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August 21, 2020
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Craft beer has been around almost since the dawn of civilization. Did you know that the first beverage that resembles beer dates back to around the 5th millennium BC in Iran? Some Chinese artifacts suggest that it could even go as far back at 7000 BC!

In the US, home breweries and brewpubs are a thing since the 1970s. Right now, there are approximately 8386 breweries in the United States. These numbers include brewpubs, microbreweries, regional craft breweries, and some non-craft breweries.

With so many breweries and, implicitly, competitors, craft beer branding becomes a necessity.

Luckily for you, we’ve got affordable ways for you to brand your craft beer and make sure it doesn’t go unnoticed.

Here’s what we’re going to learn & get inspired by today:

  • keg collars
  • keg wraps
  • keg cap labels
  • crowler labels
  • beer bottle labels
  • beer coasters

You can get all these and more, all in one place, without ordering from several companies and getting your orders mixed up.

Let’s start!

Kegs: FREE Advertising Space?

You’ve seen them everywhere: kegs are small barrels of stainless steel used to store, transport and serve beer. They usually have a capacity of 30 gallons or less.

As you can see on the picture, they are not that impressive, right?

But if you look at a keg from a different perspective, you may start noticing that your kegs are free advertising space!!!

Let me explain…

Multiple gray kegs stacked and separated by a wooden board.

How many times does your keg get loaded onto and off of a truck, picked up by a restaurant or bar, or rented out for a special event?

I recall attending a brewery festival where the amount of kegs used was remarkable to see. These kegs were moved from booth to booth all throughout the festival. They were loaded onto trucks, wheeled around to booths, put on ice when they were being used, and stacked when they were empty. There were shiny silver kegs all over the place. I noticed the ones that were clearly labeled and just glanced by the ones that were blank. I distinctly remember (and migrating towards) the brands that I recognized or was intrigued by.

Kegs are one of the main transportations of beverages and should have your brand clearly noted on them.

So it’s a bit shocking that not everyone brands their kegs, especially considering how easy it is. Let your kegs proudly display its owner as it travels from distributors, restaurants, bars, and events.


Your kegs are free advertising space, use it!  You want people to know and love your brand – wear your hats & your glasses, visit your brewery, buy your beer, and easily recognize your brand. You can increase who sees your logo by branding something you already use, your kegs!

There are three ways you can brand your kegs:

1. Keg Collars

Keg collars in different colors and designs.

What are keg collars and why do you need one?

Simply put, keg collars are pieces of printed paper that go on your keg, more specifically, under the cap at the top. Keg collars are not only required in all states but also allow for a great place to add your logo to your keg, and provide important information to the end user.

Here’s what goes on a keg collar:

  • Your brewery name and address
  • Type of beer
  • Net contents
  • Alcoholic content
  • Health warning statements
Keg collars mounted

Getting specific with keg collars:

SIZE - 6.5” diameter with a 2.25” circle cutout in the middle, with the center removed
(7″ option also available)

PAPER - 12pt C2S coverstock coated on each side, moisture & curling resistant

BULK PRICING - You get bulk pricing for multiple design versions of the same product

SHORT RUN ORDER - Minimum order as low as 100 pieces so you don’t have to overstock.

MULTIPLE STYLES - Choose from full color, black & white, primary accent, write-on and more

EASY TO DESIGN - Our easy to use studio spares you the costs of hiring a graphic artist

Custom Shape Keg Collars

One of the unique things about is our flexibility with shapes and sizes.

Create a custom shape for your collar to enhance your brand. With a small one-time cutting die fee, you can design a shape that is particular to your brand.

On the right you can see custom shaped keg collars with multiple versions for NectarCreek.

Custom shape keg collars

Once we have made your specific cut die, you no longer have to worry about that charge – you can reorder you keg collars with your custom die template anytime. With your own custom shaped template, update your artwork, colors, or create multiple versions as your company continues to grow.

