11 Reasons Why You Need Labels for Your Sugar Scrub Products

April 13, 2021
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If you ever asked yourself, “Why should I label my sugar scrubs?” we've got the answer for you! Sugar scrub labels are a great way to brand and sell your product.

Make customers find your products in stores much easier thanks to your labels. Let them know who made their favorite scrub, where you stand as a company (so they can trust you), and explain how to use the product. Also, give them more information about what it contains.

So if you want to sweeten the look of your scrubs and make them stand out, choose customized sugar scrub labels and let your brand be the new hit on the market.

Let’s dive deeper into each of the essential aspects of labeling.

Here we go.

1. Labels Make Your Products Look Professional

We look so gorgeous and attractive when we’re groomed and wear our best clothes, don’t we? We like to show our best image to the world. So why would it be different when it comes to products?

Primary packaging may be made of excellent materials or have interesting shapes.

Transparent containers even let buyers see what's inside, and that's great.

But in the end, without labels, containers are dull and unattractive. Dare I say some look suspicious?

Unless homemade and gifted to family and friends, sugar scrubs without labels would raise a few eyebrows.


In other words, labels are the “fancy clothes” you dress your products in to make them look eye-catching. They give containers an identity, making them spottable and professionally looking.

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2. Sugar Scrub Labels Let Customers Know What They Are Buying

Looking good is essential, but so is giving customers information about your product. What is it? What are the ingredients, and how is it used? Who made it?

First, everyone wants to see the name of the product wide and clear displayed on the label.

Stacked glass jars that read "Scrub" and have a black lid.

Customers seeking sugar scrubs in stores will head to the skincare products section.

They’ll start scanning the shelves to spot the word “scrub” (at least) on the labels.

Spotted - found the right product - customer satisfied.

Instead, not reading what they are looking for on the labels can be frustrating, time-consuming, and eventually, they’ll give up.

Second, labels also provide details about the sugar scrub, details based on which the customer will decide to buy or not. For some, knowing what ingredients a sugar scrub contains, for example, is of utmost importance.

But more about that later.

3. Labels Make Your Product Line More Cohesive-Looking

A reputable company or manufacturer thinks in terms of cohesiveness and brand image. So what you want is to make sure that your product line appears united as a whole.

All products must be easily identifiable as belonging to the same “family”. And labels do exactly that for you. They help you keep your line cohesive.In this way, you show customers that you’ve put a lot of thought into your business. You’re in it for the long run, and they can trust you.      

4. Customized Sugar Scrub Labels Are Your Business Card

What’s excellent about labels is that they are a perfect marketing tool. Your logo, name, images, the story of your brand, plus so many other details about the product - all in one place. All visible to customers anytime, both in shops and at home.


High-quality sugar scrub labels will stick to the container for the entire shelf life of the product. So, each time the customer will use the scrub, they’ll inevitably see your name and logo on it.

And the cool thing is that next time they’ll want to buy your scrub, they’ll know exactly what to look for among many other products.

Did I mention the money you save for promoting your brand out there in this way?

Don't stop reading.

5. Labels Protect Your Products

The sad truth is that sometimes products on the shelves are being tampered with by individuals who want to try them out or take them without paying. Sounds familiar?

Whatever the case may be, show customers that you have thought of everything.

Take the extra step and apply tamper-proof labels on your sugar scrub containers.

These safety seals will show customers that you care about their safety and that their trust is valuable to you. A positive customer experience can drive customer loyalty.


Now that’s the goal, after all.

6. Sugar Scrub Labels Help You Differentiate From Other Brands

With so many products on the market, it’s hard to take a pick. Sometimes, the shelves are so crowded with products that people get dizzy just by looking at them. So how can customers make a choice and be satisfied with it? Or how can they find their favorite product among all the other brands?                  


Clearly, through eye-catching sugar scrub labels that look promising from the first glance.

Because the second glance can convince them they picked the right thing.

Your unique logo and name, together with the imagery and graphics you choose to represent your scrubs, will allure customers.

What’s more, next time, they’ll quickly spot your product among the other brands and put it in their basket without wasting time. In short:Labels allow you to create a unique brand identity that sets your business apart from others in the same industry!

7. Labels Make Your Products Stand Out From The Competition

There’s a high offer on the market and significant demand for hygiene and skincare products. And even though there’s enough of everything for everyone, there’s still competition.

This means you’ll have to put some extra effort into separating your sugar scrub products from your competitors.

Why? Because consumers have a choice. And you want them to choose you.

A black, plastic container with a green label that reads "Belief in green leaf".

One of the smartest and inexpensive ways to set your sugar scrubs apart on store shelves is through labels.

The first impression you’ll make is a decisive one.

Will they be impressed? Are you offering something some than the others? And ultimately, will they choose your product over your competitors’?

Thanks to enticing sugar scrub labels on your products, they’ll do.

Small glass jar with brown label that reads "Scrubs".

8. Labels Keep You On The Right Side Of The Law!

You invest time and money to make a good product. Maybe you even hire an expert team to help you build a solid brand image. But here’s the most important part: always make sure your labels are compliant.

Why? Because: COMPLIANCE

  • Keeps you legally safe.
  • Gains customer trust.

Sugar scrubs belong to the cosmetics category, and cosmetics are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This means all manufacturers and retailers must follow the FDA's labeling requirements for cosmetics. Make sure your labels have all the required information displayed in an easy-to-find and understandable way.      

9. Sugar Scrub Labels Include Essential Information About The Products

People want to know what they are paying for and what products contain, especially if they are foods and cosmetics. So they expect to find all the essential information on your labels.

To comply with the federal regulations, but also for safety reasons, let customers know about the following:        

  • Identity of the product (what it is)
  • Net contents/weight (how much is in the package/container)
  • Ingredient declaration (what the scrub contains)
  • Any required warnings and directions
  • Expiration date

Better be upfront and also anticipate all possible queries that customers might have about your products. Give them more than they expect, and your scrubs won’t gather dust on the shelves.


10. Labels Help Avoid Unpleasant Or Dangerous Situations

Sugar scrubs contain ingredients that consumers have a right to know about before use. After all, they are using the product on their bodies.

If someone has allergies, labeling allows them to avoid buying something that might cause an allergic reaction or, even worse - death!

This is especially important if there are any nut oils or essential oils used in your scrubs. Many people have allergies to certain substances and don’t realize it until after using the product and experiencing various symptoms.

So back again to the safety reasons of labeling and mentioning all the ingredients or effects of the scrubs. Show your customers you’ve thought about every possible situation and that you care about their safety and wellbeing.

11. Customers Can Find You And Contact You

Labels are a great way to promote your business by including contact information or a website address.                  


In this way, customers can visit your website and find out more about you, where they can find you, and about the products you make.

And finally, here's a bonus one!

12. You Can Have Fun With Your Sugar Scrub Labels

Face and body scrubs are some of the most popular skincare products, and with good reason. Who wouldn’t want clean, baby-smooth, and glowing skin right in the comfort of their home? Both men and women use sugar scrubs as a sweet treat in their skincare routines.

You can use your imagination to play with images, fonts, and colors to allure your target audience. Sugar scrubs are like candy for the skin, so use this idea to create a playful or irresistible image of your products.

Make customers feel it, smell it, and taste it before they’ve even touched it. It’s a challenge, but oh, it can be so rewarding.

You’ll be taking your sugar-scrub products a long way if you upgrade them with something as inexpensive as labels.

We've explored together the reasons why labels are essential. Make them work to your advantage.

Complement your product with customized sugar scrub labels and take your brand to the next level.

Read more about the importance of packaging and labeling and how to get the perfect packaging!

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