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October 9, 2020
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If you’re like most people, before purchasing a product, you probably pick it up, turn it around, and analyze the packaging. You’re looking at materials, colors and design, perhaps you read the ingredients (like we all should).

Besides visually analyzing, we also like to touch before we buy. Packaging with tactile properties (like embossed or debossed boxes) engages the sense of touch more, so they’re more likely to spark interest at first interaction.

The visual and tactile cues help us give our brain information about the quality of the product we’re looking at. It’s something that we all do unconsciously, and the decision of whether to buy or not happens in a split second. That’s why companies worldwide are spending a lot on customer surveys and studies that provide information about what consumers think of their current packaging.

How To Transform Attention Into Desire

When a customer picks up your product, it means he or she is interested in it. Something has got their attention and they picked it up to learn more. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ll make the purchase.

This is your moment. It’s your first (and only) chance to convince this first potential customer that your product deserves their money.

How do you do that? By investing in packaging that speaks to them. Your packaging pre-qualifies the purchasing process. If the packaging “doesn’t feel right” - both literally and figuratively - customers won’t buy it.

The video on the right shows an embossed box with hot foil stamping and a gloss coating. The client combined these three decorative options and obtained a box that creates trust and authority for the cosmetic product inside.

The good news is that you don’t need to invest a fortune for quality packaging. We can help you add those final touches that engage your customers, bring elegance to any product and increase your sales.

Let’s talk about embossing and why you should consider it for your packaging.

Embossed Boxes - How Does Embossing Work

Embossing is a technique that creates a tridimensional raised pattern on the paper. It involves placing an embossing die in contact with the paperboard under high heat and pressure.

When the die is pressed against the paper, it forces the paper fibers into a permanent impression of the specific areas.

An engraved white paper in the form of the sun showing a banner.

You’ve probably seen it a lot in wedding invitations and other stationery. Embossing is a very elegant effect that brides from all cultures enjoy and use for the big day.

For packaging, embossing is often used to highlight the logos or specific elements of your brand on the box, engaging your customers’ sense of touch and creating a very luxurious feel.

Embossing can be used for:

And plenty of other types of packaging solutions.

Embossing Adds Immediate Value to Your Brand

To obtain your embossed boxes, the printed box needs to go through a separate process before printing, which raises the price per piece with a few cents. Embossing brings you a 100% return on investment because your products are perceived as high-quality. Customers will have no objection paying a higher price for a product that looks so refined.

Here's why embossed boxes are in such high demand and why they can be the perfect choice for your business:

  • Embossing adds visual appeal and depth to a simple box and encourages touch
  • Embossed boxes mean a product is high-class and high-quality
  • Embossing helps you create a strong brand image
  • Embossing positively impacts first interaction
  • Embossed boxes can be coated and laminated
  • Can be combined with foil stamping for a striking effect
Embossing Adds Immediate Value to Your Brand

If you're aspiring to professional packaging for your product since you've started your business but postponed it in fear of huge costs, we want to offer our help. At YourBoxSolution we've got the materials, equipment and team that can bring you the results you're looking for at prices that you can afford.

Bring your packaging to the forefront of your competition and your business to the next level. Get in touch with us for custom embossed boxes - we can't wait to hear from you!

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