Stock Keg Collars

We’ve all been there: starting a business and having lots of uncertainties, especially financially speaking. If you’re just starting out and you’re looking to cut costs down as much as possible, consider branding with stock keg collars.

Stock keg collars are already printed and ready to ship out the next business day. These keg collars are the standard size (6.5” with a 2.25″ cutout) and printed on the same 12 point C2S coated paperboard. They include preprinted production date labels, and government and pressure warning. Ample space is provided to write in other important information such as your brewery’s name, the type of beer and where it is brewed and packed.

  • Very affordable
    500 collars for just $50
  • High Quality
    12pt. C2S coated paperboard
  • Printed Standard Warnings
    Government & pressure warnings
  • Easy to Use
    Includes date ring and Brewed & Packed By
  • Different colors and styles
  • Ready to ship next business day
Stock keg collars

Stock keg collars, multiple colors available

Browse our shop for stock keg collars and see which one fit your needs.

How Do You Design Your Keg Collars?
No Artist Required With Our Online Studio

Online keg collars studio

Look, you don’t need to hire a graphic artist and spend money that you don’t have. Our one of a kind keg collar design studio is the only online source that gives you the tools to create a custom keg collar in a matter of minutes.

In three easy steps you’re done:

1. Select your product
2. Customize the template
3. Submit your order.

The studio is perfect for home brewers, craft breweries, beer distributors, cider crafters, mead makers and kombucha brewers, just to name a few. Try it here and let us know what you think!

Keg Collars Inspiration

We’re printing thousands of keg collars each month. We’ve gathered the best for you in the gallery below.

Found anything that you liked? Get in touch with us and we’ll help every step of the way.

Keg Collars Inspiration Images
Keg Collars Inspiration Images
Keg Collars Inspiration Images


2. Keg Wraps

Keg Wraps Custom Shape

The second way to brand and customize you kegs are keg wraps. Keg wraps take a standard keg and give it ownership and meaning. It’s hard to measure how many times a consumer, restaurant owner, or beverage enthusiast will see your keg from the time it leaves your brewery to the moment it returns, so you might as well take advantage of that.

Walking into Silver Moon Brewing, you will see stacks of kegs with their logo clearly displayed on each one of them with a custom keg wrap. It gives the consumer instant notification that Silver Moon Brewing has handcrafted something that awaits in that chilled keg.

The bonus of having your kegs labeled with keg wraps is that it helps your kegs get back to where they belong, and this helps you save money.

Keg Wraps


What really matters is that your branded keg is making its way around town, throughout the state, or crossing borders with your noticeable logo hugging it tightly. So more people get to know about your amazing beer & products!

Our unique manufacturing of keg wraps gives us the ability to do what other companies simply can’t, at better quality, faster times and prices you can afford:

  • Full-color designs
  • FREE custom shapes
  • Laminated for superior durability
  • Strong yet removable adhesive

Every detail counts when it comes to creating and upholding your brewery’s reputation and image. Here are a few of our favorite keg wraps that we have done through our brand  

Keg Wraps Images


3. Keg Cap Labels

If you want to take your keg branding even further, the third way to customize your kegs is by having a sticker on your keg cap! They are printed on the same coated paperboard as the keg wraps:

  • Full-color print
  • 12pt. C2S coated paperboard
  • Circular die cut
  • Comes on rolls
  • Easy peel & application
  • You can also get the keg caps from us

A small detail that adds trust and professionalism to your business.

Keg cap labels

Custom Printed Crowler Labels

Now that we’re done with all the ways you can customize your kegs, let’s move on to the smaller containers and see what can you do to make them unforgettable.

Let’s talk about crowler labels.

Crowler labels

What is a Crowler?

A Crowler is a 32 oz can that can be filled and sealed on demand. This gives breweries and fill stations the ability to can beer (or any carbonated beverage for that matter) into a can that can last up to 4 weeks if stored correctly.

