Packaging Labels for Any Product - Custom Waterproof Labels That Last

August 10, 2020
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When it comes to packaging, we talk a lot about boxes and containers. If the box looks good on the shelf, chances are more people will buy it, right?

But did you ever think about what’s inside the box? Does it matter how the container looks like, or is the fancy box enough?

In this blog post we’ll focus on packaging labels and why it’s important that your label looks as good as the box.

Let’s give labels the attention they deserve.

Why do you need packaging labels?

Did you notice that almost all products have a label? Labels are materials attached to products – from containers, fruits, clothing, or any product – on which information about the product is written. Information printed directly on the product (like you’ve probably seen on cosmetic containers) is also considered labeling even though it doesn’t include an adhesive material.

1. Labels Provide Information

The purpose of labels is to tell the potential customer as much information as possible about the product:

  • Who made it (brand name)
  • What is it for
  • When was it made
  • What are the ingredients
  • Nutritional information
  • Recommendations for use
  • Shelf-life and disposal
  • Environmental advice
  • Warnings
  • Recipes
Packaging labels provide information

2. Labels Help You Brand and Advertise Your Products

This is perhaps the most important role of packaging labels: they are an additional way you can turn your product into a desirable item.

Your labels should complement your product and create a complete experience for your customer. When people buy and use your product on a daily basis, every time they see your label, your brand is etched into their minds. That means more recurring customers for you!

Cosmetic labels

If you need help with where to start with your branding, you’ll find these 11 steps to create the perfect packaging for your products useful. In the blog post, we go over what you should consider when designing your boxes and labels.

3. Labels Help Differentiate Items Within the Same Brand

When you have more than one fragrance or type of product, like this moisturizer from Senica, having different labels helps your customers differentiate one over the other and easily remember their choice next time they’ll purchase.

You shorten the time they take to make a decision and make the purchasing process easier for them, which is always a plus.

Cream box label

Anything can go on a label and we love them because they offer an extra space in which you can tell the story of your product. When you leave no questions unanswered for your clients, you qualify your product for sale.

Packaging Labels: What are Labels Made Of?

All packaging labels we make at YourBoxSolution are made of biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP). Polypropylene (PP) is a form of plastic used in a large variety of products, from bottles and any kind of container, to clothing, auto parts, snack food, labels and more.

The term biaxially oriented (BO) means that the polypropylene film is extruded and stretched in two directions, to increase strength and clarity. BOPP labels are easy to print, coat and laminate.

Polyproylene chemical formula

BOPP Labels

All BOPP labels are oil & water-resistant, tear-resistant, chemicals & UV resistant (the colors don’t fade in the sunlight), non-toxic, and safe for all industries.

  • Waterproof
  • Strong adhesive that lasts
  • Heat resistant
  • Sturdy & high-quality
  • High-precision printing & cutting
  • Free matte or gloss coating
  • Can be foil stamped
  • Print doesn’t smudge
  • Write-on with a permanent marker
  • Non-toxic

Close Color Matching - Boxes and labels can be color-matched for a consistent look.

No multiple versions fee - Combine different design quantities in the same quote & save money.

No setup fees - You will never be charged a setup or die fee for your labels.

Streamlined Order Flow - You see your order status for any type of product and are never kept in the dark.

Cut to perfection - Your label will be cut exactly where you see the dieline on your proof.

Quick turnaround times - We work fast because don’t have to set up cumbersome mechanical equipment.

Almost any label size - No need to worry if we have your size in stock, we can print almost any size.

Design freedom - Easily change your artwork from one order to the next – size, color, layout, and so on.

Shipped Together - All parts of your order can ship together, saving you time and money.

The end result is a product that looks like it belongs on the shelf
and isn’t afraid of the competition.

Your Labels and Boxes In One Order

When you print your box in one place and your labels in another, you’ll inevitably get color differences. Different printers can be set differently or might use cheaper inks or different papers.

That’s not something you want to have when you’re looking for your product to make a great first impression. With our brands YourBoxSolution and you get integrated packaging solutions, from boxes to labels, all in the same order. This guarantees a cohesive look throughout your packaging, and that always adds a plus of professionalism.


