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August 26, 2021
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There’s a nostalgic feeling to drinking a glass of root beer topped with some vanilla ice cream. Nothing compares to that taste. Being such a popular product, root beer kept getting reinvented over the years. More and more brands come up with new recipes, and root beer manages to show up all the time on shopping lists throughout the US. An iconic beverage like this needs a strong label, so today we'll talk about how to get the best root beer label for your brand.

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How your root beer label can help your brand

Getting a custom root beer label has more advantages than simply making your product look good on the shelf.

A good root beer label will have a long-term effect on your business, and it will set the beginning of a relationship with your customers.

A blue label for Abita root beer.

Here are some of the extra advantages of getting custom root beer labels:

  • People will remember your product and look for it next time they buy or talk about it with friends
  • You gain trust by listing the ingredients, the story of your brand, and maybe some other relevant information to your target audience – i.e. storage recommendations, drink recipes, etc
  • You stand out from your competitors

You can read more about the importance of labels and packaging in our dedicated blog post.

The core of your root beer label

The easiest way to start planning your root beer labels is to start from the core: what defines your product. In general, the two main elements that describe root beer are:  

  • The unique flavor
  • The American origin     

These elements are so definitory for the beverage that you will find them in most designs and marketing campaigns. To make your root beer label stand out, you can build on these core elements.

Going back to the roots can be a very relevant exercise to help you.

Root beer has a very specific herbal flavor, iconic since the colonial era. Originally, the beer was made by fermenting sassafras bark, sarsaparilla root, and other herbs with sugar and yeast. The result was a delicious natural fizzy drink.

A white root bear label that reads "Not your father's root bear" and displays more details about how to serve it.
A white label that shows ingredients and nutrition facts.

Nowadays, you will find both brands that mix natural ingredients to play with flavors and brands that use artificial ingredients to fit all kinds of preferences in terms of bubbliness and taste.

According to the specifics of your brand, you will be able to make various associations to the two core elements.

Back to basics – a traditional root beer label

These elements are so definitory for the beverage that you will find them in most designs and marketing campaigns. To make your root beer label stand out, you can build on these core elements.

The design of the root beer label doesn’t have to mimic a vintage one completely but could include some elements that remind of those old times. Maybe the typography or the logo could have some retro-inspired elements.

Think about colonial-era imagery, beer glasses, mascots, or characters. Check out some vintage beer labels for inspiration!

A glass bottle of root beer with blue label that reads "Abita" and a pint of beer.
Beige label with logo showing a man holding beer that reads "Wild Bill's Root Beer".

Copy-wise, it would be useful to mention the recipe, details about the taste, and maybe a story about the brand. People love to hear the behind-the-scenes parts.

Maybe you’re using a family recipe, or you have a small local brewery. Some brands even include some copy on how they see people enjoying their product. Scenarios include relaxing with friends and family at home or trying something new.

Reinventing an iconic beverage – modern root beer labels

If your brand is focused on bringing a modern version of root beer to the market, then the label should reflect that. There are many options for designing a trendy contemporary root beer label.

Some ideas to consider: angular visual elements, patterns, bold colors, and high contrasts. You can associate your root beer labels to masculinity, playfulness, the 80s or 90s vibe, etc.

Copy-wise, the direction can turn towards a more funny tone, a strong slogan, and the things that are specific to your root beer. Maybe it has some new flavors, it has a cool story to present, or it can be used in some mocktails.

A pink box of bottles which label reads "Saranac Root Beer".

No matter what style you choose for your root beer labels, you will need to also comply with the FDA’s requirements. Some common requirements for labeling non-alcoholic beverages:

  • Name and type of product and of the manufacturer or distributor
  • Full list of ingredients
  • Net quantity
  • Contact information of the manufacturer or distributor

If you make any claims (i.e. no sugar, bio product, no additives), you need to have proof for them. Make sure to read the complete list of mandatory information available in your state, as the requirements for a root beer label can vary from one region to another.      

American creativity at its best

A four-pack of bottles in a beige box and a glass filled with root beer.

Root beer is one of the most American beverages you can sell, so it’s a good idea to take advantage of that. Mention the location of your brewery, use symbols specific to its area, and think about what your customers associate root beer with.

Consider the result, but also the feeling people have while enjoying your beverage, where they are, who they are with, etc. The root beer label should have a balance between how you want to sell your brand and what people expect from your product.

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Practical aspects for root beer labels

There are some specific aspects to consider when it comes to labeling beverages. Find below a list of useful tips to get a perfect result!      

Match the label to the packaging

Root beer is packed in bottles or aluminum cans. The packaging will have a big impact on the size and the design of the root beer label. For best results, choose the color of the label in contrast to the color of the container.

Brown glass goes well with yellow or bright colors, while green goes well with red, white, or yellows. Clear glass goes well with almost any color.

The size of the bottle or the can will directly influence the size of the root beer label. The size will not only help with the creative part of the design, but also with the visibility on the shelf.

A six-pack of blue "Abita" root beer.

Choose a material that secures the physical protection

A red six-pack of bottles of root beer.

The root beer label should offer protection against moisture, warmth, tearing, and handling. BOPP is the perfect option for labeling beverages. BOPP stands for Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene and is a material with great resistance.

White, clear, and metalized BOPP labels can be easily customized to any design. The result is a premium look that will convince your customers to make the purchase.

Set the right numbers

An essential aspect before printing your root beer labels is to plan the actual order for printing. You will need to think about the number of labels that you need, to prepare the design for printing, and of course, to find a printing service.

The number of labels will vary according to the size of your brewery, production, and distribution.

The design will need to be sent in a particular format, which is usually discussed with the team you choose for printing. It is also important to proofread the label before sending it.

The side of a six-pack of root beer with ingredients and nutrition facts.

A quick checklist to get your root beer label printed

  • Build your label around the uniqueness of root beet flavor and its origin
  • Choose a style that matches your brand
  • Make sure to follow the FDA’s guidelines
  • Check the practical aspects
  • Prepare the printing

YourBoxSolution – your reliable printing partner

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