How To Increase The Shelf Appeal Of Your Perfume Labels

May 28, 2021
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The definition of perfume says that it is a liquid meant to give a pleasant smell, but there’s way more to a perfume than the smell. Perfumes are carriers for the imagination.

What we buy is the way they make us feel and the story that comes along. We want to be desired and empowered. We want our perfume to bring back memories and to get us ready for new memories. Plus, we want it to become one with us.

And the magic works. For each of us, there’s a perfume that knows exactly what we need. Perfumes from manufacturers like you are part of so many stories every day.

But before they can do their magic, the bottles need to be noticed. You need to give them the shelf appeal to seduce the client.

In this article, you’ll find out how to get perfume labels that make your brand stand out. Let’s dive in!

Perfume Labels In A New Age

Consumer behavior has changed a lot in the past years. It’s all about putting your product on display in a world driven by the pressure of the YOLO lifestyle, the pressure to show perfect lives on social media, and the eagerness to get everything fast and easy.

The beauty industry is bigger than ever, which means the competition is also high. If you’re selling online, consider the competition even higher.

So how do you make your perfume label stand out in a sea of magic bottles?

Well, it’s quite simple. Whether you sell your fragrance offline or online, the design rules.


The right packaging and the right perfume label can embody the touch of luxury, boldness, or charm that you want for your brand. At YourBoxSolution, we have over 29 years of experience working with clients from the beauty industry.                  


We are glad to have been a part of many success stories, and we can assure you that anything can be possible with the right mindset and the right resources.

We have all the tools and the knowledge to bring your dream perfume labels to life.

Continue reading to find out some styling ideas for labels that sell, the types of perfume labels you can choose from, as well as the aspects you need to follow to be compliant with the FDA’s regulations for perfume labels.

How To Style Your Perfume Label

Strong essences are kept in small bottles. For a perfume manufacturer looking to make his brand stand out, this sentence has a whole new level of impact. You have to create a strong presence for that small bottle.

A lot of times people are more inclined to fall in love with a scent because of the whole balance of the perfume – its color, the bouquet of aromas, the design of the bottle, and the label. You will need to find the perfect harmony between all these elements.

Here are some ideas for styling your perfume labels:

1. Classic and elegant

A simple, more retro type of perfume label can give your bottle an elegant and timeless look. You can get this kind of style by turning to black, white, or a creamy color palette.

Typography plays a huge role, so test different fonts and see which one goes best with your colors and the packaging.

In terms of shape, the square and oval perfume labels never fail.

It’s always helpful to look for inspiration in the designs of famous brands.


You don’t need to do the same, but it can help to mix different elements that you find, and you like.      

2. Bold and daring

Dress to impress, as they say. A bold perfume label will make the first move to catch your customer’s attention. Who knows, it can even be love at first sight.                  


For this style, go for strong colors, patterns, or gradients.

Think of luxurious contrasts, unusual shapes, and memorable touches.

The texture is often overlooked, so you could make your product stand out by giving a soft touch laminate finish to the perfume label.

Perfumes are all about synesthesia, so why not take that to the next level?

Check out different box types that can amplify the impact of your label.

3. Natural and earthy

If your brand is all about natural ingredients and eco-friendly options, it would be a pity not to emphasize that on your perfume label.

For this style, you can turn to natural and earthy pastels that will embody calmness and peace.

If your brand is more towards empowerment and energy, you can also go for the freshness that green and blue give away.

The packaging is a key element for this type of brand and style.

Glass bottle with silver lid and white label that reads "Woody Chestnut".

Make sure to match the label with the box. With the endless ways to create custom perfume boxes at YourBoxSolution, you can be sure you will get the perfect packaging for your brand.

YBS for HI Wildflower Botanica
YBS for Barrister and Mann

YBS for Immortal Perfumes

4. Artwork and craft

Making a perfume requires a lot of creativity and craftsmanship. The process can be perfectly reflected by a perfume label focused on the artwork.

Consider a mix of custom fonts, holographic effects, and playful patterns. You can find inspiration in different areas of design, so don’t only look at labels.

If creativity is a core aspect of the personality of your brand, there are endless ways to showcase that.

You can read more about how to create packaging in our dedicated blog post.

Types Of Perfume Bottle Labels To Choose From

Now that we discussed the style, it’s time to dive more into the types of perfume labels that you can choose from.      

Front perfume labels

If you want to keep it simple and use the most popular option, a front label is the way to go.

This will also mean that all the focus will be on the label and the bottle, so the impact will be bigger. Make sure to make it iconic.

The front label can fit any shape and size, even the most complex custom ones.


Front and back perfume labels

You can also choose to have two labels on the bottle. On the front side you could have a label for the identity of the perfume, and on the back you could have extra space for the brand and your secret selling weapons. You could also get double-sided labels on the back.      

Wrap around perfume labels

A wrap-around perfume label is a perfect option for small testers. It can be used on bottles of all shapes and sizes.

The wrap-around style is very popular for lipstick labels. This type of label is less common for standard perfume bottles. However, it could end up making your product stand out because of that.

If you have any other ideas for your perfume labels, don’t hesitate to tell us, and we’ll find a solution.

A pink container that reads "Just Pink" with a golden lid on a blanket.

FDA’s Regulations For Perfume Bottle Labels

Whether you have a small local business or a big distribution line, you will need to comply with the FDA’s regulations for perfume bottle labels and packaging.  We advise you to check the local regulations in detail because they vary from state to state. In many cases, it is possible for the information to also be mentioned on the box. Here are the most common requirements:        

  • The net quantity of the product
  • The list of all the ingredients, whether they are active or not
  • Warnings about product safety

You can also include other information that you find valuable for your product: your website, advantages for the customer, a story about the brand, or even a message for the customer.      

Things To Consider When Choosing The Labels For Your Fragrance

    In the perfume industry, appearances matter a lot. So you need to make sure that your packaging and your label not only look great but are also high quality. Your labels should have:

  • Durable and protective finishes
  • Excellent print quality
  • A luxurious feel

At YourBoxSolution, our perfume bottle labels are made of BOPP (biaxially oriented polypropylene) and use premium adhesives.                  


BOPP is great for this type of labels because it is resistant to water, oil, tear, smudging, or fading.

The material is easily adaptable to any design.

It can be used on any kind of substrate, being it white, transparent, or metallic.

We know how important the finishes are, so all our labels come with a gloss or matte laminate finish free of charge.    

A mix of white, clear, or metallic BOPP and a gloss laminate is a great option for perfume labels. It has durability and resistance, and the laminate gives a nice shiny and reflective finish.

A mix of white BOPP and a matte laminate has great resistance, as well as a dull and worn look. You could also choose a soft touch laminate that will give a non-shiny finish anda smooth feel.

If you want to see how the labels can look, order some free samples to see them.      

Time to recap!

Your perfume labels are a great tool to make your product stand out. Make sure to choose a design that increases the shelf appeal and has high-quality finishes.                  


BOPP is a great option for perfume labels, offering great flexibility on design, luxurious finishes, and optimal resistance.

Whether your customers check dozens of bottles on a shelf or scroll online through hundreds of options, yours should be the one to charm them and to start the conversation.

Think about the perfect mix between the label, the bottle, and the packaging. The style and the position of your label should match with the other elements.

Having all these aligned will pay out immensely.

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