Cosmetic Packaging Ideas You Can Implement Now To Brand Your Product

June 9, 2020
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If you’ve already got your packaging created for your line of cosmetics, and your products are rocking the market, congratulations! That’s amazing!


Supposing your product is ready but you’ve hit a wall trying to figure out what’s the cosmetic packaging that would really help it rise….you’re in the right place!

This blog post will showcase some of the best cosmetic packaging ideas we’ve been lucky to transform into real boxes for our clients. You’ll see the stories behind every box and label and how they managed to find and create a design direction that works for them in the long term.

Here’s what we’re going to cover:

  • packaging ideas for cosmetics
  • custom labels for cosmetics
  • packaging ideas for makeup products
  • packaging ideas for lip balm
  • tips & tricks that you can apply to your packaging

Plus, for each example we’ll define a key takeaway idea, so you’ll be able to get to work and implement your ideas right after finishing reading this blog post.

Sounds interesting? Let’s get inspired AND practical!

Cosmetic Packaging Ideas – Custom Boxes, Labels & More

People most often think cosmetics are either makeup for women, face creams for women, or anything-women related. The truth is cosmetics are defined as a range of products used to care for the face and body – substances intended for human cleansing (including male), beautifying and enhancing appearance.

So, believe it or not, men use cosmetics as much as women do.

As various as cosmetics are, so are the custom cosmetic packaging ideas. Appealing packaging is imperative to modern society, and it matters a lot. Since we’re talking about products people put on their skin, it’s crucial that your packaging solution speaks trust and adds value.

Let’s see what you can learn from our customer’s stories and get you some cosmetic packaging ideas for your products.

Custom Boxes For Cosmetics

Vivoderm Natural Skincare, a cosmetic line created over forty years ago by a holistic dermatologist, Dr. Hedayat Adhami. The natural approach of their products is translated to the look of the packaging – soft, muted colors, and just a hint of green and black.

Cream box packaging

Lines are clean and simple with as much white space as possible. At the same time, they have opted for a metallic paperboard with a matte coating and custom cutouts. These details make the packaging look very high-end and help it stand out from other items on the shelf.

Key takeaway?
Simple designs have always been on the list of the most effective skincare packaging ideas. They look professional and trustworthy. Complement minimalist graphics with a metallic paper or a coating to add extra layers to your box.

testimonial image 2
Affordable pricing and great customer service/ follow up. Also an easy online ordering process.
Cream box packaging with gold foil

Eavara’s Age Defying Moisturizer and all their cosmetics combine the best of nature and science and bring you skin care products that deeply nourish and protect against the effects of aging.

The packaging solution they chose was a classic white paperboard cream box, but with a twist: hot foil stamping. The logo band that goes from the front of the box to the top and all the way to the back makes the box look complete and the product is perceived as high-end.

Key takeaway?
Hot foil stamping adds elegance and class to your packaging. Consider adding the foil stamping (available in different colors too) to the areas in your packaging that you want to highlight. You can also combine this effect with different coatings or embossing and debossing – but be careful not to overdo it!

I have worked with Your Box Solution on a number of jobs. They have been responsive, provided quality work, went out of their way to make sure I was happy and the Price is Certainly Right!
Samara Mitchell Eavara

Amaki Skincare products are created with all-natural ingredients that work together to draw impurities from deep within the pores, leaving behind a healthy, natural glow.

Here, the design of their face oil box is simple, yet it looks modern and feminine: a pink floral pattern as the background, with large areas of white space, to emphasize the brand and product name.

testimonial image 4
We love that you have a variety of box sizes, quick turn around times, and that everything is made in the US.
Amaki Botanical Skincare

Amaki skincare packaging
Amaki Botanical Skincare

Key takeaway?
Patterns are a trendy, creative way to build a unique brand image. Think about what mood and style you want to convey and what pattern would go with that, and you can easily come up with a catchy design that represents you.

Anokha is a natural skincare line started in 2008 by board-certified plastic surgeon Nina S. Naidu. When they first started, Dr. Nina needed a few custom printed boxes for the facial oils she created, and she needed them in low quantities for her small batches.

