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July 2, 2021
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Beard oil has become an essential product for men. It’s a product to rely on, a product that gives confidence and comfort. If you’re selling beard oils, it’s important to have labels that can convince customers at a glance. Your beard oil labels can help you showcase the key elements and make the sale.

Read the blog post below to find out how to make the most out of your beard oil label!

How beard oil labels can help your brand

Investing in premium quality beard oil labels has so many benefits in the long run.

Here are a few of them:

A hand holding a black container and another hand using the pump-lid.

1. They create a shelf identity for your oil

Two black bottles of beard oil with a dark label that reads "Goodwill".

Nowadays, selling is all about having a good brand identity. Your brand identity is the core of your business. A good brand identity is built around your customer’s needs and helps people understand why you are the best option for them. A good beard oil label puts your advantages in the spotlight, makes your product stand out in front of your competitors, and invites people to try your product.

2. They add a sense of quality to your product

In the skincare industry, looks sell. A premium quality beard oil label enhances your product’s value and adds a sense of luxury. People love to feel appreciated and admired, and luxurious products have always been perceived as a way to achieve that. A premium beard oil label is synonymous with the quality of your product, so it’s a no-brainer to get a top-quality label.

Three bottles of beard oil with a black label.

3. They help you build trust

Golden box and container of oily liquid.

Building trust goes hand in hand with the last point. You need people to trust your brand, and quality will help you gain that. Apart from this, your beard oil label can help you build trust by telling people honest information about your product. Transparency is essential. Make the most out of your beard oil label by listing your ingredients and your product's benefits in an easy-to-read way.

As you can see, a good beard oil label can have a huge impact. Let’s find out how exactly to make a good one for your brand!      

How to make a clever beard oil label

Every plan starts with good research.

So here are the most important things to research for setting your beard oil labels!

A brown razor that reads "Captain Fawcett Limited" and a yellow container of beard oil.

Get to know your customers

Two black glass containers with black label that reads "Camden".

To sell something, you need to understand who you’re selling to. The first step is to set your target audience. Knowing your audience will help you design the perfect labels. Think about their age, lifestyle, motivation for buying your product, and also about similar products they like. This should give you an idea about what these people want and how you can address that.

Find the flaws of your competitors

Once you know who you’re targeting, it’s time to take a look over your competitors. Think about any flaws they might have. It could be something about their packaging, a segment of the audience that they are missing, or the way they are marketing their products. This will help you come up with a strategy to differentiate your product. The key point is to have it clear why someone would choose your product over any other one.

Two golden containers and a sliced in half grapefruit on a wooden surface.

Make it all about your customers

A black bottle of beard oil with a white label that reads "Norse".

The next step is to gather all the information to build an appealing story. It’s boring to hear the same things over and over, so make sure to come up with something unique and representative of your brand. Build a story that speaks directly to your customer and focuses on his needs. Your product is all about approaching and solving his needs.

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How to choose the best beard oil labels

Time to get to action! It’s exciting to get your product on the shelf, and you’re so close to that moment.

The only missing step is printing your beard oil labels. Here are the key aspects to consider:

Four bottles of beard oil with different labels.

Size and shape of the label

The size and shape of the label depend a lot on your container. The good news is that for any type of bottle, there are various labeling options.

It’s good to measure your bottle before anything. You will be able then to consider the size and shape of the label. The most common options in terms of shape are wrap-around labels and front and back labels.

The wrap-around label goes well with any bottle, even the smallest ones. On the other side, front and back labels work better with medium and bigger bottles.

Black small recipient for beard oil that reads "Qaveman Beard Oil".

No matter what type of beard oil label you choose, make sure there’s enough space to comply with the FDA’s regulations. There’s some mandatory information that you need to include on your label. See below the general requirements for what you need to show:

  • Product name and type
  • Net weight
  • Contact information
  • Full list of ingredients
  • Direction of use

The requirements can vary from one state to another, so make sure to read the ones that apply to your area.

The material of your label

When choosing the material of your beard oil label, take into consideration the type of container and how people will use your product. You will need resistant and waterproof beard oil labels.

A glass container with black lid and white label that says "Williams Brown" in snow.

A great choice is to go for BOPP labels. These polypropylene labels don’t peel off, don’t tear, and can face condensation and direct contact with water.

They are also easy to customize, being available in any color or shape. Beard oil manufacturers often choose BOPP labels with laminate finishes for great results.

Other options are matte laminates or even soft-touch laminates. It’s a good idea to test some samples and see what fits best with your vision.      

The color and design of the label

The color and the design of your beard oil labels will depend again on the container.

It’s always good to complement it. Consider the color of the container and choose a color that stands out for your label.

Here are some popular options:

Green bottle with black lid and white label on wooden table.
  • White or colored background – Go for white or black if you want a classic clean look. If you want colored labels, think about which complement the container and resonate with your customers. Test designs with strong blues, greens, or yellows.
  • Clear labels – These labels can have a lot of impact because they bring that “invisible” look. The color of the container will be on display, and the only visible parts will be the printed ones.
  • Metallic labels – These labels are great if you want to give your beard oil labels that extra touch of a premium look. The silver background will give a metallic look to the print, which goes well with a dynamic design.

Once you decide on the color, you can think about the visual elements to include on your label. Choose nice typography and mix it with patterns or relevant imagery. Adding images and symbols can help your clients make associations. Read more about labels and packaging in our dedicated blog post.      

The printing services

Your dream beard oil label can be ready in no time with the right printing service. If you want top-quality labels, make sure you choose an experienced printing company that fully understands your requests and has all the technologies needed for your custom project.

At YourBoxSolution, we’ve been on the market for more than 29 years. Our goal is to deliver top-quality labels at the best prices. We put together a smooth process that gives you a continuous overview of your project and makes everything easier. Moreover, all of our labels come with a free gloss or matte laminate free of charge.

Get your quote today, and don’t miss out on the opportunity to make the most out of your beard oil labels!

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