The Crowler provides the brewery or fill station with a clean container, eliminating any residuals that can build up in common glass growlers. The size also makes it convenient for your clients to select a variety of beers rather than commit to a common 64 oz. growler of one selection. The containers are made from aluminum so they’re very lightweight and portable.

Crowler Labels

Crowler labels come on your crowler and help you brand it in any way imaginable. They are printed on the high-quality polypropylene label material we use for all our labels. They are waterproof and will stick easily to your crowler.

Crowler labels with gold foil

Metallic paper labels for
Altamont Beerworks

  • Full-color, self-adhesive labels
  • Multiple finish options
  • Custom shapes for no extra charge
  • Can easily be written on with a permanent marker
  • Printed on high-quality polypropylene
  • Foil stamping & metallic paper available
  • Made in the USA (Oregon)


Depending on the laws of your area, crowlers require anything from just the beer name to detailed information like government warnings and ABV. With our custom printed labels, you can meet your specific Tax and Trade Bureau requirements, distinguish the contents inside, and promote your brand.

Beer Bottle Labels

Custom beer bottles

From big kegs to the smallest bottle, we’re here to help you brand every product.

Beer bottle labels are printed on our waterproof label stock. As our other labels, you can choose from:

  • White labels
  • Metallic labels
  • Clear or transparent labels
  • Gold foil labels
  • Free lamination

You can print them in custom shapes, have them laminated however you like and in any size. Read more about our labels and how they can help promote your beverage brand.


Custom Growler Tags

What is a Growler

A growler is a glass, ceramic or stainless steel bottle used to sell beverages, most commonly for beer take-out form rather than for retail selling. The most popular Growler size is 64 U.S. fl. oz.

Growler Tags are a new and unique way to label growlers. Eliminate the unsightly stickers and the hard to remove pens by attaching a custom growler tag to each growler that leaves your store or brewery.

Paper tag that reads "Growler Guys" attached to a glass bottle.

Our growler tags are 5.5” x 2.5” with a 1.375” hole and a side cutout that allows you to hang them to the growler handle. They are used by breweries, cider companies, kombucha companies and meaderies all over US.

Black and white tags that read "Exception Ale" and "You have chosen wisely".
  • Full color or black and white print
  • Single-sided print or double-sided print
  • 12pt C1S Paperboard
  • 18pt Metalized Paperboard
  • 18pt Recycled Kraft Paperboard
  • Multiple design versions at bulk price
  • Stock designs available

Exception(Ale) Growlers (picture above) uses both sides of a custom printed growler tag to convey instructions and more information to its customers.


In addition to being convenient, growler tags allow you to expand your brand’s visual recognition by displaying your logo, contact information, upcoming events, or anything you can think of.

Custom Growler Tags Images
Custom Growler Tags Images

Download the Growler template here to design your growler tag, then get in touch with us for a quick quote!


Custom Beer Coasters

Custom beer coasters

The pub is full, beer is pouring and chilled glasses leak condensation all over the table… The solution to this is, of course, a coaster. A custom drink coaster is a fantastic way to complete your brand.

You started with branding your bigger kegs, and now you can close the circle by offering a complete experience for your customers. Everytime someone picks up and puts down their glass, they’ll rest their eyes on your branded coaster, instead of a generic coaster you picked up from Costco – or worse – a drink coaster from your competitors.


If you’re selling your beverages in other pubs or restaurants, custom coasters are a quick way to get your brand noticed. Take advantage of every chance to tell the world about your beverage.

  • 40pt, reusable paperboard coasters. Unlike traditional pulp board coasters, we apply a complimentary matte laminate which adds durability and water resistance.
  • Bright White, Smooth Paperboard or Metallic Paperboard
  • Circle, square or rounded corners


Read more about branding packaging and labeling!

Order Multiple Versions of The Same Product And Save Money

Along with all of our brands, at you have the ability to order multiple design versions of the same product at a combined bulk quantity discounted rate.