The first boxes we printed looked great, with the Anokha logo bold and strong, on a delicate white floral background.

Each product variation has the name highlighted with a black rectangle. This design element brings balance to the box and makes it stand out.

As the Anokha brand grew to an award-winning company, they chose to keep printing their boxes with YourBoxSolution.

Anokha skincare packaging
The first boxes made for Anokha Skincare
Anokha skincare packaging

Their design changed to a more modern, minimalist approach.

A face contour in a subtle line design is complemented with simple fonts and a soft, off-white background. Overall, this is a great example of how less can be more!

Key takeaway?
Although counterintuitive, once again we see how simplicity can go a long way for making a product stand out. Here’s one of the best packaging ideas for cosmetics: If you’re going with a modern, minimalist style, try and eliminate different design elements until your packaging looks very simple, but still sends a powerful message. Think about what is the main message you want your brand to convey and how you can share that message to your customers, through your packaging.

testimonial image 4
Easy and cost-effective. Templates are readily available, payment was quick and easy, and the turnaround time was only a few weeks. The order minimums are extremely reasonable and frankly a godsend to a small company. Plus, the finished product is really beautiful!
Dr. Nina Naidu, MD FACS Anokha Skincare

WildBloom Skincare‘s goal is to offer clean, modern skincare products that deliver results, while also protecting your well-being.

Their packaging is designed to give their customers an experience that makes them feel beautiful, as opposed to just focusing on the sale.

Skincare packaging with gold foil

They chose to print on our 19.2 white paperboard, using both full-color printing, as well as rose gold foil for their monogram.

The rose gold areas have real foil applied on the paper through a process called hot foil stamping.

The white boxes and white bottles represent the purity of their products and the rose gold was chosen to reflect their high-quality standards.

Hot foil stamping on cosmetic packaging
Skincare packaging with gold foil and watercolor

Key takeaway?
Foil stamping is on the list of pretentious and expensive cosmetic packaging ideas – it only works with white or black. So NOT true. As mentioned before, hot foil stamping for cosmetics works with infinite design options.

Depending on the combinations you make, your packaging can speak to different age groups: together with vibrant watercolor flowers, gold foil speaks youth as well as elegance. Combined with monochrome patterns or colors, it can be targeted to older customers or beauty salons.

If you keep in mind your audience when using foil stamping, there’s no way your packaging won’t look right.

Testimonial image 6
The customer service is amazing! Eric has always been quick and courteous in his responses. I also loved being able to directly send my files to the design team. The proofing process was very smooth. And the web interface and email communication is great. I love the client portal where orders can be tracked and updated.
Heather Anderson, Licensed Esthetician & FounderWildBloom Skincare

H is for love is about sharing nature’s most wonderful gifts. “We are true minimalists. In day-to-day life this means we use what we have and we give away what is not in constant rotation. We prefer natural colors, empty spaces, a place for the eyes to rest. In our skincare line, this translates to using the highest quality, freshest, unrefined, and organic ingredients.”

Our blank kraft boxes from CustomKraftBox are an excellent choice for companies striving to leave as little of a carbon footprint as possible like H is for love.

The Kraft paperboard they chose is 18.2 points thick and is 100% post-consumer recycled material.

Nectar oil

A simple label personalizes each item and the result is a professional look with low costs, that doesn’t hurt the environment whatsoever.

Affordable cosmetic packaging - custom kraft box with label
Affordable cosmetic packaging - custom kraft boxes with label

Key takeaway?
When you need to cut down your expenses, blank boxes with a simple label can do the trick. Especially if you’re looking for a natural, organic look, a kraft box can be customized with a simple label and help you hit the shelves early and with low costs. You can also go with a blankbox – white or black – and apply a colorful label. There are so many packaging ideas for cosmetics – just get in touch and we’ll find the best one together.

