Tips For Getting Irresistible Bakery Labels

May 6, 2021
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We all love baked goods. We get them on our way to work, during lunch break, on our way to pick up the kids from school, or before spending some time in the park.

Checking the options in a display window is a moment we’re all fond of. But have you noticed how some products take the spotlight in an instant?

Well, we know why. The right label simply makes the decision easier. Whether you have a small bakery or distribute your products on a large scale, your bakery labels need to sell.

In this article, you will find the steps to consider when planning and designing your labels for baked goods, along with some tips to make people fall in love with your bakery labels and your products.

Yep, your bakery label should have the power of those magnetic people you instantly want to connect with. At YourBoxSolution, we can help you get that.

Let’s dive in!

1. First Things First – Consider Your Packaging For Baked Goods

Bakery labels go hand in hand with the packaging. You need to know where you’ll place them before deciding anything.

When it comes to packaging and labels for baked goods, there are plenty of options for each type of goodies.

Here are the most popular ones:

Bakery labels on boxes

Many bakeries choose to pack their products in various box types because they offer good protection and a lot of space for creativity in terms of design.

You can choose between white cardboard, Kraft cardboard, or metallized board. All of these have various options in terms of coatings, laminates, and embellishments.

The bakery labels are the cherry on top.

Boxes are suitable for most baked goods, from cakes and muffins to pies, bread, biscuits, pastries, or tarts.


According to your product, you can also choose to have the window display style of boxes that place the goodies in the spotlight.


Compared to the packaging for other types of products, the interior plays a crucial role here. Because of the toppings, icing, and cream used, the interior needs extra protection.

At YourBoxSolution, your baked goodies will always be in good care. You can even get customized interiors with special printing or layouts to place multiple products in a specific way.

Everything for your sugar pie. Literally.

You can place the labels for baked goods in various areas of a box:

  • on top,
  • on the side, or
  • at the bottom.

Here at YourBoxSolution we make our labels out of BOPP (biaxially oriented polypropylene), a perfect choice for bakery labels.

This material is:        

  • Water-resistant
  • Oil-resistant
  • Tear-resistant
  • Non-toxic
  • Resistant to smudging or fading

Moreover, all our bakery labels come with a gloss or matte laminate finish for free.

The BOPP labels for baked goods can have a white, transparent, or metallic substrate. This way, they are easily adaptable to any design.

Bakery labels on packaging bags/paper bags

Packaging bags are another great option for bakeries. They are easy to handle and transport and a perfect choice for customers looking for a quick bite.

Check the street on a weekday, and you will see a lot of people carrying these bakery bags with a happy face.

Most probably they are excited about the moment when they’ll get to eat what they bought.

Packaging bags offer plenty of space for adding a bakery label to them.


BOPP comes in handy again, offering the optimal resistance against heat, water, oil, tearing, or smudge. The labels are easily applied and don’t come off.

Bakery labels on clear bags/pouches

Sometimes the best way to display and store a baked product is using a clear bag.

The transparent bag gives the customer a good view of the product, which is often beneficial.


This type of packaging also allows testing the consistency and freshness of the product.

Before getting into the shopping cart, your goodie needs to grab attention and offer all the necessary information.

Your bakery label is the decisive element in the shelf life of your products.

With good resistance and many options in terms of colors and design, our bakery labels are a great tool to make your products get to the register.

Display labels

Every bakery, supermarket, or café has products on display.

Display labels can be used on glass, plastic supports, or cardboard.

If you use the same ingredients or descriptions long-term, the labels for baked goods can help you to easily organize the information in your display.

If needed, you can also use stickers.

A shelf filled with baskets of bread and labels on each of them.

Tip 1.

Once you know the packaging you’ll use, you should write down the dimensions to plan the bakery labels as well.

When planning the size of the labels for baked goods, you should consider the amount of information that needs to be displayed. Keep in mind the shapes and finishes that fit also.

We will cover more on this in the following sections of the article.

Keep reading!

2. FDA’s Regulations For Bakery Labels

There’s some standard information that you should make space for on your bakery label to follow the FDA’s regulations.      Here’s what you need to know:

The regulations for bakery labels vary according to the state and the size and profile of your bakery!