Packaging Label Types

When it comes to the design of your label, besides paying attention to what information goes on them, how they look it also very important.

Great news: you can let your creativity unfold and make your packaging labels stand out. We have three different types of labels:

White Labels

Printed on white film. Any color can be printed on top of the white ink.

White labels

Clear Labels

Printed on transparent background film. Illusion of an “invisible label”.

Clear labels

Metallic Labels

Printed on a silver substrate that makes all printed colors appear metallic.

Metallic labels

Laminated Labels

All label types can be laminated, so you have another way of adding customization & differentiation to your brand.

Gloss Laminated Labels (FREE)

A shiny finish and a very reflective surface to the label area.

Glossy coating labels

Matte Laminated Labels (FREE)

A subtle, non-glossy lamination, perfect if you prefer a worn-out look.

Matte labels

Soft Touch Laminated Labels

Creates a shine-free surface, offering a smooth feel and elegant looks.

"Wild Tonic Kombucha" label on a blue container.

Gold Foil Labels

Gold foil label showing a crown and writing.

Love the gold foil look? You’ll be happy to hear we can apply gold foil to labels as well. Packaging labels with metallic foil stamping are a hit if you want to make your product appear high-end.

The gold foil is applied to the label surface using heat, and any design can be foil stamped. However, we recommend that your finest details are no smaller than 1point, to achieve fine foil areas. Learn all about foil stamping here.

What’s the difference between gold foil labels and metallic labels?

Just like in the case of custom boxes, there is a difference between foil stamping and printing on metallic substrate. Foil stamping limits your color choices and can be more expensive, while with packaging labels printed on metallic paper you can have a multitude of colors, all looking metallic, without using a custom die.

How to Choose Your Label Shape

We can create any type of shape for your labels, plus the standard circular/oval and rectangular/square labels.

Circular or Oval Labels

Circular label
  • Circular containers, lids, small bags, baked goods, candy
  • Lip balm can lids, candles, cookie boxes, cream boxes
  • Little display of information
  • Simple logo & graphics

Rectangular or Square Labels

Square label template that displays the width and length.
  • Bigger containers, boxes, serum bottles, perfume bottles
  • Ideal for wrap-around label needs (lip balm tubes, serum bottles)
  • Greater display of information
  • Bigger or more intricate logo & graphics

Custom Shaped Labels

Custom shape label
  • Branding in a unique way (like a label in the shape of your logo)
  • Works with any type of product and size
  • Both great and little display of information depending on size
  • Simple or intricate graphics

How to Measure Label Size

1. Measure your container

Before you choose your label style, it’s very important to determine the right size for your label. A label that’s too small will be hard to read, and a label that’s too big will overflow the container. In both cases, wrong measurements make your product look bad.

Option 1.

For round containers, like bottles, measure the bottom of your bottle with a flat ruler, then multiply the diameter by pi (3.14). The result is your maximum label width (or bottle circumference).

You have the flexibility to choose whether your label wraps completely around the bottle or if you leave a gap between the edges. You will then need to choose a height that looks good and fits your container.

How to measure a cylinder circumference

Option 2.

For wrap-around labels that are not on round containers, you can use a piece of paper and wrap it around the bottle or object. Mark the areas where the ends of the paper touch each other. When you unwrap the paper, the mark will show you the maximum width of your label. You can also use a measuring tape.

If you don’t want your packaging label to wrap around the edges of your container, just measure the front or main panel where the label will be. You can also play with different sizes using sticky-notes and see which one looks best before committing to an order.

How to measure a label size

2. See the big picture

There’s more to packaging labels than just making them look pretty. Before you start designing, it’s important that you know very well:

  • Your target market (what people care about)
  • Your competition (who’s having similar products and how you can differentiate)
  • Your points of sale (where you sell your product ).

When you choose your packaging label size and shape, think about your label in terms of the whole product branding and make sure that you share a cohesive message about your product. Choose colors wisely and decide what’s the most important thing you want your customers to know about your brand and products.

Then showcase that message on your box and on your packaging labels in a way that’s clear, creates desire and brand recognition, but most importantly, takes into consideration the big picture.