Bee Simonds Profile
We always work with the same person. Anyone I speak with is always helpful, but developing rapport with people is becoming a lost art. It is something to be valued, and the personalized experience at Custom Kraft Box is rare and appreciated.
Bee Simonds, FounderH is for Love

Skincare packaging

Cultivar Skincare needed custom printed boxes for its plant-based skin and body care products. Our low minimums and good prices helped them brand their large variety of products without ordering thousands of boxes at a time.

We were able to find a box in our library for all their products, from the dropper bottle boxes, to the soap boxes and sturdy boxes for their body scrub jars.

The design theme they chose to go with is simple but powerful: a strong yellow that pops out and simple and easy to read fonts.

Dropper bottle packaging
Dropper bottle packaging

Key takeaway?
Don’t turn down the bold cosmetic packaging ideas. You can pull out a complete look for boxes with no art elements at all! Just choose a solid color that represents your brand and use it with confidence. There are so many brands that use solid colors without much design and they’re known worldwide: Tiffany, T-Mobile, Milka, Starbucks, to name a few – so there’s the proof. Using one color boldly is a simple way to make your brand and packaging hard to be ignored. Just make sure that the color you fall in love with isn’t already owned by other company!

Testimonial image 8
It was crucial that we find a company that had lower minimums because we had roughly 30 products that needed new packaging.
YourBoxSolution was very easy to work with. I like that there is such an extensive selection of box sizes and it is easy to sort through the site to find the perfect size. The customer service was also really professional and helpful. The finished boxes are absolutely beautiful, too.
Cultivar Skincare

Labels for cosmetics

Labels are a what we would call a secondary packaging. The primary packaging is the one that comes in contact with the product – the container. The secondary packaging is anything that precedes that. Secondary packaging can mean a label, a tag, a box, a fabric pouch and more.

Labels are ideal if:

  • You’re not planning to have a box for your product (e.g. your container offers enough protection and you can brand it with a label);
  • Your budget is tight – labels are cheaper than custom printed boxes;
  • You’re looking for a minimalist look;
  • You’re selling directly from a shelf and you want your customers to interact with the product and see it in all its glory;
  • You’re looking for a complete unboxing experience – a label + a custom printed box.

These being said, let’s explore some cosmetic labels design ideas!

Sage Stone Botanicals is an organic and all-natural body care company that makes all its products by hand, in small batches.

We have helped them with all their labels. The cosmetic labels are printed on white BOPP (Biaxially oriented polypropylene), so we were able to print any colors they needed.

Cosmetic labels for Sage Stone Botanicals

All BOPP labels are oil & water-resistant, tear-resistant, chemicals & UV resistant (the colors don’t fade in the sunlight), non-toxic, and safe for all industries.

They stick very well to any kind of container and they can have custom shapes too – at no extra cost.

Sage stone botanicals skincare packaging
Custom printed cream labels

Key takeaway?
Custom labels are one of the cheapest packaging ideas for cosmetics. As long as your containers are made from quality materials, you can customize your cosmetics with custom printed labels that cost a fraction of the cost.

You’ll still get a high-end look without using a box.

And for a complete unboxing experience you can go with a custom printed box that matches the labels!

testimonial image 3
What I liked most was the fact that I didn’t have to have a huge minimum order to get good prices. They are flexible and willing to help get the right label for the right price.
I have been extremely satisfied with their company and crew. The labels themselves also look phenomenal. They do such a fantastic job!
Sage Stone Botanicals

Botanicals By The Sea is another happy customer who effectively personalized their cosmetic products using labels from ShortRunLabels.

Their design is simple and clear, and more on the vintage style.

The blue shades are in tone with their brand name and their love for all things natural.

Cosmetic labels
Cosmetic labels
Testimonial image 9
I love working with you as I am inexperienced and the manager, Blake, has been super patient and supportive of me and my learning curve. I couldn’t afford a graphics artist for all of my stuff and Blake once again helped me with details in order to get my labels working.
Sherry M., Botanicals by the Sea

Key takeaway?
While a designer might come with ingenious cosmetic packaging ideas, you might not afford one, so you’ll need to take matters into your own hands and create your designs alone. There are so many tutorials on the web for creating a label. Add the help from our experts and our fair prices and the future sounds brighter already!

