Quality Bath Bomb Labels To Beautify Your Packaging

February 16, 2021
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Don’t you love rewarding yourself with a relaxing bath at the end of a busy workday? What can be more pleasant than immersing in fragrant bubbly bathwater that washes away all the stress and allows for a great bath bomb escapade?

All those delicious-looking and smelling bath bombs out there can set anyone for a perfect experience. But with so many varieties on the market, it’s hard to take a pick.

So what can help shoppers choose faster and better? Answer: Customized bath bomb labels.

If you’re making and selling bath bombs, and you’re looking for a professional way to label them and stand out from the competition, you’re in the right place.

YourBoxSolution prints fully customized packaging and bath bomb labels. We help you create yours to be a perfect match for your amazing bath bombs. Customers will go crazy about them! Whether you’re making small batches, large numbers, or you need custom bath bomb boxes as well, we’ve got everything you need!

In short, we’re ready to help you make a mark and get more sales.

Let’s see how it all works.

Why Bath Bombs Need Packaging And Labeling: Overview

As with any other product sold… anywhere, your bath bombs need appropriate packaging and labeling.

Packaging helps to flaunt the striking features and benefits of your products.

You might ask why would you even bother to make labels when there are so many bath bombs sold in shops that don’t have any kind of packaging.

bath bomb shop

Well… Unless your name is Lush (or a similar handmade company) or you’re a zero-waste shop, trust me, the best thing you can do for your brand and products is to package and put a label on them.

Advantages of bath bomb packaging

To begin with, packaging offers protection.

Bath bombs are usually made of baking soda, citric acid, and cornflour. And to give each bath bomb a vibrant color or a spectacular effect, some other ingredients are added, too.

A crumbled bath bomb in multiple colors.

So, although their consistency feels hard at the touch, they are actually quite fragile.

If mishandled or dropped, bath bombs can break (fully or partially) or crumble.

This means loss - as you cannot sell a damaged product.


What if the following situation occurs?

The customer gets home with the product they just bought from you. When they want to take out the bath bombs they realize that they chipped or crumbled inside. Maybe even made a mess in the bag.     Now, it’s really not fun if they break down before the customer gets the chance to use them!     So why not avoid such situations and wrap or pack them nicely? Your products stay intact and customers transport them safely. Plus, their eyes will sparkle with joy every time they'll see those fizzy goodies.

Moreover, packaging speaks about your brand image. How you choose to show off and sell your products to customers matters when it comes to leaving a good impression. And it shows you care.

Advantages of bath bomb labels

Getting a custom label for your bath bombs is an important step towards branding.

A nice wrapping or box can do the trick, but if you slap a label on top, it seals the deal.

Not to mention its functionality:

  • A label identifies the product.
  • It differentiates it from other similar products (your own brand or that of others).
  • It provides a lot of useful information.

And last but not least, it allows you to put your product out for sale even if you don’t have a box!

Let’s say your bath bomb variety ranges from fruity fragrances to mint chocolate or orchid. Wrapping them up nicely and applying a proper label on each of them helps the customer choose which one they'd like to buy.

Moreover, they'll associate and remember the color and name of their favorite one(s). This makes it easier for them to reorder or find them quickly in your shop.


That being said, let’s have a closer look at the most common bath bombs packaging and labeling.

Dive in with me.

What Are Bath Bombs Packaged In?

Taking a look at the market - both in physical shops and online shops - we can see that bath bombs come packaged in so many ways.

Below are the most common ones which our clients use and on which YourBoxSolution labels fit just perfectly.

1. Bath bomb labels applied on plastic/shrink wrap packaging

Plastic or shrink wrap is probably the most simple way to package your bath bombs.

The clear material reveals the product while it allows applying different types of labels on it.

The labels can be of any shape and size, even wrap-around, although the most common ones are round.

So, the transparency of the packaging lets shoppers have a hint about the scent and characteristics of the bath bombs.


The label comes on top with specific details. It describes, for example, the stress relief benefit of the lemon and orange-scented bath bomb.

2. Bath bomb labels applied on colored tissue paper/Kraft wrapping paper

Another way to package bath bombs is to wrap them in translucent colored tissue paper. This gives them a fun and exciting look, and it's super effective, especially for gifting.

Not to mention that they look like ready-to-be-devoured candy.


Of course, there's always the more natural or vintage look. And for that you can wrap the bath bombs in Kraft wrapping paper. It’s eco-friendly (and much appreciated by environmentally conscious clients). It’s also more durable, and you can embellish it as you please.

Anyway, in both cases, you can place a label with the name of the bath bomb (or benefit, and any other info) directly on top.

3. Bath bomb labels and individual boxes

Boxes offer more protection to your products. And they also offer much more space for customization and providing information.

You can have your bath bombs packaged in individual paperboard boxes. Printed on one or all sides, on white, colored or metallized material. Choose the right box option to match your branding image.