Next, let’s see what our clients did in terms of packaging labels for their products.

Cosmetic Labels

All labels are super-important, but choosing how your cosmetic labels look like is crucial for establishing trust. The cosmetic industry is a very pretentious one, and it keeps raising the standards each year.

By choosing high-quality cosmetic labels you’re staying on top of the game, become relevant and create trust for your customers.

One other thing you should be paying attention to when designing your cosmetic labels are the labeling guidelines. The Food & Drug Administration provides clear guidelines for cosmetic labeling that will help you meet all the legal requirements.

And when it comes to design, you have full freedom to go creative. Anything you’ll design for your cosmetic labels – we can print it for you.

Perfume packaging labels
Four skincare products in different packages.
Cream label
White container spray with dark lid and black fonts.
Four colorful containers with different lids.
Cosmetic labels
White skincare label
Custom shape label
Four containers with brown labels and white lids.
A small white container with silver lid in a gray cup.
Cosmetic label printing
A perfume sample in a light blue package with a picture.
Cream box labels
Black and white cosmetic labels in different shapes on a gray texture.

Lip Balm Labels

Lip balm labels deserve a category of their own, since they’re a booming cosmetic niche right now. As for all labels, anything can go on your lip balm labels. You can get a custom lip balm label with gold foil, or have a metallic look, or just make use of vibrant color combinations to make your lip balm packaging stand out.

Labels for lip gloss and lipstick labels are a breeze to create, and you can add perforations, tear-away areas that act as a seal, and custom lip balm boxes & lip balm display boxes.

Gold foil lip balm labels
Matte lip balm labels
Custom lip balm labels
Metallic lip balm labels
Colorful lip balm labels
White lip balm over its white and dark rectangular box that reads "Blumsi".


Glass Bottle Labels & Dropper Bottle Labels

These small bottles are used for so many products and industries, and are especially useful for tinctures, essential oils, supplements, cosmetic serums and anything that comes in smaller doses.

Although small, that doesn’t mean you can’t customize these bottles to shine. Visit our bottle boxes page to get a start point, then get in touch for your custom dropper bottle labels and small bottle labels.

Glass bottle labels
Glass bottle labels
Glass bottle labels
Glass bottle labels
Glass bottle labels
Glass bottle labels

Food Packaging Labels

As mentioned, all labels are waterproof and resist in different temperatures, so you can easily print any label for any food product – they’ll stay safe in the fridge and won’t disintegrate or peel off because of the moisture. Check out our guides for cheese labels, cake labels, or hot sauce labels.

As for cosmetic labels, labeling your food under FDA’s regulations is important. Make sure your food labels respects the guidelines. Other than that, you can be as creative as you want!

Food packaging labels
Food packaging labels
Custom ketchup labels
Ketchup bottle labels
Custom food labels
Honey bottle labels

Beer Labels & Beverage Labels

If you’re in the craft beer industry and are in need of craft beer labels, we’ve got your back with a variety of labels and packaging solutions. Create custom beer bottle labels, beer can labels & crowler labels, labels for beer kegs and keg cap labels. Or any other beverage or bottle you’re selling.

Beer can labels
Beer can labels
Beer bottle labels
Beer bottle labels
Two blue and green metal cans and a glass bottle.
Crowler label with gold foil
Keg wraps labels
Beer bottle labels
Keg caps labels
Various keg caps labels on a wooden surface.

Candle Labels

Be it a hot summer or a chilly winter, candles are a must in every home. If you’ve set out to create a candle business, you can get your custom candle labels and candles boxes right here. Choose any shape and color for your candle labels, complement them with a sturdy candle box and you’re good to go.

Custom candle labels
Custom candle box and labels

Packaging Labels That Last, At Fair Prices

We’re no strangers to how difficult is to find a box and label manufacturer that you can trust with your precious products and business.

You’ve got a professional in us and we’re here for you. At YourBoxSolution you’ll find everything that you need, all under one roof. Together with our other brands and our skilled team, we’re dedicated to provide quality labels boxes so you can take care of your craft. Let your packaging on us and get your quote today.

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