The Ultimate Guide To Creating Compelling Lotion Labels

July 12, 2021
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Lotions make your customers feel good in their skin, something that everybody longs to. If you are selling lotions, you are selling a promise for comfort and wellbeing. With so many options around and new products coming up every day, it’s challenging to convince people to believe more in your brand. It is no longer just about presenting the ingredients but rather about bringing together a compelling story. Luckily, you can use your lotion labels for help.

In this article, you will find out how to get your lotion labels to make a promise that people believe in. Let’s begin!

Create a sociable and reliable brand around your lotion labels

    Just like in real life, sociable brands have higher chances of getting in contact with people.

Picture a big party, where you are surrounded by hundreds of people throughout the night. You have many opportunities to talk with guests, but you end up talking with only a few.

Your product is facing a similar situation on the shelf. Hundreds of people pass by, but only a few stop to check your lotion out.

Five different containers with labels for lotions.

The secret? Prepare your lotion bottle labels with all it takes to start a conversation.

See some tips below!

Get lotion labels that stand out

You want your lotion bottle labels to look good. Firstly, it’s essential to go for the highest quality in terms of the print and the material. A professional-looking label has more chances to convince your customers to make the purchase. When it comes to skincare products, people pay extra attention to details.

A white lotion container with a pump lid and a logo that reads "Amouage".

Secondly, it’s important to have a consistent identity. No matter if you're going for a bold or more classic design, you want it to tell an articulate story.

Take your time to think about how you want your brand to be perceived, and keep that in mind when selecting the colors, the typography, and the visual elements.

Aligning everything will make your lotion labels stand out even if you are not going for the boldest choices.

Find the right words

Talking the same language as your customers should be a priority in your marketing plan. Consider who you’re targeting before choosing the information to display on your lotion labels. How you present the information is more important than what you present.

A good start is to think about your ideal customer. Think about their gender, age, lifestyle, preferences, and how they would like to be approached.

The next step is to make a list of what that person wants to know about your product. People want to find things quickly, and placing the right words in the right spot on your lotion labels is very effective.

White container of body lotion from Beauty.

Play with different options until you find the version that sounds on the same page with your customers.

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Pay attention to detail

It's the attention to detail that makes the difference between average and stunning. It’s worth having something extra on hand. For example, embossed labels can bring a nice touch. Literally.

A brown container with a pump lid and a label that reads "Follain Everywhere Lotion".

People will most likely grab the bottle from the shelf, so it’s nice to add an extra sense to the mix. Stimulating the visual and the sense of touch together increases the memory function, so your customers will be more likely to remember your product.

Metalized lotion labels are also great at catching the eye and adding that high-end note.

It’s highly beneficial to have a sociable label, but not enough. Your label also needs to be reliable and to inspire trust. Here are some tips on this aspect:

Consider how your product will be used

Make sure to choose lotion bottle labels that are resistant to contact with water, squeezing, and higher temperatures in the shower. Go for high-quality BOPP labels that offer optimal resistance and are at the same time easy to adapt to any design.

Present honest information and how your product can help

The point is to focus on how your product is different, how it works, and how it helps your customer. It’s important to provide relevant information to your customers. Add any aspects that can build trust, like your expertise, experience on the market, or the special ingredients that you use.

If you have space, it also helps to include your view on wellbeing, the environment, or what matters to your brand and your customers. It’s beneficial to not only make a promise but also present what you do about it. Building a connection and being relatable will ultimately help you gain trust.

The mandatory information to have on your lotion labels

Being compliant with the FDA’s regulations is a top priority for any cosmetic brand. Make sure to read all the requirements available in your state and to comply. The mandatory information is also helpful to your customers, so it’s a win-win situation.

Here are the general aspects to include on lotion bottle labels or lotion bar labels:

  • The identity of the product (the type of cosmetics it falls under)
  • The net content (the quantity)
  • The full list of ingredients
  • The direction of use and any necessary warnings
  • Date of expiry

These are some frequent requirements. Don’t forget to check the specific regulations for lotion labels available in your area.      

Good to know about lotion bottle labels

Most lotions are bottled, which means the competition is higher. However, there are many advantages to this packaging. The biggest one is that you get more space for your lotion bottle labels, and thus more freedom for your design. Another advantage is that bottled lotions have been around for some time, and people look by default for this type of packaging.

Here are some options for your lotion bottle labels:

1. Wrap-around lotion bottle labels

These labels are great for any round container. A mix of BOPP labels with a gloss finish and premium adhesive will offer optimal resistance in front of the contact with water, condensation, and squeezing.

You want your lotion bottle labels to stay in place, and BOPP is the best choice for top-quality.

A container with a pump lid for lotion with a transparent label and leaves of mint.

2. Front and back lotion bottle labels

Green container that reads "Avalon Organics" with a white label.

These labels fit any shape. If you have a square bottle, they work perfectly. Having two labels means you get even more space for branding, and so you can play with visual elements and copy.

BOPP labels are easy to customize, and you can choose white, clear, or metalized backgrounds for your prints.

Good to know about lotion bar labels

Lotion bars are kind of new on the market. They’re a very creative alternative to bottled lotions, which gives them a great advantage. The packaging already makes the product look different, and you can add the lotion bar labels to the mix for some extra points.

Lotion bars are environmentally friendly. Most of the time they are 100% made from natural ingredients. They are also solid like a bar of soap, so there’s no need to pack them in plastic. Customers love that, so it’s beneficial to highlight your eco-friendliness on the lotion bars labels.

These lotions are easier to use, being able to apply them in the shower right when the pores are open.

Metal boxes in a bigger cardboard that reads "On Hand Lotions".

People always want fast and easy-to-use products, so it’s worth mentioning this when labeling your lotion.

Here are some options for lotion bar labels:

1. Lotion labels for boxes

Boxes are a great way to pack lotion bars. They are easy to handle and store and also easy to label.    

  • BOPP lotion bar labels for cardboard boxes can have visual elements to suggest the ingredients, such as flowers, fruits, or spices. They can have a matte or a glossy laminate, and even a soft-touch finish. You can go for a front label or front and back labels, according to the amount of information you want to display.
  • BOPP lotion bar labels for metallic boxes are usually water-resistant and have a glossy coating. They can have a clear background for that “no label” look that puts the print in the spotlight, or a white or metalized background. You can go for a wrap-around label, and also top and bottom labels.

2. Lotion labels for pouches

Two silver squeezable containers and square pouches with white label.

Pouches are becoming more and more popular. Whether you choose a paper or a plastic pouch, the label will have all the attention. You can customize the lotion bar labels to have extra finishes and details.

If you go for a transparent pouch, consider the color of the lotion when choosing the label.

It’s useful to create a contrast between the product and the label. BOPP labels also go well on pouches because they are flexible and have great resistance, so they don’t rip or peel off.      

3. Lotion labels for jars

Jars are another eco-friendly way of packing lotion bars. Being transparent, they put the product on display, so you can use the label to underline its benefits.

Jars go well with wrap-around labels or front and back labels. The lotion will most probably be stored in the bathroom, so it’s best to go for a water-resistant BOPP label.

Glass container with white lid and label that reads "Body souffle".

Check out some more packaging solutions for lotions:

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