Cosmetic packaging

Southern Magnolia Mineral Cosmetics inspires every woman to embrace their imperfections and empower their own genuine, authentic beauty with safe, fun, and affordable mineral makeup and skincare.

We were able to help them bring to life their cosmetic packaging ideas for their hair kit duo (by creating a custom box) as well as custom labels for their makeup line.

The design direction they chose speaks to women of all ages. They went with a more elegant approach for their skin serums boxes, and while keeping the same brand colors, they branded other items in a more modern concept, like the concealer labels on the right.

Mineral Cosmetics
Custom printed labels for concealer sticks
 Makeup kit box
Makeup kit box Source

To sell the multiple small items from their makeup kit, we printed a custom makeup kit box.

This makes them easy to sell and easy to handle and transport, and it’s also beautiful and can be offered as gift.

Barbara Maynard
It was a relief to find a company that would print smaller quantities. This was the biggest obstacle found while talking with other label companies. The minimum quantities per label were way beyond our budget for a small business.
We were beyond thankful to have found this company, as they understood our needs. Customer service, super quick turnaround and quality labels have been 5 stars and 2 thumbs up for our business!

Barbara Maynard
Southern Magnolia Minerals

CREO Originals had some out-of-the-box cosmetic packaging ideas.

What’s different about their packaging? Their labels feature original art from up and coming artists!

‘CREO’ is Latin for “to create or make”, reflecting the creative process that led to the development of their formulas. When it came to packaging and marketing, they wanted to do something that was related closely to the DNA of their brand name.

“Because we are reproducing fine art on our labels, it is imperative that they look great. There’s really no such thing as “good enough” with this approach. The folks at ShortRunLabels have taken that to heart and have delivered labels that are beautiful and befitting the images we embed upon them.”

 White laminated labels for CREO Originals
White laminated labels for CREO Originals

Cream container with cosmetic label

You can see how colorful the labels are. Plus, the gloss laminate layer makes the colors of the cosmetic jar packaging pop even more. To accompany the beautiful art, a white background and simple fonts, with just a splash of colored text was enough.

We think it’s something different and definitely inspiring!

Key takeaway?
Don’t be afraid to do what’s never been done before!

You don’t have to settle for the norm and just make another box. Think about if there were no limits whatsoever to your packaging, what would it look like? How can you create your packaging in such a way that it challenges the status quo?

CREO Originals
We are treated like our needs are a priority and we truly feel like ShortRunLabels is our “label department”, despite the fact that we are a small company and haven’t yet required millions of labels.
We are afforded the benefit of their expertise, they understand what we’re trying to achieve and they contribute in a meaningful way to ensuring we produce exactly what we need.
CREO Originals

Getting your custom labels

You’ve worked so hard for your products – countless sleepless nights and worries. And now it’s down to the ultimate test: making the sale.

We want to help you make that first sale a no-brainer. For starters, all it takes is a custom printed label. With our brand ShortRunLabels you’ll get high-quality cosmetic labels at substantial savings from traditional print shop prices.

Minus the worry and uncertainty – you’ll be able to track each step of your order in your administration panel and get in touch with our experts anytime.

Plus, we laminate all of our labels for no extra charge and our prices are the same regardless of which material you choose.


Next, let’s see how you can upscale the packaging for your makeup products.

Cosmetic Packaging Ideas for Makeup

Cosmetic Packaging

“Makeup is a way for a woman to look and feel like herself, only prettier and more confident.” – Bobbi Brown

In the industry that promotes beauty, it’s mandatory for the packaging to look enticing and high-end.

Quality makeup packaging opens the door for confident women to embrace your products.

Let’s see what custom makeup packaging ideas you can find for your brand.

We are very proud to be the packaging manufacturer for Rejuva Minerals, a USA based beauty product line started by Brenda Hyre.

Their products are very diverse and so is their packaging, so we had the chance to bring to life a very wide range of designs.

The bold box on the right is a custom printed foundation box, with gold foil and gloss lamination. A combination of animal print, bold colors and the gold foil, together with the sturdy 17.2 white paperboard makes for a very attractive and high-end makeup packaging.

