How To Win Customer Trust Using Your Shampoo Label

June 16, 2021
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Hair is such a big part of our identities. It’s a symbol of beauty, confidence, liberation, femininity, masculinity, and everything in between.

People choose their hair products with great attention to detail, and shampoo is on top of the list in terms of high expectations.

If you’re selling shampoo, your product needs to convince people to give it the responsibility of taking care of their hair.

In this article, you’ll find out how to get a shampoo label that reflects trust and can win the purchase.

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Key Features Of Your Shampoo Label

If you want your product to win trust, it needs to look flawless. Top-quality should be your mantra.

From the premium feel of the bottles to the information on the shampoo labels and the design, everything needs to be aligned. No matter how good your shampoo is, if it looks like it was made by a novice, it will lose the game.

Check below the key features to consider for your shampoo bottle labels!

1. Make sure to have a water-resistant shampoo label

Nothing says cheap more than a label that peels off. The most important aspect when getting your shampoo label is to make sure it is water and oil-proof.

Shampoo bottles are stored in the bathroom, so their environment basically consists of water, steam, and maybe getting in contact with other beauty products.

You want your shampoo bottle labels to handle moisture and condensation, so go for high-quality materials known for offering optimal protection.


At YourBoxSolution, our shampoo labels are made out of BOPP and have a laminate finish, which means they are 100% water and oil resistant. BOPP is a highly efficient polypropylene film that can be used on various bottles and containers.

Together with a premium adhesive and a laminate finish, BOPP vows to make your shampoo label last without peeling, wearing out, or yellowing. BOPP labels are great for skincare packaging, cosmetic packaging, and bath bomb packaging as well.

2. Choose a flexible film for your shampoo labels

If your bottle is squeezable, you need to make sure that the shampoo label has a flexible film. This can give you extra points of trust.

shampoo bottles

Consider how people will use the product, so try to think about every situation that can occur.

Especially if your product is for kids, make sure to choose a durable shampoo label.

A BOPP shampoo label will have you fully covered.

The label is very durable and flexible, ready to face any squeeze or stretch. BOPP is the material to go for commercial shampoo labels.

3. Make your shampoo label compliant with the FDA’s requirements

The shampoo is a cosmetic product, so in order to be compliant with the FDA’s requirements, you will need to include some information on your shampoo bottle labels.

We advise you to look closely for the requirements available in your state.

Here are the most common requirements for shampoo labels:

  • Name and type of product
  • Name and place of business
  • Net quantity
  • Full list of ingredients
  • Directions for use
  • Safety warnings
  • Expiration date

Placement Options For Shampoo Bottle Labels

We covered the key aspects to consider when getting your shampoo labels, so next we can talk about their placement options.

Depending on your container, you can place the shampoo label on:


The front or top shampoo label works as the main display panel. You can put the most important information for the brand here.


The back or bottom shampoo label works as the information panel. You can actually choose to have one or two labels on the back. You can even go for a double-sided label, which allows you to squeeze in more information.


If you choose a wrap-around label, you can make use of some design tricks to make the label interactive. You can play with patterns, images, and typography to generate some dynamism to how the customer reads your shampoo label.

Here’s how each option goes with different types of containers:

#1 Bottles with a pump

The bottle with a pump is maybe the most popular these days. It is very practical and offers a lot of freedom in terms of label placement.

The most common option is to have front and back shampoo bottle labels.


#2 Squeezable bottles

The squeezable bottle is also popular, and the front and back labels fit well with any design. Consider how the bottle will be handled to make sure the label will be easy to read. Some squeezable bottles are often stored upside-down, so it can be a nice surprise to have a message for those customers on the shampoo bottle labels.


#3 Jar containers

With most shampoos being packed in bottles, the jar ones can really catch the eye. This packaging option can also offer lots of space for labeling, which can bring a huge advantage to your brand.

You can choose a top or a bottom label, or even mix them together with a wrap-around for even more space.

A hand holding a jar that's labeled "Maui Moisture" and contains a green liquid.

#4 Bar shampoos

Bar shampoos are kind of new but are catching up very fast. Bar shampoos are very popular among eco-friendly customers.

If you’re targeting this kind of clientele, make sure to mention your efforts to keep the packaging ecological and the benefits of choosing your product.

Black, square package of soap that reads "ZERO".

In terms of labels, you can go for top, bottom, wrap-around options.

Check out more labeling guides:

Information To Include On Your Shampoo Labels

Apart from the mandatory information, you should include any copy that could help your product stand out on your shampoo labels. Think about how you want to position your brand and what people look for when reading a shampoo label.

It’s also very important to consider who you’re targeting. The information on shampoos for kids is different from the ones for adults, and then there’s a huge difference between the information that clicks with men and women.

Here’s some useful information to place on your shampoo label:

Type of hair it’s made for – Maybe the most important aspect. Mention the type of hair the shampoo works for and the problems it can solve, e.g. helps damaged hair, helps with oily scalp, gets you perfect curls, gentle for kids, etc.     Organic ingredients – More and more people want to use products made from organic ingredients. If you’re using these types of ingredients, make sure to mention the certification and also the benefits people get.     Cruelty-free - For some clients, it’s essential to know that a brand that doesn’t test its products on animals and fights against cruelty.     Eco-friendliness – If your brand is built around the eco-friendly lifestyle, then make sure to have that in an easy-to-spot place on the label.     A witty or creative message – Many brands skip this aspect, which can bring you a huge advantage. It’s worth thinking about a good slogan, or a piece of copy that grabs people’s attention.      

Tips For Styling Your Shampoo Label

The most important thing is to design your shampoo labels according to your target audience.

Here are some aspects to consider:

I. Women vs. men vs. kids

Like we were mentioning before, different audiences are looking for different things when buying shampoo.

Consider not only the sex and age of your audience but also their needs, lifestyle, and personality. You can’t have a product for all.

The more detailed you set your target audience, the better. Once you set your target persona, think about the colors and visual elements that resonate.

II. Make your product stand-out

No matter if the customer sees your product in a store or on a virtual shelf, the first impression matters. Make sure to have a design for your shampoo label that resonates with the identity and values of your brand.

Dare to think about a bold design, that makes your product stand out in front of your competitors.

Once you figure out how to catch the customer’s eyes, it’s all about perfectly aligning that with the information that you’re offering on the shampoo label.


III. Go for interaction

How people interact with your product should be the baseline of your strategy. You should mix the design of your packaging to the one of the labels and aim to create a clear narrative.


People should be invited to check out the product, read the information on it and interact with it. A good shampoo label design will guide the attention to the key points and make people want to try out the product.

You can play with colors, typography, and images to make your shampoo bottle labels as relevant as possible.

Try a wavy font for wavy hair shampoo, nature-inspired images to inspire organic ingredients or playful holographic effects for a young clientele.

Print Your Shampoo Bottle Labels With YourBoxSolution

Your shampoo label is your business card, and we can help you set an impeccable one.

At YourBoxSolution, we have more than 29 years of experience, and we can make any custom shampoo label that you can think of. We helped thousands of customers like you to bring trust to their brands by using high-quality labels.

Place an order starting from as little as 250 pieces, and enjoy free premium laminate finishes for your shampoo labels.

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