Mason Jar Labels - The Best Way To Give Your Jars Some Personality

December 19, 2020
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Mason jar labels are the perfect touch to complement your Mason jars and make them look special. But what's so special about them?

Well, for starters, Mason jars are versatile. They have turned out to be so effective for a wide variety of purposes over decades.

uses of Mason jar

From food canning and storage, it’s amazing how many uses they’ve come to have nowadays. And some don't even have anything to do with food.

There’s no doubt that everyone wants to make the best use of their jars, show them off, and take them to the next level. In one way or another.

And since you’re here, I take it you’ve already figured that labeling your jars will make such a great difference. In so many ways!

Perhaps you need to brand your business. Or differentiate your jars on the shelves of your shop. Or organize your kitchen and pantry. Even come up with ideas for events.

Whatever the reasons may be, you need high-quality body and lid labels for your Mason jars.

And we can help you stand out with custom Mason jar labels. No matter what you choose to use them for.

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Stay with me until the end of this article, and you’ll learn why our labels are a promise for customer satisfaction.

But in the meantime, I bet you’d like to know how this ubiquitous object in America made its appearance? I mean… It’s the Mason jar. It’s got a reputation and personality!

Let’s dig in for some facts together.

How It All Began - History Facts

Need creates demand

The origins of the Mason jar date back to the 18th century. In the France of the Napoleonic Wars, food needed to be transported across land and sea. But the arrival of food to military troops before it got rotten was a real problem.


So the government was ready to offer a prize to whoever could invent a food preservation method.

Many have tried their hand and knowledge. But it was only after one decade that a French chef came up with a credited method.

It was Nicolas Appert - chef, confectioner, and distiller - who initially used champagne bottles to can food. And he used a mixture of cheese and lime to seal them.

He soon progressed to wide-necked glass containers. And by 1803, his canned foods were being distributed to the French Navy. In 1809, Appert received the government's prize, with the stipulation that he publish his method.


A star was born...

Half a century later, in 1858, a tinsmith from New Jersey - John Landis Mason - invented and patented a new and perfected design. And this is how the Mason jar that we know today was born.

It was square, with a threaded neck and a screw-on zinc lid with a rubber ring that created an airtight seal. This molded glass jar for “heat-based canning” was a total success.

It helped refine the canning process and became the number one solution for preserving food.

Since then, its mass production has made the Mason jar one of the most used and spread objects in America.

old Mason jar

Large numbers of people turned to growing and canning their own food. So the Mason jars fit perfectly in this picture.

But there’s even more to it.

And it keeps on rolling...

Mason jars were and still are in hot demand. Because people who buy them can reuse them indefinitely. And if not for food storage and preservation, they use it for new trending purposes.

Like the new generation’s DIY projects overflowing with authenticity. Producers had long marketed them for other uses besides canning.


Anyway, the events of the past year have even made the demand shoot through the roof. People started to take on gardening, prepare meals at home, can, and make more supplies.

There was a “600% increase in requests (and sales) starting in the middle of August” (2020) according to Marie Bregg interviewed by CNN.

Yet, now it seems there’s a nation-wide shortage of the Mason jars. Consumers and companies are desperate to find providers, whether to buy small quantities or large ones sold in bulk. If only Mr. Mason knew...

Based on these facts, let’s take a closer look at what makes the Mason jar so great and useful in everyone’s household and stores.

Design and Advantages of the Mason Jar

#1 - Transparency

The jar is made of transparent glass that makes its contents appealingly visible. So no matter what we put in it, we can always see what’s inside without opening the cap.

Mason jars-transparent
blue mason jar

#2 - Resistance

It’s also made of heavy tempered glass which gives it superior resistance to breakage. This means it’s safe for children to the relief of parents.

In the early 20th century, people living in areas with short growing seasons were canning food in Mason jars. Their appealing jams and pickles were then judged and awarded prizes at fairs and festivals.      

#3 - Sustainability

The glass is non-toxic and BPA-free, which makes it healthy and safe. Not to mention environmental safety by avoiding plastics.

There’s no better way to show our commitment to reusing and recycling. And it’s the best way to increase environmental and health consciousness.

replaceable lids for mason jars

#4 - Lids

The jar comes with a steel disc-shaped lid, a soft rubber ring on the underside of the lid, and a metal ring.

The latter is screwed down the ribbed neck of the jar and creates an airtight seal so what’s inside will be well-preserved. It's also leakproof and no particles go in.

#5 - Replaceable lids

The lids are intended for single-use when canning. Once you open it, you cannot reseal it because the lid’s integrity is disrupted.

That’s why next time you use the jar, you’ll need a new lid. But don’t worry, you can find and buy lids separately, while the rings are reusable.

Smart, right?


#6 - Bail lids

There’s also the bail lid or clamp lid type of Mason jars used as much as the regular ones. Each of them is equipped with a silicone gasket and a stainless steel locking clamp.

These are only recommended for dry storage (like shelf-stable home canning) or refrigerated storage though. The bail-type closure jars are not recommended for canning.

Mason jars are also called "canning jars" or "Ball jars". The Ball Corporation was one of the most prolific manufacturers of glass canning jars in America. So you may often see jars etched with this name (or Kerr) along with the Mason engraving.      

