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October 16, 2020
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If you've been online searching for custom packaging, you've probably heard the term debossing quite a lot. In case you've found all the speciality terms difficult, we're here to help. Today you're going to learn about debossing and how a debossed box can make your product stand out with a luxurious appeal.

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A Debossed Box - What Does It Mean

Debossing is the opposite of embossing. Made using a metal die under high heat and pressure, debossing creates a lowered impression on the paper. The paperboard is placed under the die, which is molded into your desired shape or graphics. Using heat and pressure, the die is pressed onto the paper and creates a depressed pattern (or impression). So while embossed boxes have a raised pattern on the surface of the packaging, debossed boxes will create a hollow pattern into the paperboard.If you can’t decide which one looks better, you can use both on the same box. Imbue Naturals is one of our clients that chose to have their name debossed on the back of the bottom panel. On the top lid, they have embossed their logo element. Plus, they have also used foil stamping and full-color printing. All in all, we applied four different techniques on this custom box and the result is astonishing. Read more about types of folding carton!                  

Embossing and debossing

All debossed areas can be combined with hot foil stamping to create a look and tactile experience that stand out. You can deboss your logo on the box to highlight your brand. Or you can use other elements of your brand (like shapes and patterns) to make your box stand out.      

Blind Debossing or Registered Debossing

When you choose to go with debossed boxes, we can help you make it look astonishing. Debossing can be made with ink printing, without ink or a combination of the two. Let’s see how these two options look.

A blind debossed box means that the die is pressed against the paper without using ink. So the depression will be white (or unprinted). The lightbulb in the image below is blind debossed, while the company name is debossed with ink.

Blind debossing

A box with registered debossing means that the debossed areas also have ink printed. Besides ink, you can also add foil stamping to make the contrast even higher. The picture below has both blind debossing for the pattern and foil debossing for the name.

Foil debossing

Features and Benefits of Debossed Boxes

For most business owners, investing in packaging sounds like a total waste of time and money. The truth is packaging is the first and most important factor that impacts your sales. If you're making a fantastic serum but it has a box that doesn't make it justice, no one will find out how talented you are. How amazing your product is. On the other hand, a box that complements your serum will reassure your customers about your standards. Lastly, good packaging shows customers that you care about them and the experience they're having with your company. Debossed boxes help you achieve that and much more:

  • Instantly increases your product’s value with the high-end look
  • Positively influences how people perceive your brand and products
  • Creates a powerful visual contrast that helps boxes stands out
  • Achieve a contrast look by easily printing on darker backgrounds
  • Works on kraft paper
  • The metallic foil is a 100% opaque material. Its color is not influenced by the color of the paper, as it can sometimes happen with ink
  • Can be combined with different coatings and laminates for outstanding effects
  • Foil stamped boxes are recyclable. The foil is solvent-free and does not affect how boxes biodegrade
  • Any product from any industry can benefit from it’s high-end look & added value

What Graphics Can You Deboss?

As long as you don't overdo it, you can have multiple elements of on your debossed box:

  • Your brand logo
  • Your brand name
  • Lettering or initials
  • Patterns
  • Decorative elements
  • Combinations of all
What Graphics Can You Deboss

Check out more embellishments:

Make Debossing Your Style

Any extra touch that you give your packaging will help your brand image and business over time, because professional packaging creates trust. If you’d like to make debossing part of your packaging and surprise your customers when they first see your debossed box, get in touch with us today and we’ll make it happen for you.

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