 Foundation box with hot foil stamping
Foundation box with hot foil stamping
Pressed foundation packaging
Pressed foundation packaging for
Rejuva Minerals

For another type of foundation we have printed a white, simpler box that features a delicate flower.

For most of their products, Rejuva Minerals chose to display the brand logo in gold foil. This makes a bold statement about the quality of the products.

Mascara packaging for Rejuva Minerals
Mascara packaging for Rejuva Minerals

The presence of gold in their branding is their distinctive look, while maintaining a striking simplicity. Together, they define their branding.

For their mascara packaging, the black and gold look is spot on.

Even for their smallest items, they chose a professional makeup packaging solution.

These concealer boxes are definitely not to be ignored – using the same gold foil treatment, this time we have a combination of decorative patterns and pastel colors. The boxes are small, but strong and protective.

Concealer packaging
Custom concealer boxes with gold foil

Key takeaway?
When it comes to coming up with cosmetics and makeup packaging ideas, attention to the smallest of details can translate into more sales. Above all, quality packaging makes your brand and products be perceived as something of value and worthy of being protected by the best boxes. This translates into brand trust.

Testimonial image 12
What we like most about is the flexibility in order requirements (minimums) and the quality of work!
Rejuva Minerals

Mix & match colors, materials and coatings

You shouldn’t be afraid to experiment with any sort of materials, coatings and embellishments and see what look you feel aligned to. We make every process in-house at our facility in Oregon, so we pay attention to the smallest of details to make sure your packaging is flawless.

Sounds amazing? Here are more examples of packaging ideas for cosmetics and makeup.

Cosmetic Packaging Ideas For Lip Balm

When it comes to lip balm packaging, there is more than one way to sell and customize them so they’re appealing to the customers.

There are lip balm jars, lip balm eco-tubes, lip balm plastic tubes, plastic spheres, metal containers, and the list can go on.


Regardless of their shape or size, lip balm can be customized for a better customer experience. You can use lip balm labels, custom made lip balm boxes, and if you need to display more items at once, there are lip balm display boxes.

Let’s see how these look in a few examples.

Boxes & Labels for Lip Balm

Laura from Henné Organics contacted us looking for cosmetic packaging ideas where she could get a low quantity to help launch her product, without sacrificing quality. We were able to help her out with this and quickly she reordered her box with a small change at a higher quantity.

“Our vision is for Henné Organics to become a high end body care brand for the modern woman. We want to reintroduce a splash of luxury into the mundane. A modern and minimalistic approach that replaces the standard lip balm with something extraordinary.”

Lip balm packaging
Custom printed lip balm box

Lip balm packaging

“We definitely took a lot of inspiration from Scandinavian design when it came to branding and design. Our goal was for the branding to evoke these words/thoughts: modern, luxurious, minimalist, clean, organic.

To accomplish the look they were after, the white paperboard with a matte coating was enough. The white box creates a powerful contrast with the black lip balm jar and label, and the whole package looks like just out of a professional makeup store!

Key takeaway?
You might think that you can’t really come up with innovative cosmetic packaging ideas. But sometimes, innovation can come down to simplicity, or just by rethinking the container itself. Are there ways you can reinterpret the general rules and come up with unique packaging ideas for cosmetics?

Testimonial image 13
The thing I like most about YourBoxSolution is how I can communicate with the same person instead of multiple account managers. Makes it more personalized and also much more efficient.
Laura Xiao
, FounderHenné Organics

Isun Skincare is another long-term customer we’re proud to keep serving. Their Golden Lip Balm is another excellent example of simple yet effective packaging.

The lip balm tube has a simple label, and the box is custom made to include the hot foil stamping, which they are using for all their products.

Isun Skincare

Key takeaway?
A very simple way (but not easy) to make sure your brand gets noticed and remembered is to try and establish a design direction from the beginning. Isun Skincare has the same visuals for all their packaging – white boxes, gold foil, simple fonts – and these elements are key to establishing their brand recognition.

Moving on to a more colorful approach to lip balm packaging, we have an adorable custom printed lip balm box for Micki Song Cosmetics.

