How To Make Your Maple Syrup Labels Stick To Your Customer’s Eyes

May 19, 2021
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The thought of having a maple syrup-based breakfast turns you happy in an instant. It doesn’t matter how old you are, you immediately get excited. And so you go to the store to prepare for your baked goodies. You see dozens of options, so which one do you choose?

Most probably, the syrup that fits your preference and has the catchiest label. We always give a chance to the products that stand out, those who know what to say to get our attention.

In this article, you’ll find out how to give the right voice to your maple syrup labels. Your maple syrup label works as your salesman. It’s there to help you sell. So better choose the best one.

Let’s find out together how to make maple syrup bottle labels that stick to your customer’s eyes!

What People Look For On Maple Syrup Labels

To plan how your maple syrup labels will be, you should think about what people look for when buying this product.

Let’s explore some aspects related to maple syrup to have a better understanding.

1. People want to know whether it’s the real deal or just a flavor

The maple syrup label needs to clearly state whether your syrup is certified or just flavored as maple.

To be considered maple syrup, the product must be made from maple sap.

The syrup is made by boiling the sap from sugar maple trees until it reaches the desired density.

Dark and white round logo that reads "Premium Maple Syrup Quality".

The requirements in terms of the percentage of maple sap vary from one region and country to another.

2. People want to know the region it comes from

With so many regional recipes and requirements, the tastes and densities are also different.

The result is influenced by the characteristics of the soil from each region, the tree genetics, and the processing method.

A yellow and green round label that reads "Vermont The Green Mountain State".

Canada is the biggest producer and exporter of maple syrup in the world, followed closely by the states of Vermont and New York from the US.

These regions are also the most restrictive in terms of the purity of the syrup.

Just like with wine, people will want to know the region your product comes from.

So make sure to mention the region in a visible spot on your maple syrup label.

3. People want to know the grade of the syrup

Most people look for the grade when reading maple syrup labels. To make it easy to sort the different colors and tastes, there’s a standard grading system in the industry.

The grades are:

Grade A Golden Color

The syrup with the most delicate flavor and the lightest color.

Grade A Amber Color

A syrup with a subtle flavor and slightly darker color.

Grade A Dark Color

A syrup with a stronger flavor and intense color.

Grade A Very Dark Color

The syrup with the strongest flavor and the darkest color.

The grading system is both useful for professional and home use, so it’s worth including it on your maple syrup label. There’s no grade better than the other. It all comes down to preference.

However, a chef might use specific ingredients with each grade to get perfectly matched flavors.

Make sure to include information about the type of syrup, region, and grade on the maple syrup label.

It’s in your advantage to give people all the information they need on your maple syrup labels.


Maybe even squeeze in some ideas for using it. Maple syrup is mostly used for pancakes, waffles, pies, and other baked goods.

It’s also getting used more and more in drinks, meat recipes, salads, or as a sweetener.

The FDA’s Guidelines For Maple Syrup Labels

Apart from what people want to see, there’s also some mandatory information to include on the maple syrup labels.

With the main ingredient being the maple sap (and very often the only one), the FDA’s guidelines for maple syrup labels are lighter.

However, you should always check the regulations available in your state because they can vary from case to case.

Here are the general guidelines for maple syrup bottle labels:        

  • Name of the product
  • Address of the packer, distributor, or producer
  • Net quantity
  • List of ingredients (if any added to the sap)

Check out our guide for honey labels as well!

What Other Information To Include On Your Maple Syrup Labels

Remember how the maple syrup label works as a salesman? To grab people’s attention, it needs to have some catchphrases. What could they be?


Think about what’s specific about your business. Maybe you’ve been on the market for some years, or you have a family business, or you use sugar-free recipes.

Mention everything that can bring value to your brand on your maple syrup labels.

If you can also come up with a slogan for your maple syrup label, it will make a difference for sure.

Design Ideas For Your Maple Syrup Label

Once you figure out what your label should say, it’s time to think about how it will look. Design plays a crucial role in the shelf presence of your bottle.

Before reading anything, people will most likely screen the options on the shelf. That’s where your label should have the spotlight.

Here are some design ideas for your maple syrup bottle labels:

A vintage look

You can’t go wrong with a vintage look for your maple syrup bottles, especially if your brand centers around traditional values.

Consider including visual elements specific to your region.

You could also check some old advertisements or designs for inspiration.


A modern approach

If your brand is looking to innovate this timeless product, or you want to communicate funnily or more creatively, you could go for a modern design.

Look for patterns, bold colors, and fonts that make a statement.

Go fully transparent

Another option with great impact is to go fully transparent.

With a fully transparent maple syrup label, you allow the customer to interact with the product on a different level.

Transparency can also suggest the honesty of your brand.


Important Aspects To Consider For Your Maple Syrup Bottle Labels

With the design ready, the next step is to choose the right materials and finishes for your maple syrup labels.

There are three main aspects to keep in mind when choosing these:

  • The labels should have excellent print quality
  • They shouldn’t peel or come off
  • They should be resistant to water and oils

Chances are, there will be some dripping involved when the bottle is open, so you need to make sure that the label is there to stay in perfect shape.

The quality of your maple syrup labels goes hand in hand with the image of your brand. There shouldn’t be any place for mistakes.

BOPP labels are a great option for maple syrup labels. BOPP stands for biaxially oriented polypropylene, and it is the material to go when looking for high-quality labels.

Here are some options you can choose from:

White labels
White BOPP
White background label on which any color can be printed.
Clear labels
Clear BOPP
Transparent label that makes the color of the bottle and print pop-out.

Metallic labels
Metallic BOPP
Silver substrate label that makes the printed colors look metallic.

Choose YourBoxSolution For Printing Your Maple Syrup Labels

At YourBoxSolution, we are a team of passionate professionals with over 29 years of experience in the packaging & labeling industry.

Our printing solutions are premium, and we can make any custom request possible. Moreover, all of our maple syrup labels come with a laminate finish free of charge.

You can choose from:

Gloss Laminate

For a shiny and highly reflective surface.

Matte Laminate

For a non-shiny label, easy to read at any angle

Soft Touch Laminate

For a smooth feel.

Our goal is to get your custom maple syrup labels ready in the shortest time.

Feel free to contact us for any extra requests. Let’s make those maple syrup labels that stick to your customers’ eyes!

Get your quote today!

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