In general, the requirements grow hand in hand with the size of the business. If you have a small bakery, you should follow the regulations on cottage food labeling.

The following are mandatory to appear on the bakery label:

  • The general name of your product (e.g. muffin, bread)
  • Net weight of the product
  • The country of issue
  • A sentence that mentions that the product is homemade (if that’s the case)
  • List of ingredients, from highest to the lowest weight
  • List of allergens
  • Expiration date
  • Manufacturer’s name, address, and permit number

Always check your state’s regulations in detail and make sure your bakery labels are updated!

Now that we covered the mandatory information on your labels for baked goods, we are ready for the fun part!

3. Choosing The Style Of Your Bakery Labels

When entering a store, you can almost hear the products shouting: pick me, pick me!

In all the noise, your label should be able to grab the attention and be heard. The style you choose for the bakery labels directly impacts the voice of your product.

Furthermore, it helps your brand speak the same language as your customer.

When it comes to styling your bakery labels, there are three main aspects that you should consider:

ColorsCore visual aspects Message

Let’s take them one by one.

How to choose the colors for your bakery labels

When choosing the colors for your bakery labels you should think about more than just your personal preference. Think about which color would represent your brand best.

Four different labels in red, green, blue, and orange that read "Bakery".

You will find a lot of resources by reading about the psychology of colors. Did you know that most people associate blue with trust and loyalty?

The Facebook color makes more sense now, right?

A good start would be to choose the words that best describe your brand and how you want it to be perceived.

Do you want your brand to inspire freshness? Going back to old values? Flower power? You’ll find a matching color for sure.

Tip 2.

When choosing the colors for your bakery labels, make sure not to choose very similar ones to those of your competitors. It should be easy for people to recognize your brand.

How to choose the core visual aspects of your bakery labels

The visual aspects of your labels for baked goods are super important. You can begin the process by thinking about the size and placement of the label.

Once you have this covered, you can start thinking about the typography, illustrations, or pictures that you could use instead of plain colors. These aspects help a lot with setting the personality of your bakery labels.

At YourBoxSolution we can get your labels in any color, shape, or visual aspect you can think of.


Tip 3.

Write down all the information you want on the bakery label and how you would position it. You might need to take some things out, play with the typography and illustrations. You might even choose to have two labels on your product.

Last but not least, the coatings and finishes of the bakery labels play a big role.

Here’s an overview of the options you can choose from:

Gloss laminate

Gives a shiny and reflective finish, which can add a dynamic note.

Glossy coating labels

Matte laminate

Leaves a non-reflective finish, making the label visible at any angle and can add a worn or vintage look.

Matte labels

Soft-touch laminate

Provides a non-shiny finish and a smooth feel. The result can turn out very elegant.

"Wild Tonic Kombucha" label on a blue container.

Check out our blog posts about embossed labels and custom foil stamping for more inspiration!

Tip 4.

Mix and test various visual aspects and go for a consistent approach, which will help your product to seem trustworthy and high quality. Your bakery label only has a few seconds to convince the customers, so better make sure it gets those heart eyes from them.

How to choose the message on your bakery labels

Lastly, think about the message on your label. We are not referring to the mandatory information needed on the labels for baked goods but rather about the copy.

Tip 5.

Find your USP and make sure to showcase it. USP stands for Unique Selling Proposition, aka the advantage you give to customers.

You work hard to make your products, and you know best what differentiates them from others. It would be a pity not to make them get to their full potential. Having the USP on your bakery labels helps a lot.

Take some time and think about what you want your customers to know and remember about your bakery goods.


Are you using premium ingredients, or pride yourself on using ingredients from local farmers? Mention it on the bakery label!

Do you have a specific line of products for people with dietary restrictions? Make sure to have it easy for people to spot it in one look!

You can also add other selling points to the label if you think it will add value. Here are some examples of common mentions found on bakery labels:

  • "Freshly baked"
  • "Home-made"
  • "Special price"
  • "Artisan recipe."

Time to recap

We went over the steps to take when planning your bakery labels and some super tips to help you make inspired choices.

When choosing your labels for baked goods, you should consider the packaging, the FDA’s regulations, and the style that best represents your brand.

Set a consistent approach that aligns all aspects. By doing this, your brand will inspire trust and quality.

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