Micki Song Cosmetics

We have a box that is a daring pink with watercolor-style pink flowers and eucalyptus leaves.

The lip balm itself is also poured into a fancy gold lipstick-like tube that’s also customized with gold foil on the outside.

As a result, the design and packaging approach is luxurious and not what you would usually expect from a lip conditioner.

Key takeaway?
If you’ve got a simple product it doesn’t mean you should settle for the ordinary. Invest in the right looks and your efforts will pay off in the long term.

Still on the colorful side of cosmetic packaging ideas for lip balm we have the creative and playful designs of Blümsi beauty line. They are set to create a luxury CBD health and beauty line, where they handcraft every tincture, lotion, and balm in small batches right here in the USA.


Their design is as cute as packaging can be – they used every panel of the box to add unique graphics, and they even printed on the inside of the lip balm box, for a 360° joyful experience. Colors are fresh and inspiring and they kept this look throughout their entire line of products.

If you were to just let your imagination play, what would your box look like?

Candid Essentials also chose a different direction for their lip balm box – it’s a 5-pack box, with custom cutout and metallic blue foil – an amazing look!

The labels are also shiny and the lip balms come in 5 different flavors. As a result, they showcased them by using different colors.

Candid Essentials
Candid Essentials

Packaging Ideas For Cosmetics – Lip Balm Display Boxes

What are display boxes?

Display boxes are a perfect way to carry and showcase smaller items in places where your customers are more likely to see them and grab one as they go. You’ll most usually find them on the countertop or next to the cashier and they can really boost sales.

That’s the reason why most of the display boxes have openings or are created in such a way to facilitate a quick grab of the items inside.

Lip Balm Display Boxes

Most importantly, display boxes can be used for any items, from snacks, to keychains, souvenirs, small cosmetics, chewing gum – anything you can think of.

When they’re not open, the display boxes are just like any other box and you can use them to store your products. The openings are usually perforated areas that you fold away to create the display area when needed.

How do you customize your lip balm display boxes?

At YourBoxSolution you can get any cosmetic packaging ideas to life – you can add cutouts that emphasize the shape of your logo or go with a custom made box with custom perforations and openings. Full-color printing and all the extras like gold foil are available.

Besides, you can also add custom inserts to keep your lip balms upright. As long as they’re visually appealing, you can really benefit from having a custom display box if your products are on the smaller side.

Let’s see a few examples below.

Lip balm display box
Lip balm display box for
Wild Boar Man Soap
Lip balm display box
Lip balm display box for
Verbena Botanicals

Lip balm labels & lip balm display box
Lip balm labels & lip balm display box
Wild Carrot Herbals

Testimonial image 15
It took me a long time to make the leap to preprinted boxes, but I am so glad I did. Printing my own labels—even precut labels—was time-consuming, and could be frustrating when there were inevitable printer problems.
The boxes are a snap to fold, and they look so professional! I love the way my product looks on the shelves.
Avital’s Apiaries
Lip balm labels & lip balm display box
Lip balm labels & lip balm display box
Avital’s Apiaries

Lip balm display box
Lip balm labels & lip balm display box
Avital’s Apiaries
Testimonial image 14
Our beginnings have been small, but I have really enjoyed working with you, your flexibility for small jobs, great pricing, and a beautiful end product. I am already planning the next project to send your way.
Jody Berry
Wild Carrot herbals

Time to shine. Get your cosmetic packaging ideas to life and elevate your brand

We have covered just a few items from the vast and beautiful world of custom packaging. There are thousands of cosmetic packaging ideas out there.

In fact, we dare say we can create an effective custom packaging no matter the product you’re selling!

You just have to let us know what you need and together we’ll find the best solution for your business.

If you’re in doubt about how to design your packaging so your customers are attracted to it, you can read the 11 easy steps to create the perfect packaging for your product blog post and you’ll be sure to have a starting point. You can also always get in touch with us at or give us a quick call at (877) 300-2405.

Until next time, good luck with your creative endeavors! We’re here to serve you when you’re ready to order.

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