#7 - All sizes

A great advantage of Mason jars is that they come in many sizes. From as small as 4 0z., to as big as 128 oz. They all have wide mouths to make them easy to fill and dispense.

mason jar sizes

#8 - Features

And if I add that a Mason jar is washable, reusable, microwavable, freezer safe, and dishwasher-safe, it’s so clear why this item is indispensable for everyone.

Moving further and closer to the hot spot.

The Modern Multi-Purpose Mason Jars

They radiate authenticity and people crave for authenticity in a world where everything is mass-produced.

They are rustic and simple, practical and showy, lending themselves very nicely to imagination.


So I’d say we’ve come to use Mason jars in the most original and creative ways. The Internet (check out Pinterest!) is full of Mason jar DIY projects that you might find jaw-dropping.

Let me name just “a few” uses of the Mason jars:

  • Food canning - jams, pickles, salsas, and other heat-preserved foods
  • Food storage - spices, herbs, teas, coffee, sweets, legumes, cereals, etc.
  • Recipients for grab-and-go meals
  • Drinking “glasses” - smoothies, cocktails, lemonades, beer, and other beverages
  • Candleholders and oil lanterns
  • Vases and planters
  • Soap dispensers
  • Terrariums

And you’re welcome to add to the list.

Mason jar labels have a great role in this, too, coming to a level of high demand.

Mason Jar Labels To Fit Your Need

Enticing labels for your mason jars will make them look just as tasteful or good as their contents.

If you run a business (small or big, it doesn't matter), and you want to sell your products, labels are a must.

They will show potential customers who you are. Your brand will get notoriety. And they will definitely give some personality to the mason jars.


YourBoxSolution for Rose City Soaps

Here are some things to consider before creating your mason jar labels:

  • Check out the competition. You'll get a clearer idea about what you want or don't want.
  • The design must be appropriate for the target market you're trying to reach. Do a little research to understand your potential customers. You won't be sorry when your jars will fly off the shelves.
  • Plan your label design to suit your intent. What's the most important message you want to send? A clear label will highlight what's inside the transparent glass. So you'll put your product in the limelight. A matte vintage label or a glossy colored one will speak about your brand.
  • Choose a custom shape for your mason jar labels. Make them special and eye-catching.
  • Be extra pretentious with the quality of your labels' material. Make sure it's durable and water-resistant in the first place. Jars might be refrigerated or liquid might leak. So you don't want to worry about the label peeling off or getting damaged.
  • State the FDA Nutrition Facts if necessary for your product or use. Small manufacturers are required to follow FDA's regulations, so it's better to stay updated and legally safe.

Check the FDA's Changes to the Nutrition Facts Labels.

Some examples...

This small local producer chose to use simple but eye-catching rectangular jar labels. The style is vintage. The typography is wide and embellished. And the witty words or puns are the perfect ingredient to make it deliciously attractive.

Glass jars with metal lid and white label that read "Jam" and "Salsa".

A cheerful design with printed images to match the colorful jars. The wrap-around labels also follow the labeling regulations.


Decorative scented candle in a small Mason jar. The white label is simple, not very obvious but very effective.


Check out more labeling guides:

Personalize Your Mason Jar Labels with YourBoxSolution

    Show us your idea and tell us what you need. We're here to guarantee top-notch labels that will make your Mason jars stand out. They'll have a personality of their own no matter if they crowd the shelves of stores, your pantry, or if you'll offer them as gifts. Read more about the importance of packaging and labeling and how to get the perfect packaging!

Choose your Mason jar label shape

Circular or Oval Labels

Circular label
  • Container body and lid
  • Little display of information
  • Simple logo & graphics

Rectangular or Square Labels

Square label template that displays the width and length.
  • Container body
  • Ideal for wrap-around labels
  • Greater display of information, intricate graphics

Custom Shaped Labels

Custom shape label
  • Container body
  • Both great and little display of information depending on size
  • Simple or intricate graphics

High-quality material for your Mason jar labels

All our labels are made of biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP). This is a durable material that makes them oil & water-resistant, tear-resistant, chemicals & UV resistant, and non-toxic.

BOPP Labels

  • Waterproof
  • Strong adhesive that lasts
  • Heat and cold resistant
  • Sturdy & high-quality
  • High-precision printing & cutting
  • Free matte or gloss coating
  • Can be foil stamped
  • Print doesn’t smudge
  • Write-on with a permanent marker
  • Non-toxic

You don't have to worry about them peeling off or getting damaged when refrigerated or coming into contact with liquids. They last and look as new all the time.

Normally, the labels are applied on the smooth part of the jar. But if you choose wrap-around labels, be sure they'll stick on the etching as well.

White labels
White Labels
Printed on white film. Any color can be printed on top of the white ink.
Clear labels
Clear Labels
Printed on transparent background film. Illusion of an “invisible label”.
Metallic labels
Metallic Labels
Printed on a silver substrate. Makes all printed colors appear metallic.

Finishes and extra customization

For a unique look, you can add:

  • Gloss lamination (FREE)
  • Matte lamination (FREE)
  • Soft-touch lamination
  • Gold foil stamping

You can to learn more about our printing options and what YourBoxSolution can do for your labels here. Or read our previous article about Custom Waterproof Labels That Last.

And you should also know that:

All YourBoxSolution labels are finished with a gloss or matte laminate for FREE.

All three types of material have the same price.

The labels come on rolls or sheets, at your preference.


One of the biggest things that sets us apart from the rest of the label manufacturers is our low minimum quantity order that starts at just 250 pieces.

So get your jarred goodies the treat they deserve!

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