How embossed labels can make your product stand out

June 25, 2021
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We live in a time where more and more people choose to start their own business and work for themselves. Finding some territory on the market is getting harder and harder. With thousands of products being launched every day, the shelf fight is reaching its peak. Competition being so strong, you need to find ways to make your product stand out.

Embossed labels are a great way to add that extra sparkle that catches the eye and gets your product to the shopping cart.

In this article, you’ll find out how to use embossed labels to pass all the steps needed to make your product jump the shelf.

Let’s dive in!

Embossed labels explained

Embossing is a label printing method that presses different elements into your labels. It can be an image, a text, or a pattern. The result consists of a three-dimensional effect that makes your label literally stand out. An embossed label is distinctive and can overshadow the standard flat labels.

Labeling is all about putting your product in the spotlight. There are three steps that your product needs to pass to convince people to give it a chance:

  • Make itself noticed.
  • Gain customer's trust.
  • Show it's exactly what they've been looking for.

Let’s see how embossed labels can help with each of them!      

1. How embossed labels make your product get noticed

An embossed label adds a premium feel to any bottle, box, or jar. The power of this type of label comes from the fact that it brings two senses to the game. It mixes a classy look with a nice touch.

An embossed label can make your design look more luxurious. The label also rises above the surface of the product, giving it a nice feel.

Many people like to touch and feel the product in their hands, and embossed labels can help you make the difference.

Rectangular brown box with golden design.

2. How embossed labels help you answer your customer’s needs

No matter what you are selling, it needs to answer your customer’s needs. The trick to selling better is to make the product all about the client.

Red square box engraved with golden designs.

Make it clear how the product can solve your customer’s problems and why your customer needs it.

An embossed label can help you highlight this information. You can accent any specific elements to make sure that the customer understands the benefits of your product.

3. How embossed labels help you win your customer’s trust

People want to buy high-quality products that they can trust with their needs. Embossed labels can help your products win trust by looking professional, competent, and accomplished.

When fighting on the shelf, your label can definitely benefit from a first-class look. Top-quality always sells better.

Embossed labels can also help people remember your brand.

Many brands choose to have their logo embossed among other elements so that it is easy to spot and recognize.

Black square box that reads "Premium Quality Guaranteed" and a white label.

Check out some of the other embellishments that you can get at YourBoxSolution:

What products can get embossed labels

Considering the big visual input, any product can benefit from embossed labels. Here are some examples of products that work well with embossed labels:

  • Bath and body products
  • Cosmetics, skin-care and perfumes
  • Marijuana, cannabis, and CBD
  • Sauces, spices, coffee, tea, jams
  • Beverages of all types
  • Candles
  • Vape and e-liquid products
  • All kinds of promotional products

Although we don't produce embossed labels here at YourBoxSolution, we do produce embossed boxes. By combining your printed label and color matching it with an amazing box (we print the boxes and labels on the same press), your product is sure to stand out from your competitors.

Tips for designing your embossed label

We put together a list of useful tips to help you choose a design that makes the most out of your embossed labels.    

1. Look for inspiration, but don’t copy what others do

Looking for inspiration can help you find great ideas for your embossed labels. However, if you want your product to stand out, it should be original and unique. It’s always beneficial to check what others are doing and then mix what you like and create something better.

Truth being said, every label should be custom-made for its brand. You should make sure that the design of your label is aligned with the identity of your brand.

The embossed label should fit with the other elements as well. It should go well with the fonts, the colors, and the packaging. Your product has its own personality and advantages, so there’s no point in copying others.

Brown rectangular box engraved and with a white label.

2. Prioritize the elements that you emboss

When you’re very invested in making your product sell, it might be difficult to sort the elements that you choose to emboss. However, you don’t need to highlight everything.

A black, engraved box that reads "Place your design".

Setting the key elements will have way more impact than putting too many things together. Every product is different, so there’s no universal way to go.

Maybe your embossed label would have more impact if you highlight just the logo, or the slogan, or an image that can help the client make an association with a particular feeling.

3. Use a high-quality design

The general quality of the design and its elements should be a priority for any product.

Quality can make an embossed label stand out or fade. Even if your design is great, the quality of the print and the images have the final word.

Make sure your designer delivers a vector image to you and not a JPEG or PNG. Also, request a resolution of at least 300 dpi.

A green label on a bottle with golden engravings that read "Gazella Barrel Fermented".

Print your labels with YourBoxSolution

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