. The information you include on the label will vary according to the customers you are targeting.

However, there’s still some mandatory information to comply with the FDA’s requirements. Make sure to read the FDA’s regulations available in your state. Here are some elements that are often required on edibles labels:

  • Brand name
  • The type of edible
  • Full list of ingredients
  • Significant facts – i.e. dosage, the direction of use
  • Net quantity
  • Name and contact information of the manufacturer or distributor
  • Caution statement

How to market your THC edible labels or CBD labels better

When it comes to improving your THC edible labels or CBD labels, the secret is to work around the perfect mix of copy, typography, and visual elements. Start from your target audience and then make your brand match their lifestyle and preferences.

The quality of your THC edible labels or CBD labels is crucial because you want to convince people to try your product out and then continue to use it.

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Custom label

You can make your label stand out by using a bold design and a premium print. The edibles labels should catch the eye and inspire top-quality, but also maintain their characteristics while your product is being handled and stored.

Depending on the type of edibles you are selling, you might need a label resistant to tearing, peeling, condensation, or coming in contact with water.

BOPP is a material with great resistance, that also offers a lot of freedom for design. It is a perfect match for your THC edible labels.

BOPP labels can be cut to any size or shape and be printed in any color. Here are some backgrounds you can choose from:


The white background goes well with any color.      


The clear background only makes the printed areas visible, which gives that invisible look to the label.      


The metalized background has a silver substrate that gives that metalized look.For enhancing the premium look of your edibles labels you can add a gloss, matte or soft laminate to the BOPP label.

  • Gloss laminates are highly reflective and give a dynamic look
  • Matte laminates are non-reflective and give a more elegant and dull look
  • Soft laminates give a nice soft touch to the label

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