The Best Cosmetic Labels Options To Up Your Product’s Shelf Game

June 11, 2021
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The cosmetic industry is a niche where expectations reach the highest point. People are the pickiest when choosing the products to use for their skin and hair, so selling a cosmetic product can be a real challenge.

Moreover, with hundreds of new technologies coming up every year and hundreds of natural products joining the game, the competition is bigger than ever. If you want to have a chance, you need to play smart.

Upgrading your products with the best cosmetic labels could be the ace up your sleeve. Your cosmetic label needs to stand out on the shelf and then represent your brand throughout its usage. You don’t want your brand to look bad at any moment, so you’d better invest in some premium custom cosmetic labels.

In this article, you’ll find out how to get desirable cosmetic labels for your product and how to choose your cosmetic label printing service.

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What to consider when planning your cosmetic label

The most important aspect of anything related to cosmetic labels is the look. You’ll want people to give your brand a chance and then hopefully recognize it on the shelf the next time. You can use your custom cosmetic packaging boxes and labels to make that happen. Today we'll focus on how to get the perfect label.

We put together a list of things to help you plan your cosmetic label:

1. Know your customers and how to approach them

Although it is important to think about how you want your brand to be, it’s always good to prioritize how your customers would want it to be.

You’ll be selling products to customers looking for particular things, and the best way to stand out from competitors is to create a direct path to get to them.

Look for something your competitors don’t do. Maybe they are ignoring a need, an association people make with that kind of product, or you think they are lacking some information in their speech.

Pink cosmetics containers on pink background.

Your cosmetic labels should be all about your customers and what they are looking for.      

2. Choose the right cosmetic labels for your packaging

There are so many types of cosmetic products and just as many packaging options for them. Bottles, boxes, jars, tubes, sprays, and all of their varieties.

Brown cosmetic products containers on light blue background.

For any type of container, you can get custom cosmetic labels.

When choosing your cosmetic label printing solution, you should consider how the product will be handled and where it will be stored.

The cosmetic label should stay in place no matter how the product is used.

Make sure to choose a cosmetic label printing service that guarantees flexibility and resistance.

3. The best material for custom cosmetic labels

Without any doubt, BOPP is the best material for your custom cosmetic labels. BOPP labels have great flexibility and are both oil and water-proof. This means that they can face squeezing, constant touch, and contact with water or oils.

There won’t be any wrinkles, distortions to the design, or peeling. At the same time, BOPP offers a lot of freedom in terms of design.

Here are some options for your BOPP cosmetic label:

Clear BOPP – This type of cosmetic label can offer that invisible label look. The transparent background film makes the printing stand out and lets the color of the container show. Mixing clear BOPP with a permanent adhesive will make your cosmetic label invincible.    

White BOPP – This type of cosmetic label is also highly resistant. The difference comes from how it looks. Instead of being transparent, the label will have an opaque white color before printing. You can get cosmetic label printing in any color, shape, or design you want.    

Metallic BOPP – This type of cosmetic label gives a very distinctive look. The label is printed on a silver substrate, which makes the printed colors look metallic. It fits well with dynamic designs.      

4. Check the trends in the industry

Although being different can be valuable, it’s all about being the right kind of different. If everyone is focusing on a particular element, maybe you should consider integrating it as well.

It’s always beneficial to know your niche in depth. Are your competitors moving towards eco-friendly containers? Are they adding inserts to their cosmetic jar packaging? Are they including their social media information on the label?

It’s also useful to check for the extra certifications they might have. It’s better to know all the trends and make the best choice for your brand than play blindly.

A magazine page that shows cosmetics and healthcare products.

5. Think about the identity of your brand

Design plays a fundamental role in the identity and the selling power of your brand. When planning the design of your cosmetic label, try out different mixes of colors and shapes.

The goal should be to find the best mix that aligns with the identity of your brand. According to the container of your product, you could choose a standard shape (round, oval, square), or a custom one for your label. In terms of colors and prints, try to mix them in a way that highlights the important aspects of your product. Think about what your brand wants to express and how to make the most use of your cosmetic label.

6. Follow the FDA’s guidelines for cosmetic labels

There’s some standard information that should be mentioned on your cosmetic label to be compliant with the FDA’s guidelines. Here’s a brief list of what a cosmetic label should include:  

  • The identity of the product (what it is)
  • Net quantity
  • The list of ingredients
  • Safety information
  • Directions for use

Make sure to read the complete list of FDA guidelines for cosmetic labels available in your state, as they can vary from one region to another.

Since the space for cosmetic label printing is limited, you should prioritize the items you want to highlight. Start a list and try to think about some ways to structure the information as well. Maybe you’ll need a wrap-around label to squeeze everything in. Or maybe you’ll need a double-sided label.

It’s again useful to check what your competitors are doing. You could also take a look at brands from other countries. Check different websites or visit some stores the next time you're traveling. Sometimes those old searches on Google payout big time.