You also have the option to order in varying quantities and still receive a combined bulk rate.

Multiple design versions keg collars

Why is this so great?

For starters, you’re not going to be left with huge keg collars or keg wraps leftovers because your IPA sells better than your Pale Ale. You can order different quantities of specific designs depending on your demand. And you’ll still get the bulk discount rate. You can read more about our combined bulk rate and then get in touch if you have any questions.

Secondly, multiple versions give you a lot of flexibility with branding. Do you have an event coming up or launching a new type of beer/cider? Order growler tags or crowler labels in short run quantities to promote your new product, without committing to thousands of labels at once.

Customize More Than Beer

As we’ve mentioned before, the beauty of the studio is that you can use it to brand any product. If you’ve got a cider company, a kombucha or sweet beverage company or even a coffee company, you can use the keg collars, keg wraps, keg cap labels, and all the other items we offer to brand your products.

A white keg collar and two white tags that read "Wine made in Woodinville".

Here are some creative examples of how clients used the studio for products other than beer:

Customize More Than Beer Images
Customize More Than Beer Images


Labeling Guidelines for Beer and Alcoholic Beverages

Understanding the requirements for labeling alcohol items can be tricky. The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) has a website dedicated to each item. On this site, they clearly outline laws and regulations for branding and advertising alcoholic beverages.

A white keg label that reads "Attention, read before tapping".


Every keg collar or brewery item that we print must be approved by the TTB. As the brewery owner and operator, we assume that you have completed this process and received complete approval for the items we print. If you have any questions or concerns about your branding items, submit them to the TTB website for approval.

Carefully read the information about labeling and label approval and then get in touch with us to help you print your materials.

Resources For You

To make sure all items print flawlessly, you can use our templates for free to design your products.

How it works:

1) Download your template and Art Preparation Instructions.
2) Design your item according to our art instructions.
3) Upload your file in the order form.

That’s it! Download all the templates or just the one you need, and when you’ve finished designing, get in touch with us to print.

A drawing of a circle showing a keg collar with dimensions.

What Our Customers Are Saying

You don’t need to take our word when it comes to the quality of our services. Here’s what our clients are saying:

"Dealing with Nate has been fantastic. The guy wants to provide, he wants your products to be done right and done quickly. He has never left me hanging and has always made sure we are taken care of. When I can lock on to someone who provides great service, there is no reason to stray."

Hydra Beer
Hydra Beer Co.
“ is really easy to use, great pricing, and are made in Oregon! We try to use local businesses as much as possible.”
Yachats Brewing
“We saw mentioned a lot of places as being the go-to place for keg collars, and the first order we placed, we understood why they had such a great reputation.”
Cannonborough Beverage Company
“What we like most about without a doubt, first and foremost it’s the ease of use. Simple to upload and follow up with their reps if you have any questions. After that, it would be the very fast processing and shipping times! We're definitely going to be lifelong customers.”
Bissell Brothers
Bissell Brothers Brewing
“Our favorite thing about using is the ease of ordering, the superior customer service, and most importantly, the quality of the product.”
Upslope Brewing
Upslope Brewing
“We have found that the folks at are knowledgeable about their product, easy to work with & have excellent quality control.”
Alpha Acid
Alpha Acid Brewing
“We have found that the folks at are knowledgeable about their product, easy to work with & have excellent quality control.”

Brand Your Business Beverage For Less

Our aim is to offer affordable printing solution for every business owner. If you’re a business owner and need help with your packaging, we’d love to be of service. is a complete printing production facility with over 25 years in the printing and packaging industry. With we are here to help the beverage market get quality products!

Get what you need for your beverage business – from your basic small labels and growler tags to large custom shaped keg wraps, custom keg collars and more. If you can tell us what you need, we can probably print, cut, and glue anything!

Contact us today and let us know how we can help you brand your beverage business…
for less!


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