E-Liquid Labels - Design Tips For Printing

August 10, 2021
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E-cigarettes are gaining more and more popularity. Smokers love them for the variety of flavors and nicotine levels. Although not yet approved by the FDA as an aid for quitting smoking, e-cigarettes are also used on a large scale as an intermediary step by people who want to quit.

With a double potential of reaching customers, the e-cigarettes industry is thriving. It’s no surprise that so many e liquid brands are coming up. And with the competition growing every day, it’s the perfect time to establish your position and take a seat at the winners' table. E liquid labels never played a more important role.

Read ahead to find out the essential tips for designing and printing your e liquid label!

1. Focus on what people want to see on e-liquid labels

Marketing is all about giving people what they want. The first step to any design or branding strategy should be to know who you are targeting and what those people want. Each product and each target audience is different. However, there are some general aspects that people care about when checking an e liquid label.      

The flavor

Flavors are a big advantage of e-cigarettes. Most people are choosing their liquid based on the flavor, so they want to be able to see it right away. It’s useful to give the flavor a central role in your e liquid labels design.

Start with a representative color and then include visual elements that can suggest the flavor. Taste and vision are two connected sensations, so playing with the visuals creatively can easily trigger the memory of a taste.

Be careful not to make the product look too similar to sweets though. We’ll cover more on this a bit lower in the article.

A black E-Liquid container with berries surrounding it.

The level of nicotine

Brown box that reads "Classic Tabacco" and a glass container of e-liquid from Vapouriz.

Another essential aspect to include on your e liquid labels is the level of nicotine. Nicotine is an optional ingredient for e liquids, which makes having the level on sight even more important.

If you have both nicotine and nicotine-free liquids available, it could be beneficial to design the labels slightly differently to make it easier for people to spot them on the shelf.

A story

Simply placing some information on the e-liquid label is boring. If you want to make your e liquid packaging appealing, you need to give people more. Try to start a conversation or say something catchy. Maybe add some trivia information about your company, or a catchy slogan, or something witty, or funny.

People like interaction and a good story. Take some time to think about what could be of interest to your audience. The key is to again think about who you are targeting and how those people are.

If you don’t have space on your bottle for extra information, you can always include the information on the packaging.

Three red and black containers with their boxes behind them from "Propaganda".

2. Make your e-liquid label FDA compliant

When planning your e-liquid label for printing, you should prioritize making the label compliant with the FDA’s regulations.

Three rectangular boxes in various colors from "Hype".

One of the crucial aspects is to not make your e liquid boxes look similar to candies, sweets, or any type of food. The e-liquid bottle can be easily swallowed, and nicotine is highly addictive. It’s mandatory to protect children and young adults from getting in contact with smoking.

For this, all nicotine-containing products should have a warning that clearly states that nicotine is toxic and addictive.

You will need to read the regulations that apply to your state. They can vary from one place to another. Here are some other general requirements of information to include on your eliquid label:  

  • Name of the product and of the manufacturer or distributor
  • Contact information
  • Net quantity
  • Level of nicotine
  • Full list of ingredients

Now that we covered the mandatory information, it’s time to move to the fun part! Keep reading!      

3. Design aspects to consider for your e-liquid labels

The design of your e-liquid labels has the biggest impact on your shelf presence. Check below the top aspects to consider when choosing your design!      

3.1. The shape of the e-liquid bottle

For some time, round e-liquid bottles were the standard. But now there’s also the option to choose squeezable bottles, square or custom shaped bottles. A less common bottle can create a nice contrast for your product. According to the shape you choose, you will be able to consider the e-liquid label as well.

For a round bottle, you can go with a wrap-around label or a single front one. For square, custom, or squeezable bottles you can choose a highly resistant front label. It’s even more crucial to make sure the label will stay in place if choosing a squeezable bottle.

BOPP labels offer great resistance. BOPP stands for biaxially oriented polypropylene and is the top material for commercial use.

Multiple pink boxes and containers of e-liquid.

3.2. The size of the e-liquid label

Orange and white box that reads "Gold Tobacco" and a small vape bottle.

E liquid bottles are small, so you won’t have tons of space for the design. That’s why it’s important to prioritize the elements you want to squeeze in.

The size of the e-liquid label will influence the size of the logo and how the information will be structured. Make a list of everything you want to have on your e-liquid labels and then discuss your options with your designer.

Check out our guide for vape labels as well.

3.3. The material for your e-liquid labels

When talking about the material of the e-liquid labels, we are also talking about the laminates and the quality of the print and the adhesive. They all go hand in hand.

Liquids are prone to dripping, so that applies to e liquids too. Moreover, the liquid can be quite sticky, so it’s important to make sure your e-liquid label doesn’t peel off or smudge.

BOPP labels are highly resistant and flexible at the same time. They go well with any type of bottle and any design for your liquid, juice, or CBD label.

Paired with premium adhesives, laminates, and inks, these labels can face heavy handling, dripping, or changes in temperature without any problem.

Black box with small container with dark label and lid.

3.4. Make your product shine with metalized e-liquid labels

Black rectangular box from Tabacco Black and an e-liquid container.

Metalized e-liquid labels are great to make an impact. Their silver background gives a nice metallic look and can make the product easy to spot on the shelf.

The custom foil stamp and metallic elements are usually associated with luxury, so you could get some extra points on that side.

3.5 Leave the focus on the bottle with clear e-liquid labels

Clear e-liquid labels have a catchy invisible look. The background is completely transparent, while the printed elements are the only ones visible. Since the label is transparent, the focus will be on the bottle.

The look can be very distinctive. With clear labels, you can also include a measuring scale for the remaining liquid, which can bring a nice touch.

A black vape bottle with a black label and golden writing that says "Don Cristo Coffee".

3.6. Endless options to customize the white e-liquid labels

Black e-liquid bottle with white label and golden inscriptions.

White e-liquid labels can host any color. The white background will work as a clean canvas to work on your design ideas.

You can also touch up these labels with techniques such as embossing. Embossing makes elements from the design literally stand out, which adds an extra touch.

Finish the design with a laminate

Laminates are a protective film applied to the labels. Although protection is their main purpose, they can also influence the design and the interaction with the product. Here are the top 3 laminates for e-liquid labels:

  • Glossy – This laminate is highly reflective and gives a modern and dynamic look. Glossy labels can’t be read from any angle, so consider that before deciding on the laminate.
  • Matte – This laminate is non-reflective and gives a classic and elegant look. Matte labels can be read from any angle and have a more dull aspect.
  • Soft – This laminate adds a soft touch to the label. It can be a nice surprise for the customers when they are holding the bottle.

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