7. Choose a reliable custom label printing partner

Choosing the right partner for your custom label printing can change the whole game. A good partner should be able to adapt to your requirements, offer solutions for the size of your business, deliver high quality, and assist you throughout the process.

At YourBoxSolution, we have over 29 years of experience and a large portfolio of clients from different industries. We are constantly helping manufacturers and distributors to give a voice to their brands. We use the most efficient printing technology and premium materials and adhesives that vow for the quality of our cosmetic labels.

We can make your dream custom cosmetic labels come true. Tell us about your plan or your ideas, and we will deliver your labels sooner than you think. You can order a custom foil stamp, embossed labels, and all the trendy embellishments available on the market. We even offer a gloss or matte laminate finish free of charge. The finish can make the difference between a dull product and a product with personality. Here’s what you need to know about the laminates for your cosmetic label:

  • The gloss laminate goes well with water and oil-proof cosmetic labels, giving them a shiny and modern finish
  • The matte laminate goes well with cosmetic labels for products that don’t make contact with water, giving them an elegant, non-reflective finish

Cosmetic labels – options for the whole range of care products

The cosmetic industry covers many niches within itself. There are hair products, skin and face care products, personal care products, and also specific treatments.

No matter the niche, there’s something all cosmetics have in common: they want to inspire trust. Let’s see some key elements that could help you gain trust and sell!

Cosmetic labels for hair products

Hair products cover a lot of the cosmetic market share. Conditioners, shampoos, creams, serums, oils, and hair masks are all in high demand.

To make your hair product trusted and desired, you’ll need to focus on your customer’s needs and how to present your product as the best option.

Your unique selling proposition (USP) could be the ingredients that you’re using, or how your product will make your customer feel after using it, or how the product works for a specific type of hair.

A pink bottle with a golden lid and a label that reads "Shampoo".

The cosmetic label needs to show your USP clearly and be a synonym of high quality. You want the label and the packaging to look perfect and stay that way throughout the usage. Read more about the impact of resistance in our guide for shampoo labelling.

Cosmetic labels for skin and face care products

Creams, foundation, serums, make-up, lipstick, face wash, lotions, sunscreen, you name it. With these products, it’s all about the end goal. People want to feel comfortable in their skin. They want to feel spoiled, young, and appreciated.

A black box and golden container of cosmetics on a nude background.

Most people check cosmetic and makeup labels with more care than any other label. Maybe it’s because we care a lot about our image.

Skin and face care products get in contact with our most precious features. It makes sense to pay extra attention to the ingredients on the cosmetic labels, the feel, and the promised outcome.

The key is to talk your client’s language and use the right words and design for your products. People looking for anti-age products are interested in other aspects than people looking for lipstick. Make sure to answer their end goal.

Cosmetic labels for personal care products

The everyday products for personal care are no longer bland. Our lifestyles changed a lot, and a little break is always appreciated.

Soaps, bathing gels, deodorants, toothpaste, all promise to take care of us and have our backs.

A soap can clean your skin and at the same time relax you. A bath gel can take you on a trip to an exotic island. Toothpaste and deodorant get you ready for the day. Your cosmetic label should be clear and show how your product helps your customer.

White containers with pink label design placed on a surface with three balanced stones.

Cosmetic labels for treatment products

Just like with the labels for personal care products, the ones for specific treatments should be clear and show a solution to your customer’s needs. Whether we’re talking about acne creams, dandruff shampoo, or damaged hair masks, they all solve major issues.

Three green containers for cosmetic treatments on gray background.

People usually move from one product to another in search of the solution that works best for them.

Because the process can sometimes be long and disappointing, it’s important to communicate in a way that makes people see your product as different. So make sure to mention its benefits and how it works on the label.

Cosmetic labels for perfumes

Synesthesia goes to a whole new level with perfumes. For the cosmetic labels for perfumes, it’s important to create a good story around your product. A story your customer would want to be a part of.

Your cosmetic label should work as a trigger, an invitation. It should make people feel wanted, empowered, feminine, masculine, and anything else they dream of. There's a complex persuasion process on perfume labels.

Bring your creativity to the table and think about the story of your perfume. Your cosmetic label for it will work as the first page of the story.

Transparent bottle of perfume with black label on white background.

Start your custom cosmetic labels today

Our team at YourBoxSolution is ready to work on your custom cosmetic labels. Walk us through your project, and we’ll find the best solution. We can make everything possible. We offer competitive prices for the highest quality, and our orders for cosmetic label printing start from as low as 250 pieces.

The process is simple. Give us a call or fill out the form available on the website. We will discuss the details, your quote, and go over all the steps. We’ll even provide you a template to be handed over to your designer, together with instructions on how the artwork should be prepared.

We take care of everything so that the process goes as smoothly and stress-free as possible on your side. Once we agree, your custom cosmetic labels will be ready in no time.

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