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October 5, 2020
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Have you ever imagined that your customers will hold on to your boxes long before they've used the product inside? And that they'll do that just because the box looks so good? Well, you can do that with metallic paper.

Metallic paper is a white paper that's been treated with a silver foil substrate. When we print any color on top of the silver substrate, all the colors have a metallic look. It's like having your boxes wrapped in foil, but there is no foil involved.

Metallic Paper = Endless Design Possibilities

In a previous blog post, we've highlighted the difference between metallic boxes and boxes with foil stamping.

In short, the main advantage of printing on metallic paper is that you can have the look of foil stamping, but in multiple colors AND without using a custom die (which involves an extra cost).

On metallic boxes, all colors can shine at once. More so, you can "block out" areas that you don't want to shine and design your box in so many different ways.

Another huge benefit of printing on metallic paper is that you can have very fine details printed. With foil stamping, because it uses a press, the foil expands under the heat and pressure, so you won't get 100% smooth edges. But printing metallic boxes works like any other boxes, which means our high-quality digital printing presses will give you that immaculate sharpness you're looking for.

Before we jump to the metallic boxes gallery, in the video below Eric explains metallic boxes and the process behind:

Metallic Boxes Images

Check out other embellishments:

Go Metallic And Stand Out Fast

You'll fall in love with metallic paper the moment you'll see it. Like foil stamping, printing on metallic paper gives you a chance to stand out immediately because it just pops out with its bold reflections. If you think your brand will find benefits in a metallic box, get in touch with us for a quote.

You can also request a free sample pack to get a hands-on feel on what you can accomplish with different printing techniques. Whatever your choice, we'll be there for you from start to finish.

Get creative and let us know when you're ready to upgrade your packaging.

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