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November 19, 2020
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When we buy any type of cosmetic product, we do it because the product makes us feel good about ourselves. Using a nice shampoo or fancy perfume is a pleasant experience for both women and men. So whether your customers are men, women, or both, using your products can be the reason why their day got better.

You know your cosmetics are quality products. And you’re certain about the benefits they bring to anyone who uses them. But how do you communicate these benefits to your potential customers? How do you make your customers want your product immediately?

The answer, is, of course, through your cosmetics packaging. From your boxes to your labels, how they look affects the decision-making process.

Top Branding For Your Cosmetics Packaging

A well-designed cosmetic product sends a certain message. This is the beauty of custom packaging. You can customize your packaging to send the message you want it to send, to reach the people you want it to reach.

Create the best cosmetic labels and cosmetic packaging boxes for any product:

  • Cream boxes & lotion boxes
  • Skincare boxes
  • Facial serum boxes
  • Spray bottle boxes
  • Glass bottle boxes
  • Beard oil boxes
  • Perfume boxes
  • Bath bomb boxes
  • Soap boxes

Cosmetics Boxes - It’s All In The Details

The cosmetic industry is a lot about beauty. From setting new beauty trends to promoting beauty products, everything about your cosmetic product has to look good.

And because no brand can exist without customers, you should focus your efforts on getting a positive first impression.

Like love at first sight, catching your customer’s attention happens in an instant.

Here’s how you can turn the wheels in your favor with quality cosmetics packaging.

1. Get a custom look

Cosmetic boxes

As for any industry, competition can get fierce, so you need to find ways for your cosmetics boxes to stand out fast. Quality packaging is equally important if you’re selling in a physical shop or online.

In a Sephora or MAC shop, cosmetics packaging with a catchy design will pop off the shelf and make customers want to buy those products immediately.

When selling online, not all cosmetics manufacturers display the box in the product presentation. But when your client gets their order, a nice box will add value to that experience. These details all add to your brand reputation.

Play with colors and unusual designs for your cosmetic jar packaging. Add coatings and laminates to create cosmetics boxes that uplift your product. Whatever your creative idea is, we can print your box exactly as you’ve designed it.

2. Choose high-quality cardstock

When your design is ready, the next important step is choosing the paper to make your cosmetics boxes. Regardless of your products, the cosmetics packaging should be sturdy. It should also feel nice to the touch. These two qualities contribute to the feeling of a high-end product.

You can choose from four types of cardstock:

  • 17.2pt Premium White Paperboard
  • 19.2pt Premium White Paperboard
  • 19.2pt Premium Metallized Paperboard
  • 18pt Brown Kraft Paperboard

We source our paper from a paperboard supplier committed to sustainability. The wood our paper is made from comes from 100% sustainably-managed forests. You can read more about our sustainability efforts here.

3. Use finishes and coatings

You can achieve different results with different coatings, laminates, and other extras.

Soap box with foil
Cosmetics packaging boxes
Cosmetics box with deboss

Custom embossed boxes and debossed boxes add dimension to your cosmetics packaging. A touch of foil gives you a luxurious look. Printing on metallic paper makes your box shine from every angle. Coatings and laminates can completely transform any box.

Go ahead and be creative. You have lots of freedom when it comes to your cosmetic packaging design, and we’ll take care of bringing it to life.

4. Get the right box size

Another important detail is choosing the right size for your cosmetics packaging. If the box is too small, the product will not fit right. If it’s too big, the product will move inside the box and if it’s fragile it can also get damaged.

So you will want to make sure you measure your box right. If your box size matches one of our templates, you can use the template for free. Besides our existing box library, you can also get a 100% custom box, made to measure for your unique product.

Opened dark rectangular box that shows the packaging and an unopened box.

To add extra safety to what’s inside the box, we can add inserts that prevent your product from moving. Whatever your product is, there are plenty of cosmetics packaging that fit!

5. Go eco-friendly

Choosing eco-friendly solutions for your cosmetics boxes means more money in your pockets. How’s that? Well, customers care a lot about eco-friendly products and packaging.

All the paperboards and inks we use at YBS are eco-friendly and recyclable. If you know your ideal customer cares about these things, a good idea is to highlight them in your design. Print them on the box and let your customers know you care about the environment. You’ll surely attract the right buyers.

6. Get as low as 250 boxes at once

While you’re creating new products, we help you jumpstart your sales with minimums as low as 250 boxes per order. If you want to add any extras to your cosmetics packaging, the minimum order is only 500 pieces. Low minimums help you test how your customers react to your products without committing to thousands of cosmetics boxes at once.

7. Enjoy bulk discounts

Cosmetic boxes

Another way we help you save money is by offering bulk quantity discounts. If you have cosmetic products that sell better than others but you still want to create a consistent brand image, we’ve got your back.

You can order less of one box and more of another box. You can also have different designs of the same box, and order them in different quantities. We’ll combine the orders together and price them as a single order. This means a lower price per cosmetics packaging for you.

Find Inspiration For Your Cosmetics Boxes Below

Wrapping It All Up

You have the opportunity to create your cosmetics packaging as you want. Whether you need a small perfume box or an intricate set of cosmetics boxes... we bring our experience and expertise to help you deliver incredible products to your customers.

Get in touch today and let’s put your cosmetics at the forefront of every shop.

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