YBS box for Leven CBD
HY bath bomb box
YBS box for Humble Yields

To make it even more special and showcase the colors inside, you can add cutouts. For example, a round cutout on one side, or a small rectangular one just to offer a quick "taste" of what's inside. Or whatever catchy idea pops into your mind.

Two black and white boxes with CBD bath bombs that read "Resilience".
bath bomb boxes

And you'll never fail if you add extra finishing options to make an unforgettable first impression with your bath bomb packaging.

Another good option is to sell your bath bombs in clear plastic boxes.

It’s a perfect way to display them and keep them protected at the same time.

Apply your enticing labels on the transparent PVC, and your bath bombs are ready for the shelves. Or to be gifted. Either way, they'll make a sensation.


Are you looking for a more affordable solution? Choose a blank box (white or Kraft) and apply a colorful and expressive label that completes the packaging experience.

You can match the color of the label with the color of the bath bomb inside.

You can add images or stick to a simple and clean, yet very attractive design.
bath bomb label-on-blank-box

Applied on one side, two sides, on lid, bottom, or wrapped around, labels are the perfect way to customize your boxes. It's the way you and your product communicate with the customer.

4. Bath bomb labels and customized boxes for varieties

Whether for single or multiple bath bombs placed inside, you can customize your boxes for gifting or bundle up deals.

Use them to flaunt your delightful bath bombs and win over the trust of potential buyers who like to go home with their favorite variety.

colorful bath bomb box
bath bomb variety

On the outside:

  • Apply catchy labels to give an insight into your brand.
  • Use decorative artwork (ribbons, for example, or twine). It will attract and make shoppers curious about your bath bombs.
  • Describe your product. Tell a catchy story about it. Or give tips and tricks about how to get the best effects of its relaxing properties.

On the inside:

  • Protective inserts are a wonderful choice to keep your bath bombs safe.
  • You can apply a label under each bath bomb inside. In this way, customers will know what fragrance they will enjoy and which one they like best.
  • Alternatively, wrap each bath bomb in tissue paper and apply a label on top showing the name or describing the benefit.

Window display boxes - another super cool and trendy option that is worth giving a try.

These boxes showcase the fine details of your bath bombs inside (like the mixture of colors, flakes or flower petals, for example).

White paperboard boxes offer a clean, fresh look.

Kraft paperboard boxes have a more natural, organic vibe. At the same time, they combine artisanal appeal with elegance.

bath bomb box variety

At YourBoxSolution we are very serious about being sustainable. And we are proud to offer packaging solutions that do not hurt nature. Want to know how? Read more about our efforts on Ecology & Sustainability.

5. Bath bomb labels applied on clear bags/pouches

bath-bomb labels-clear-bags

Clear bags or gusset bags work well for gift packaging.

Having a crisp appearance, they’re yet flexible and perfect for any shape and size of bath bombs.

Match a ribbon and a label with the product, and you have a ready-to-go gift.

Did I mention that these bags offer perfect protection against moisture? Better keep the fizz for that pampering bubble bath!

Have you chosen the packaging for your bath bombs yet? If not, I hope the ideas above were useful and will help you decide which option best fits your brand, your campaign, your products, or your concept. And more importantly, what your customers will appreciate more.

And after all, who says you cannot choose more than one type of packaging?

The decision-making happens in a matter of seconds. So it’s important that your packaging and labeling looks good and provide information that makes your customer choose YOU.

And since we’re speaking about information...

What Information Should Bath Bomb Labels Provide?

As a rule - and as you’re already used to reading in our articles - when selling products on the local or worldwide market, we recommend taking all the necessary measures and play safe.

Let me be more specific.

You need to understand under which category your product falls under and what are the guidelines you have to follow. This is valid both for DIY and for retail bath bombs.

That said, the question is: What do bath bombs classify as?

white bath bombs

As you know, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) classifies personal hygiene products as either a drug, a cosmetic, or both. And for each, it has different guidelines that producers need to follow.

However, there seems to be quite a considerable amount of confusion regarding how to define bath bombs. Especially when it comes to product regulations and distribution policies.


According to the FDA’s classification, any product used for cleansing or beautifying purposes falls under the definition of cosmetic.

Bath bombs, well... are used both for cleansing and beautifying. And because they often include essential oils, herbs, or other natural substances to benefit the skin, they fall under the COSMETICS category.

Proper bath bomb labeling to avoid misbranding

It is good practice to make sure that the information below appears on your bath bomb labels:        

  • Brand name and logo
  • Name of the product (Bath Bomb)
  • Characteristics/Benefits (Rose or Lavender/Relaxing)
  • Claims (all claims must be true and fair, not misleading)
  • Weight (e.g. 100g)
  • Ingredients
  • Directions and Warnings
  • Company details (address, telephone, website)
  • Batch number
  • Expiration date

Space is vital and the truth is bath bomb labels don’t offer much. So you really need to make your artwork smart. Keep into account that you can add two labels, or even an additional print tag label if necessary.

Moving forward.

Shapes and Types of Bath Bomb Labels

When it comes to shapes and sizes for bath bomb labels, there’s actually no limit. The only thing that “limits” you are the type and size of the packaging.

This means that you can work on your labels’ design after you know for sure where and how they’ll be applied.

However, if you want to get creative with the shape of your bath bomb labels, YourBoxSolution makes anything happen!

Circular or Oval Labels

Circular label
  • Boxes (paperboard, metallic, PVC), bags (clear, gusset, organza), pouches, shrink/plastic wrap, lids, jars, plastic cups
  • Little display of information
  • Simple logo & graphics

Rectangular or Square Labels

Square label template that displays the width and length.
  • Unique branding (label in the shape of your logo or bath bomb theme)
  • Works with any type of product and size
  • Both great and little display of information depending on size
  • Simple or intricate graphics

Custom Shaped Labels

Custom shape label
  • Boxes (paperboard, metallic, PVC), pouches, shrink/plastic wrap, jars, plastic cups
  • Ideal for wrap-around or security-seal label needs
  • Greater display of information
  • Bigger or more intricate logo & graphics

Our digital printing process makes it easier to fulfill your most special requirements quick and at the best quality.

Digital Printing For Best Quality Bath Bomb Labels

One great advantage of digital printing is high-quality graphics and color. Moreover, it allows us to cut your labels into any shape you can imagine.

We do this without charging you a die or setup fee!

And here are other reasons why digital printing is a great choice for your custom bath bomb labels no matter how big your business is:

  • Print & cut any label shape and size
  • Print your labels in multiple versions
  • Printed & cut to perfection
  • Free matte or gloss lamination
  • All labels are waterproof
  • Strong adhesive, easy to apply and peel

At YourBoxSolution, we are a full-service printing facility. We make labels for literally any kind of product. Check out some more posts from our series of guides for labeling skin care products:

And that's not all. We are proud about our values...

Go eco-friendly with your bath bomb labels

Choosing eco-friendly solutions for your labels means more money in your pockets. How’s that? Well, customers care a lot about eco-friendly products and packaging.

All paperboard and inks we use at YBS are eco-friendly and recyclable. And this is something that we're proud of.

If you or your potential customers care about these things, then it's a good idea to highlight them in your design. Let people know you care about the environment!

A palm holding a seed ready to be planted.

Worried About Choosing The Right Materials For Your Bath Bomb Labels?

Don’t be! At YourBoxSolution we only print on durable and best quality materials.

All our labels are made of biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP). This is a durable material that makes them:

  • Oil & water-resistant
  • Tear-resistant
  • Chemicals & UV resistant
  • Non-toxic
  • No smudging or fading

Here are the three type that you can choose from.

White labels
White BOPP
Printed on white film. Any color can be printed on top of the white ink.
Clear labels
Clear BOPP
Printed on transparent background film. Illusion of an “invisible label”.
Metallic labels
Metallic BOPP
Printed on a silver substrate. Makes all printed colors appear metallic.

Coatings and finishes for your bath bomb labels

When it comes to customization, an extra touch is one step closer to success.

If you want to make your bath bombs sparkle, glossy labels will do the trick. If you want them to express elegance and uniqueness, a matte surface will impress shoppers.

Either way, your budget won't be affected. All our labels are finished with a gloss or matte laminate for FREE!

Gloss Laminated Labels (FREE)

A shiny finish and a very reflective surface to the label area.

Glossy coating labels
Matte Laminated Labels (FREE)
A subtle, non-glossy lamination, perfect if you prefer a worn-out look.
Matte labels
Soft Touch Laminated Labels
Creates a shine-free surface, offering a smooth feel and elegant looks.
"Wild Tonic Kombucha" label on a blue container.

For a high-end look, or your special collection, maybe even for a special gift, or a Christmas offer, gold foil is on the top of the list.

Gold foil label showing a crown and writing.

Gold Foil

The gold foil is applied to the label surface using heat, and any design can be foil stamped. However, we recommend that your finest details are no smaller than 1 point, to achieve fine foil areas.

Order Your Custom Bath Bomb Labels

At YourBoxSolution, what we sell is what we make with our high-quality printers. There are no middle man and outsourced boxes. You can enjoy a 100% American product, made locally (Oregon).

We guarantee you get the finished product you were aiming for!

Get as low as 250 labels at once

While you’re busy creating your products, we help you jumpstart your sales with minimums as low as 250 labels per order.

If you want to add any extras to your labels, the minimum order is only 500 pieces. Low minimums take care of your budget. Plus, they help you test how your customers react to your products without having to commit to thousands of labels at once.

You can get your brand to the forefront of your competition with just a little effort of imagination. Let your ideas pop and tell us your requirements. We print them out into long-term results!

Get in touch with us. We can’t wait to help you with your custom bath bomb labels!

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